15 thoughts on “Happy Birthdy Barb!”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Barbara, Have a nice day. You will need your strength to keep up with the boys on the Italian Tour.

  2. Happy Birthday Barbara! I hope you have a splendid day! Have a wonderful summer touring your beautiful country with the 3 greatest singers on the planet. We anxiously await your return to the U.S.

  3. I updated the post to include a picture I took when I met them in 2013. Lovely, kind and gracious Ladies. Barbara barely spoke English then and translated what she could to Eleonora. Interesting conversation that way! They both thanked the Flight Crew for helping to promote Il Volo. Besides “Hello” it was the only sentence Eleonora attempted in English. You just don’t forget that stuff.

  4. Happy Birthday, dear Barbara! You seem to get younger as our “boys” get older!! I’m 83 and they have certainly restored some of my youth! Take care….you are very important to many people!! Love from Texas♡♡♡♡

  5. Happy Birthday Barbara and I hope you have a beautiful day with
    cake and ice cream and family. You’re looking younger according
    to your Eurovision pictures on youtube. Thank you for all the important
    work you do with our young singers. I love them, their voices, their
    demeanor and the love they show for their family, coworkers and
    fans. They and you live your kindnesses before the whole world
    and I appreciate you so much. Take care and love from Oklahoma
    City, Oklahoma.

  6. Happy Birthday Barbara as I told you in Toronto you have the best job in the world & if your looking for help looking after your charges I am looking for work preferably with you & Il Volo. I can do anything, cook, make beds, sooth foreheads that’s my specialty & shopping etc. & give loads of hugs when needed including yours especially when they play tricks on you. I the guys won’t forget your birthday & will take you to somewhere special. Enjoy your special day.

  7. Happy Birthday, Babara!!! Have a beautiful day ! Thankyou so much for the wonderful job you do looking after our fantastic Italian Trio! I am trying to be patient till you all return to SO CAL with the Concert!!! Your photos are lovely & your charges are the most talented, charming, & loving young men in the world!!! Love, Annek

  8. HAPPY BITHDAY BARBARA !!!!! I met sweet, wonderful you at the M&G in Stamford last June 14th where I wished you a Happy Birthday and said how wonderful it is that you love the boys so much and they love you. I was very touched when you said that yes you do love each other and they are family and fun and good. We love them too and appreciate how hard you work making sure that they are happy and well taken care of every day.
    Have a beautiful day !! We love you xoxo.

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