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Il Volo links & news for Jan 29, 2015

going to China!Buongiorno! Almost ending my well deserved and loved vacations! Next week the news here will have to wait. My work happens far away from computers or mobile devices, then the site and all our social networks will be updated late on my day. If I will lose on surprise, as you all would already know the news by facebook or twitter through the fan clubs, maybe I will win in consistence, because the time helps on consolidate and deepen all the news and also on avoid some mistakes we do when the excitement is present.

Well, while we are waiting for Chinese news, let’s begin.


12:00 – Radio Italia published a special about Sanremo 2015, including the bios of the 20 “big” contestants – Fuori Sanremo – on Radio Italia in Italian – See the Il Volo Bio: Tutto su Il Volo (in Italia)

9:00 – Supporting Il Volo in Brazil – it is the project of the Fan Club Ilvolovers Brasiliane that now have partners: Timxbr, another Il Volo Fan Club. The images speak better:Projeto Divulgando Il Volo Pelo Brasil. (video)

Teatro Ariston - Sanremo 2015 - the stage8:00 – Reality Show (Blogo) also published about the Teatro Aristonscenography for Sanremo 2015:Sanremo 2015, scenografia: immenso fiore con scala “invisibile” e maxischermo led curvo sul palco, tanti effetti – Fabio Traversa on Reality Show (Blogo) – (Jan 29, 2015 in Italian)

7:31 – ANSA completes the report with a lot of details here: Festival di Sanremo, esclusiva backstage, i lavori di allestimento della scenografia del teatro Ariston – Summary: a balance between lights, movement, structure, video and photography; invisible stairs that will surprise the audience and bring magic to all artists entrance; all will be computerized and the project will be presented on February 8 on Riccardo Bocchini website.

7:30 – Yesterday ANSA published a short note the scenography of the Teatro Ariston forSanremo 2015 – “An immense symbolic flower, a technological bluebell, with a unseen scale – is how the designer Riccardo Bocchini describes the idea behind the preparation of the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo (10-14 February). When the curtain raises, a spectaculartechno scene enveloping between stalls, gallery and stage, with the orchestra integrated on the front will be revealed – says the owner of the Boc Studio, working with his team and with the technicians of Rai. All directed by Maurizio Pagnussat.” – Una tecno scenografia per Sanremo on ANSA (Jan 28, 2015 in Italian)

7:00 – New video on youtube. Cesar Machado published a video of the Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre on Nov 9, 2013, a nice video showing a polite audience and a big applause! –Il Volo – Historia de Un Amor -added to the playlist of the Il Volo concert in Porto Alegre.

6:15 Men Chic is guessing if Il Volo will wear Giorgio Armani on Sanremo 2015. They think “yes” considering the presence of Il Volo last week on the Armani’s fashion show at Milan fashion week. – Il Volo si preparano al Festival di Sanremo. Indosseranno abiti firmati Armani? – on Men Chic )Jan 29, 2015 in Italian)

6:00 – AGIPRO published that Il Volo and Lorenzo Fragola are still dividing the preference of the people, according with the data of GazzaBet. Il Volo with 3 and Fragola with 6 on the bets. – Sanremo, su GazzaBet scommettitori divisi tra Il Volo e Lorenzo Fragola – on AGIPRO (Jan 29, 2014 in Italian)

5:30 – If Il Volo left Italy like 20:00 (ITA) yesterday, they arrive like 6:30 (ITA) or 13:30 (Beijing) – so they are already there. Xiàwǔ hǎo!

5:00 – Our favorite guys published yesterday two beautiful videos that fill of joy this old heart here. They look so happy (Piero you was dancing!)! I am sure the winds of China will help to fix anything, to improve all things and to highlight some things. Love and respect said Ignazio yesterday. So true and wise! And you, Gianluca, you are the balance… – we edited the videos: Il Volo is going to China!







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Email from Jana:

31 thoughts on “NEWS!”

      1. I have an Amazon account, so I just clicked on the link you provided and got to Amazon Italy. The page looks exactly like the one in English and it works the same way. I pre-ordered the CD without any trouble – if you already have an Amazon account, all your information (e-mail, password, credit card, etc) is already there, so you don’t have to add anything. The cost to me, including shipping, is 22 Euros, but I imagine that is because the shipping costs from Italy are less (I am in Israel, not in the U.S.). Try it! It works!

  1. Allene, I changed it! I thought It was in English. My computer automatically translates. Can you right click on a foreign language piece and have the option to “translate to English”?

  2. How exciting! Please pardon my ignorance on the subject, but why are they in China? I searched around a bit but I’m still a little confused. I’m sure the fan base there is delighted.

    1. No real explanations have been given. Etihad has flights there and Armani has a flagship store there. All we know is they were asked to participate as a guest in a Music Festival similar to San Remo also celebrating Chinese New Year. If that makes any sense!?

