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Do you see the looks on those women’s faces? Think he’ll pass?
I would give him a Doctoral Degree, he would graduate Suma Cum Laude and I would do all of his homework!

I know nothing about The Italian Education System. Do you?

Here are a few tidbits that clears it up a little:

From Wikipedia:
Education in Italy is compulsory from 6 to 16 years of age, and is divided into five stages: kindergarten (scuola dell’infanzia), primary school (scuola primaria or scuola elementare), lower secondary school (scuola secondaria di primo grado or scuola media), upper secondary school (scuola secondaria di secondo grado,scuola superiore or liceo) and university (università). Italy has both public and private education systems.

Our Guys. Also from Wiki:

The Scuola secondaria di secondo grado lasts five years (roughly from age 14 to 19). Every tier involves an exam at the end of the final year, called esame di maturità, required to gain a degree and have access to further university education.

(esame di maturità = “exam of maturity” ~M)

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Ital education

Ital education 2

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And from Gina…for your viewing pleasure.

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  1. Thanks for this informative post. The boys said they study between the many other commitments they have.
    In Europe they also have a divide of classes for those that want to learn a trade or go on to college.
    When I came to the States at 15 I had missed part of 9th grade due to the lengthy process of emigration but they wanted me to go to 12th grade. My parents said no. So I started in the 11th without a word of English. It was an experience i would not want to go thru. I am not a brainy person but the US system felt that the education in Europe was more advanced. You took a long list of classes instead of just choosing 5. Home work was a given and a heavy load.
    I had a friend that was an English teacher and constantly corrected my grammar and kept blaming US giving too much credit to the European education.

  2. Do We know the results yet? Has Ignazio passed this exam, or is it still on his “to do” list? He is so busy, I hope he can relax and have that behind him, and concentrate on his music. YES, I would give him a doctorate, too! He sure has me under his spell! <3

  3. Thanks Marie & Gina that sounds like a lot different than here & thanks for the translation, read every word. So our guys don’t want to be dummys even though they are so busy traveling etc. they still have education on their minds to get through. I too would write across their whole curriculum PASSED.

  4. Thank you Marie and Gina. Very interesting. These guys are just so well rounded in every way. Good luck Ignazio! Can’t imagine him not passing with flying colors.

  5. Being a retired teacher, here in the USA, this was very interesting. We had several exchange students during that time and I found them to be highly intelligent aND delightful young people! If Ignazio needs extra tutoring, I’m very sure we could find several in our group who would be willing to help!!♡♡♡♡ I don’t have a passport, but it can’t be that hard to get one!!! Dot in Texas…..

      1. I could teach him sooo much!! I do have an education degree you know. However, I wouldn’t have it long if Ignazio was my student. Hey! I don’t care! I’m retired! Bring ‘im on!

  6. Thanks, Marie & Gina for a very informative article! I have become much more educated since Il Volo has entered my daily life!!! If I recall correctly, Gianluca had to sit for examinations last May or June! Our guys have to be super intellegant to learn all they learned in a short space of time!!! How many languages do they speak?? What is protocol for Asia the Arab Emerate , (sp.), Russia, Latin countries, a Papal audience??? !!! You want us to learn all these new songs & be letter & note perfect—– in two weeks!?!?! Crazy!!!! I struggle to learn a few Italian words!! I am so proud of our amazing TrioI just love them!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Marie, I’m glad you’re not Ignazio’s tutor. You would have him in detention every day so he can stay after school (wink).

    1. How could you think I would stoop that low? It wouldn’t be every single day! Only when he was being bad. Especially when he was being very, very bad!

      1. Let me guess….Marie, would you have anything to do with Mr Dimples being very very bad?? I Bet you would!

    1. Marie, I sent you a message regarding email, Messenger, and the blog. It is important! Hope you get it soon!

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