Where do I begin to tell the story of my love… By Jeannette

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I thought Il Volo was terrific, I watched their videos on Youtube, bought all their CD’s and DVD’s… What charming boys they were when I saw the video of them on American Idol…

After seeing all the videos of the 2013 concert, I thought I have to see these boys in person… I made a promise to myself that I would go to a concert in 2014 to see Il Volo… I became more serious about finding current information about Il Volo and a google search led me to the Il Volo flight Crew … That was in March 2014, just one year ago… Wow, what a site… So much information about Il Volo, it became my go to place every morning to get my Il Volo fix… Then the 2014 concert dates were posted… Il Volo would be appearing at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles Ca… Well, that’s only about 300 miles from Las Vegas, I can see this group that has warmed my heart there… I put my plan in place to achieve my goal to see Il Volo…

June 7, 2014… Greek Theater, 8:00 PM… The Curtains open, the Orchestra plays, Il Volo is standing on stage… Where are those three young boys I had been seeing in the videos on You tube? There are three extremely handsome young men standing on that stage… OMG, they are singing to me!!! The audience fades away and I am the only one in the Greek Theater, these three gorgeous young men are singing to only me… I thought they were charming on videos, I thought their voices were great on CD’s and DVD’s … But on that stage, they were absolutely spectacular... I think I held my breath for the entire two hours…I never in all my years and all the concerts I have seen, have I been so overwhelmed by a performance as I was that night by Il Volo… They took my breathe away and I was on a musical flight, my heart soared to the clouds, I was still on that heavenly cloud and had not come back to earth again when I walked into the Meet and Greet…

There they were right in front of me… Three of the most handsome men in this world, with the three most beautiful voices I have ever heard… I was going to meet them!!! Yes, I was going to be able to talk with them, give them a little hug, kiss those gorgeous cheeks… I was going to tell them I was taken on a musical flight and my heart soared when they sang to me, only to me tonight… I was going to tell them I loved them…

It was my turn, I walked up to these three beautiful men… Would you believe I was at a loss for words? Me, at a loss for words? Impossible! But they smiled at me, the hugged me, they saw the look of love in my eyes… They knew that they had won me over and that there was one more Il Volo Lover in their family, and they do believe their fans are part of their family.

Before attending that concert, I thought I loved them and their music… But until I saw them in person, I did not realize just how amazing their voices were, how loving they truly are to their fans, its not an act put on for the moment… I could not believe when I got up close to them how truly caring each of them are… With their music they have the power to change your life in a magical way and with that and their charm, they steal your heart, and you are powerless stop them nor would you want to…
OMG, I fell in love for real that night, and it is a love that will last forever because they touched my heart with their beautiful voices and captured my soul with charm, kindness and their sincere love for all…


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  1. Jeannette, this is just wonderful! You nailed it on the head. That is precisely how I feel and I think I would be telling the truth if I said I think most everyone who comes in to this site feels the same. They are such genuine, talented young adults.

  2. Jannette, I love, love, love this! So wonderfully written! As I type my chest is still thumping. It brought back the memories and feelings of all 6 concerts I’ve been fortunate enough to attend! So…I know for sure I’ll be smiling and I can get on with the rest of my day with an Il Volo song in my heart, thanks to you.

    To me Il Volo and their music is that SUNBEAM that helps me find joy, fun and tranquility when i listen to them and participate is sharing with people that feel the same. JEANNETTE THANKS for your lovely posting.

  4. Jeanette, I was at the Greek theater that night also. That was the time I went to the stage door with my birthday fabric art work for Piero. I didn’t get to the meet and greet. but wont ever not do that again if I get the chance. I’m saving up for the lOS VEGAS concert if Myron can pull it off. Joanie G

    1. Joan, we (Jeannette is part of our Las Vegas group) will do our best to pull off the Las Vegas. We really do appreciate your kind support.

  5. Jeanette, how wonderfully you expressed what we are all feeling for these three talented and handsome young men. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca, you make my heart sing! And you have been making my heart soar since I first saw you on the PBS Special from Detroit. You are in my heart forever.

  6. Jeanette, I love your introduction in the green box. It CAN happen…severe emotional problems can develop. It’s a bittersweet relationship–“dating a celebrity” in one’s imagination…And there’s no antidote–but do we really want one?

      1. I agree Marie! I see absolutely no reason to give up my perfectly fine wild imagination and red hot relationship with Piero in my very active fertile imagination! As long as no one is a mind reader I am more than happy to let things be as they are.

  7. Hi, I have been trying to get to where I can order a CD of il Volo’s latest – Grande Amore. I keep getting the runaround to all kinds of distractions. How do I get to where I can order a CD? Do you know?