  3. I had by daughter (the one that does not care about IL Volo) preorder the CD “Sanremo Grande Amore”. She paid 18.20 EUR with regular shipping. Was confirmed and shipping date March 10-12. She said when she signed into Amazon that on the upper right corner something popped up and asked if she wanted this translated. She did and it translated the whole page.
    She was using “Google Crome”? All this is beyond me. Takes a while for me to figure it out so I ask my daughters. I am sure that the US Amazon will have them sometime soon. Wish there was a number we could call and ask them.

    1. I don’t know why we have to buy it from Italy? I have pre-ordered other CD’s from Amazon many times. I have been looking on Amazon everyday, but it is not available yet. Why is Italian Amazon out, but not the American Amazon CD? Any thoughts???

  4. Ok, I don’t want to seem dumb, but would someone tell me if this new CD is our guys singing all of the songs to be done at San Remo this year? Or do we even know exactly what this CD will contain? There is no photo or description of what is on the CD on the Amazon site. Or is this the CD we have all been so patiently waiting for? Is this a Sony produced CD? I will appreciate any info. anyone has here on this topic. Thanks!:-)

  5. “Sanremo Grande Amore” will have 7 songs. Famous past Sanremo songs. They all are very pretty. It will also include their “Grande Amore”. I just posted the above and checked on the money and $18.20 EUR = 20.59 USD
    These are the songs that were posted: L’immensita, Piove (Ciao Ciao Bambina),
    Vacanze romane, Romantica, Canzone per te, Ancora and Grande Amore. All these songs (except Grande Amore) are on YOUTUBE. I am not an expert on Il Volo information but I read that the CD we all are waiting for will come out later this year. Please do not take my word as final. Maybe our leaders can confirm.

    1. Hi Laura Lee,
      I saw this morning on IVMO that all the songs on this CD are sung by Il Volo, not only their songs. We really have something to look forward to!

  6. Another thought – does anyone know when the virtual song with the boys and Elvis will come out?? Thank you!

  7. I think I will wait for a while until I find out more information! if Il Volo are only singing 1or 2 songs on this EP, then maybe their real long playing Cd later on will have these 2 plus more. I am not pre-ordering this from Italy, I can wait until Amazon US has it and then see if I want it or if I will wait for the next one. I don’t really want a cd with 5 songs sung by others and only 2 by my boys. it’s their voices I want to listen to every day, if I want to hear the others I can listen on You-Tube.

  8. I tried ordering the CD on the Italian version of Amazon and didn’t know exactly what it was saying. I was just clicking buttons and didn’t want to order something for $1,000 so I went to the English version to see if they had the CD and they do have it to pre-order for $20.99 and so I bought the CD. Our family has Amazon Prime so when the CD becomes available we receive it in 2 days. YES!!!
    Sorry, Just can’t wait to listen to it.
    Delivery estimate: We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.
    Sanremo Grande Amore
    Volo, Il
    Sold by: LLC
    Condition: New
    Release date: Tuesday, February 24, 2015
    Two-Day Shipping

  9. I purchased the Italian Amazon CD and then I found it on US Amazon. There was a new CD called the Platinum Collection and it is releasing on February 15. I found it Italian and US Amazon. It wasn’t on Amazon on Friday, so I wanted to let everyone know. I don’t know the list of songs in this CD. It is $42.00 for this CD. I purchased both Grande Amore and The Platinum Collection via Italian Amazon and it was a lot cheaper. Both of them were $39.08. The US Amazon was $63.00 for two of them. I used standard shipping, so it was free. They should be here by March 12-15. The Platinum Collection CD might be all of their hits. I don’t know, but the price is high, so I hope there are lots of songs. Just an FYI . . . . .

    1. Just so all of you will know, I looked on Amazon.It and also on – both of them have the Platinum Collection, and both of them state that this is a 3-disk album. There was no list of songs posted – maybe they will have one after the album issues (I thought it issues on February 12 but you say it’s February 15). But it definitely is 3 disks. Lots of songs, for sure! Isn’t that lovely?

    2. It seems to me that this is just Sony’s way of cashing in on their earlier success. I have 3, yes, three We are Love CDs that all have one or two songs different. I also have the DVD of Detroit PBS, Il Volo CD, and the Spanish ones. I don’t see any reason to spend the money for this. It is three CDs most of us have already!

  10. I did some Googling and I found out that The Platinum Collection is a three disc CD. They are Il Volo (2010) – 12 songs, We Are Love (2012) – 12 songs, and the Il Volo Takes Flight concert at the Detroit Opera House – 15 songs. None of the songs are new, but it is a nice compilation of music. And, of course, the pictures are wonderful. Just wanted to let everyone know.

    1. Thank you Laura for the information. Now I can tell my niece in New Zealand to order this collection, very convenience for a newcomer of Il Volo. I introduced her to Il Volo about two months ago while she visited me here in the States. She listened to them on the whole trip – at my home and in my car. I am glad she likes it because she basically had no other choices because that’s all I played, lol.

  11. I just pre-ordered the CD from regular Amazon (not Italy). Amazon stated title was to be released February 24. I am a Prime member so no shipping charge. The CD is more expensive, about $21.00 + tax. Will be interesting to see which location ships first or if both are sent at the same time. I hope they did not record “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”. 🐽🐥🐮🐷🐤😄😄😀

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