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  1. They looked so rested. Love Ignazio’s hair. They look so much better with “messed up’ hair. Seems the show was a success. Wish I could understand Italian.
    Just glad to see them again. We still need to keep Voting.

  2. Wow That was long! One wonderful hour. Of course I didn’t understand a single word, but hung on to every one of them. What I really want to know (help me Maria!) Did Ignazio talk about me?

    The love and respect they still show for one another warms my heart.

    I think I can guess 4 songs that will be on the new album. Three of them are solo’s.

    Although Gianluca curled my toes with his solo… Piero, that was the most beautiful thing I ever heard! Didn’t breathe through the whole song.

  3. I watched the video last night and it was cosi bella, and even though I could not understand a word they were saying I could not stop smiling from ear to ear. It was 4 months ago (7/20) that I saw them in Taormina and it was great to see them again (almost live). I think you are right Marie, I think those 4 songs will be on the new cd. Even singing a cappella Piero’s voice reached the depth of my soul. He can sing me to sleep any time 🙂

  4. My world just stopped for an hour! Seemed like 5 minutes!
    I agree with you Karen, those solos were the best. For all my life I have loved Elvis and his music, and now to think that a young man from Italy could take his songs and OWN them! I never would have believed it. GO GIANLUCA! – Ignazio and Piero, too! and to quote my granddaughter – “GO IL VOLO!”

  5. Thanks to those responsible for us to be able to see the video…it was like a long drink of cool water after being on the desert ( pardon, Gianluca, L couldn’t resist)! I, too, did not understand all of it, but by the expressions on their faces, they were having a good time!! SO WE’RE WE,,,, SMILING!!!!

      1. Thanks Karen I got it. What a treat. I can’t get enough of our boys. I am recovering from eye surgery and have 40 percent vision. I was able to see our guys. Thanks again. Joanie g

  6. Ohh that was just bellisimo! I got a few words here and there but I don’t have sufficient Italiano to string it all together. I just know it was a joy to hear them be relaxed and animated. I would love to have known what Ignazio said that made Gianluca so happy. That was such a sweet moment I think I held my breath during Piero’s amazing solo. I NEED THIS CD NOW!….pretty please?

    1. Hi, Ignazio said that Gianluca sings with the heart, that is not needed to have high notes to sing beautifully.

  7. Imagine not understanding one word but having your eyes eyes transfixed on the screen and not moving a muscle for an entire hour !!! That was me this morning !! I wish there were subtitles but even without them it was just wonderful !! The banter was so cute and their voices had me spellbound. Gianluca’s “Love Me Tender ” had me swooning all over the place !! They are beyond great !! Love them to pieces !!

  8. Thank you Marie and the other flight crew members so very much for keeping Il Volo in our hearts with your wonderful blog. I was completely entranced with this video. I have had the very good fortune to attend 4 of Il Volo’s concerts, three of which were in the front row. I also spoke to Ignazio on the phone when I made a pledge to PBS when their Christmas concert was televised from the PBS Raleigh, NC studio. He was so charming and sweet. When he got on the phone I did not know which of the guys it was so asked who I was speaking to and the response was “Who is your favorite?” I instantly said “Ignazio” and he said with a happy voice “That’s me!” and I said, also with a happy voice, “Good”. I have some wonderful photos I took at their Wolf Trap, Virginia concert earlier this year. I would like to share some of them with you. Thank you again to the Flight Crew for Sharing the love for our Il Volo.

    1. I will first send you a photo of Ignazio which I took with my iPhone at the taping of the PBS We Are Love Special at the Jackie Gleason Fillmore Theatre in Miami. This photo was after the concert and when Ignazio came down off the stage to meet some of his fans and sign a few autographs. The very next night the Christmas Special was taped and everyone was asked to come back and wear Christmas colors. These tapings were done in late spring and it was pretty warm in Miami. Il Volo was not allowed the second night to interact with the audience. Instead fans had to go outside and try to meet them. Had to wait months for PBS to broadcast these programs. I made sure to pledge enough money to PBS to get a DVD and CD of both programs. The other photos were taken at the Wolf Trap, VA concert earlier this year. One of my favorites is the one I took of the guys (shoes only). Enjoy! My husband I will be returning to Naples, FL in early January. How far are you from Naples?

      1. Mary S. Got your story. Will be waiting for your pictures. There are a few posts I need to run first.

        If you’re asking me Mary, I live in Ohio. You probably think I live there because of Linda. Hard to have an ill BFF 1100 miles away. However, there are other Crew who do live in Florida.

  9. Thank all of you whom contributed to this show! and sharing it with us. I don’t speak fluent Italian but got the drift of some of it. Absolutely wonderful.

  10. What a wonderful video & it was spectacular finally seeing therm. Oh how I wish I knew what they were saying but at last seeing them so on top of the world having fun was a wonderful treat. They are getting better & better every time I see them in their voices & personalities. My love for them is over flowing. I could watch & listen to Ignazio all day & night. Never in the world would have thought I would love someone as much as I love him.
    Thank you Marie I will smile all day & can look at that video again & again

  11. You would think by now that I could understand Italian, what with my watching so many interviews and shows and not understanding a word that was said. I should have learned it by osmosis. But sad to say, It hasn’t happened. BUT I don’t have to know a word of Italian when it is our beloved Il Volo. I love to watch the faces of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca when they talk, laugh and SING. I sat spellbound the whole hour!

  12. Dear Marie I saw the video of Porta Porta last ngiht and just like everyone else I couldn’t understand a word of what they were all saying but that’s ok the guys seemed to be enjoying themselves and they put such a smile on my face man of man and their singing what can we say they were amazing agan. Thanks to IL Volo Flight Crew for keepnng us all informed and letting us all have a place where we can share our passion for these wonderful young men. They are magic to me.

    1. Are any of you active with Facebook and/or Twitter? Maybe you have a huge number of followers? Good place to spread the word to VOTE, VOTE VOTE. I wish there was some way to do repeat voting without spending the day voting. I Googled the guy in first place and he is evidently extremely popular in Italy. Myself, I have never heard of him. I watched him on You Tube and he was ok I guess but, in my opinion, does not hold a candle to our Il Volo.

  13. Excuse me Marie and Loretta, would you stop arguing! go and vote instead and leave Ignazio to me PS: that hairstyle of Ignazio has got to be the greatest. love love love it! Lord, this man is killing us slowly!!!!

  14. I see there is a fight on who is going to get Ignazio and I just found this on my Facebook that might apply. “HAVE YOU EVER LOVED SOMEONE SO MUCH THAT YOU WANTED TO KEEP THEM HIDDEN FROM THE WORLD AND HAVE THEM ALL TO YOURSELF”
    Thanksgiving next week and people will be busy so we need to get ahead on our VOTING.

  15. Don’t forget about the opportunity to vote for Ignazio’s new composition, PAURA D’AMARE, as Favorite Unreleasted Song. You can’t say that they are not on the move!

  16. Whenever I see that “Our Guys” are falling behind, I get on my twitter page and ask everyone following me to vote and everyone they know to vote. I also put a post on the “Piero Barone IL Volo Official facebook page. We somehow need to get IL Volo Miami, Boston, Hawaii, Venezuala, etc involved. Does anyone follow them?

  17. I tweeted Il Volo fan clubs in Boston, South Florida, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, Mexico, San Franciso, Saudi Arabia. and even Buddy Boschetto, Ignazio’s dog. I said Il Volo needs their votes and to spread the word, then and then gave them the link for the Latin Music Awards. Will try and do more later. It is really a tight race right now. Il Volo leads by only about 300+ votes.

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