  8. My heart has been bursting with love for these 3 young men since I first saw them on my computer in 2010. And the one young man whose face has been & is the only one I see in my mind & the only voice I hear in my head. Every day I can look at the pictures on my wall of this gorgeous young man. No one will ever replace Il Volo. There isn’t another singer or singers with the talent they have or the love they exude to us.

  9. Every comment given here fits my experience to a “t” and I can’t wait for the next DVD. I have the CD, but must see them perform.

  10. Jeannette, Every time I read your work I think that you should put this together in a book of prose.

  11. In fact, the more I think about this I like this idea. Another one would be if we – that is Flight Crew – put together a book of Marie’s poetry and your prose and some of the other people that have written wonderful things – all together. Add in some great photos that we have seen here. This book could go for sale at the Las Vegas Fan Faire we have been talking about and part or all of the profit could go to Il Volo’s favorite charity (maybe a children’s charity like St. Jude’s children’s hospital). Anyway, I really do suggest this book idea. Think about it.

    1. I like your story. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting these wonderful guys but I hope to in the future. Thanks for the story.
      Alice in Florida

  12. jeanette, you have a wonderful way of expressing these feelings.my experience is so similar . already dotty about them, i flew from england to taormina to see il volo, and was transported completely at the concert. i was lucky enough to get their autographs in a nearby restaurant a couple of hours later, they were so lovely, so kind and chatty. i talk for a living and turned into a speechless idiot in their presence. i wanted to tell them so much about how their music made me feel, how exceptional they are, no other singers are anywhere near expressing emotion as they do or have such wonderful voices, but i dried up completely. i will never forget those moments though.

  13. I loved reading this. Altho I have followed IL Volo ever since the PBS Detroit Opera house special, I never got to meet them. Yes, went to their concerts when they were in Michigan, and I can imagine how sweet they must be in person.

  14. I want to thank everyone for you all your heartfelt posts… I know that we all have the same feelings when it comes to these three young men of Il Volo… We all think they are very special in our lives… We sometimes do not understand how we can have so much love in our hearts for them… Then we come here and we share with others and we begin to understand that they are a blessing to all of us because we all share that unique feeling … The feeling that Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero have been put on this earth to make the world a better place… We know that they have… We know they touched our hearts and filled it with love… They removed our sadness and gave us their music to look forward to every day… They gave us an Il Volo Family that we can share our thoughts with… They may have no idea that “they” and their music have such power, but we know that they do… Because we feel that GRANDE AMORE every single day… Yes IL Volo, you are love…

  15. What great words you wrote Jeannette so honest and true I know I felt much the same way when I first saw them in 2013, They are so special to go and see live they just take their audience to another place. I just hope one day I’ll be brave enough to go to a meet and greet when they come back and not act like a fool but when i read how sweet they are to their fans makes me feel that I could do it. Love reading everyones words they are so sincere and warm.

  16. Your story is so heartfelt and true Jeannette. My first concert was in 2012 in Florida and I have been to two others since then. It is difficult to express the love, excitement and anticipation you feel for days leading up to their concerts and then your heart is beating out of your chest while waiting for their three beautiful faces to magically appear on the stage !! And once you have met them and have been hugged and kissed you never come back down to earth !! They are so easy to love !!! And we do !!

  17. Thank you Jeannette for a beautifully written tribute to IL VOLO. Never to
    have been to a concert or meet and greet it’s hard to understand how I could
    have bonded with these three precious Italian singers. Is it their voices,
    their harmony, their handsome looks? I think goes deeper than that. I
    think it is smile to smile, and heart to heart. It is a song in my heart given
    freely by Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. No singer or group has ever touched my life like these three talented angels of voice and music. I do hope a concert
    and meet and greet is in my future. FOREVER IL VOLO.

  18. Jeannette, my friend, that was beautiful. I think you described the feelings of all Ilvolovers globally; even for the ones who have not had the direct concert experience or the meet and greets! One of the greatest blessings in all our lives is to be a part of this ever expanding international Il Volo family. It may have started with their outstanding voices at such a young age, but it’s become so much more with each passing year! They are a true gift to this world and all the words all of us have ever said about them collectively as to how each of us feel and how much they have touched all our lives can’t begin to adequately scrape the surface to describe the very depth of the whole Il Volo experience! They are a true phenomenon, the likes of which we have not experienced till they came along! May they continue to be blessed with much success and many years together. Il Volo forever!

  19. I have that picture. You were the one who saved my M & G…..my camera died…and you shot a couple of pics with me & IV (which I treasure) & you sent your pic(s) …. was there more than one….I’ll have to check that out.



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