Minnesota Loves Il Volo…Again

One of my favorite things to do is feature your wonderful stories and pictures! Here’s the latest from our Minnesota Ladies. A more fun and dedicated group you will never find. Go Jane (MaryJane)!

The whole gang
L to R: Bonnie, Jane, Allene, Mary, Suzy, Laura and Joyce

Hi Crew,
Well, the Minnesota delegation from the Flight Crew just HAD to get together one more time before the snow starts piling up around here making it difficult to maneuver around the state. All but Dorothy, whose family plans changed at the last minute, were able to make it. We missed Dorothy and look forward to seeing her next time around.
Suzy was our gracious hostess once again. We spent Friday evening catching up on each other’s life events since we last met.

I know these monkeys.
I know these monkeys.
Suzy, Allene and Mary
Suzy, Allene and Mary

 It seems every time we get together our bond of friendship grows deeper and deeper. On Saturday, we all met up and had lunch at Buca di Beppo’s, a wonderful Italian restaurant.

Buca di Beppo’s
The whole Mn. Crew
The whole Mn. Crew
Bonnie, Allene and Suzy
Bonnie, Allene and Suzy
Jane and Joyce
Jane and Joyce
Mary and Laura
Mary and Laura

Being this was the day after Halloween, Joyce and Bonnie still had their costume masks on and made a grand entrance!

Trick or Il Volo
Trick or Il Volo

They looked stunning! Had great food and kept the place lively with lots of laughter to go around. Spent the rest of the day back at Suzy’s watching a few DVD’s (I am guessing you know who was starring in them), playing once again IL VOLO PICTIONARY and an IL VOLO version of POP THE QUESTION.

Joyce's design
Joyce’s design
Laura's new t-shirt
Laura’s new t-shirt

Bonnie brought along a delicious bottle of Prosecco Frizzante for us to try which went very well with the Tiramisu Mary had brought back from the restaurant. And of course, Nutella made it’s appearance paired with a slightly spicy/salty cracker from Joyce. Was a real tasty combination. Parted our ways Sunday afternoon with a warm glow in our hearts and an ever lasting love for three young men who changed our lives and brought us together in love and friendship.

Looking forward to the day other members of our wonderful site can join us!!



A note from Mary (Mary Bohling) on the subject:

Just a note about our fun Il Volo weekend. I know that Jane wrote about it, so I won’t need to go into detail. But it was just so great to spend the time talking about our guys with others who feel the same way we do…something we can’t do with other friends who just don’t understand. We can be as outrageous as we want, and everyone loves it. It was so much fun watching the first DVD and then the latest one back to back and noting the changes.  Having a non-stop Il Volo conversation for the weekend made them seem so close—“so near, and yet so far”  ha ha.   We just want you all to share our fun as much as possible.

Anne (my daughter) is saying that we are going to Italy next summer. Never too late to dream, right?

Lots of IV ♥ Mary

30 thoughts on “Minnesota Loves Il Volo…Again”

  1. As editor, I reserve the right to change picture captions (lol).

    Mary, I saved one “lots” for myself.

    Laura, yeah, yeah, yeah, I’ve hugged the hell out of that picture too! Who wouldn’t? (love you)

    Jane, Good job! Thanks for sharing!

    What a party! What a Crew!

  2. Sounds like you ladies had lots of fun! Isn’t it sweet how these 3 boys can bring so many people from all over the world together in love ? In all my years I’ve never seen anything like it… not Sinatra, not the Beatles, just Il Volo!

    1. Ditto Maddie !! I agree that I have never seen anything like this in all my long life !! That these three remarkable young men can bring so much heartfelt joy to so many people is mind boggling !!

  3. I can’t help but be amazed at how three young men from Italy have sparked life and magic into so many of us! I LOVED reading about your gathering and seeing the pictures. I hope you continue with your fun for a long long time. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It looks like everyone had a great time. Maybe a get together with other Il volo fans can be planned for next year.(the one this past August was put together so quickly that I would have loved to come but unfortunately was unable to get time off of work to attend.

    1. cm. If we know how to reach you we can keep in touch and let you know when we will be gathering again. Since it’s Minnesota it will not be until next spring, but we could get to know you through email. If you are interested, ask Marie to send us your email address. Do you live in Minnesota?

      1. Do I look like someone’s secretary? I feel taken advantage of! Now I’m weeping uncontrollably and need Chocolate and Ignazio. Not necessarily in that order!

        cm., of course I’ll relay your message.

  5. Girls I am so glad you had a spectacular time. Nice to get together every once in a while it breaks the monotony of not being able to see the guys or the expectations of the coming tour. They don’t seem to be tweeting as much as before. Would love to have gone to the Italian restaurant the picture looked wonderful. So till next time

  6. Marie, Do you really need an excuse to need Ignazio?? Chocolate I can give you , but I’m not a miracle worker….if I were guess who’d be sitting next to me right now.

  7. You all had such a FUN visit !! Except for actually seeing our Guys I can’t think of anything better then being able to talk about them non-stop with people who love them as much as you do !! What a great treat !!

    1. You Il Volo sisters all over, especially, MN gals are wonderful sharing all your fu times with the rst of us…Grazie!!!! It is so special to be free to talk and let loose when talking and remembering our three darlin ‘boys’!!!! Thanks so much.

  8. I have been voting & we better have another voting blitz because the guys are16000 votes behind. That other guy must have one heck of a fan base & our guys are better singers than he is. My opinion & also my opinion is our guys are better singers than anyone else.

  9. Karen, Yes! Not in Phoenix proper, but in Mesa. That is in the tri-city area just on the east outskirts. I posted a message to you on this site a little while back, when you announced you were moving here. Don’t know if you saw it. Anyway, glad to have you here in this Il Volo Admiration Society. Or, maybe it should be called Il Volo’s Gram Family, because we are typical grandmas; we worry about, give unsolicited advice to, and always want to know what they are up to wherever they are. How ever, we are not sorry nor do we apologize, for there is one thing that you can’t take away from us; we love them as if they were our own.

    1. Hey Kittykam, your just a hop, skip, jump away. I am so loving this weather. I believe I came at the right time. We need to figure out to converse back and forth. Any ideas?? A

    1. Hey Marie, I am not missing the Washington state cold right now. I had way too many years of it. It was definitely time for a change.

  10. Karen, you’re asking me! That would be great, but other than posting here, or e-mailing, any thing else is beyond me. Sorry to be such a dunce, had a very late start. Looking forward to making it happen. Welcome to our beautiful Arizona fall and winter georgous weather! Summers, a different scenario, but managable. Maybe you could e-mail me your address. Ask Marie, I know it is available. Ciao for now.

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