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How many of you have a dictionary in your home? How many of you actually use it? I do have one; copyright 1978. That’s probably how long ago I acquired it. It’s still in pristine condition, because I never used it. I thought, what good is it, unless you have to look up how to spell a word ( pre spell check.) Even then, it didn’t make sense to me because if you didn’t know how to spell the word in the first place, how could you find it in the darn book? How’s that for logic? Sounded pretty good to me! Well, that excuse held up for me until I found IL VOLO, and the “flight crew” and I began conversing with all of you. Maybe some of you, if you’ve read any of my previous articles, are aware that I have now found ” the confounded book” to be a useful companion. However, I was not expecting to find a very telling description of “THE IL VOLO STORY” hidden within the pages upon pages of what I considered to be just oodles and oodles of words. Oh well, live and learn, because as I began to gather my thoughts for today, some of those random “words” began to gather in my head. I kind of had an idea in mind, so I kept checking out the actual meanings, (according to WEBSTER), of those words that I wrote down. Once again, the archaic, previously useless book, came through. Twelve simple words, just twelve everyday simple words, but those twelve words have allowed me to set down on paper a short but concise account of three young men’s determined, beautiful story. A story far from being finished, and won’t be for a very long time, yet even now, stunningly impressive in it’s potential for making life even more beautiful than it already is. “The uplifting of hearts, creates pathways for compassion, followed by outbursts of love, and kindness.” KM There are none more equipped to lead in that effort today, especially for our youth, than are our boys of IL VOLO; and they have wasted no time in beginning to do that very thing. Even for ones so young themselves, they are no strangers to that love, or that kindness.kitty words

“Sometimes the things that we see with our eyes, though beautiful, 
are never quite as beautiful as the things we feel with our hearts,
but cannot begin to explain.” KM

The story is simple, as are the words, and yet incredible and heartwarming; as heartwarming as are these three young men. The story begins in Italy/Sicily; places oozing with ancient history, cultural traditions, close loving families, and spectacular beauty everywhere you look. Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio were each INTRODUCED ( made aware of, or enabled to become familiar with ) to music very early on. It didn’t take very long for their families to become aware of the love for that music that had developed, but also, quite apparent was their remarkable vocal abilities. GIFTED – ( possessing great natural ability ) would be an understatement! Eventually, a WISH and a HOPE– ( a feeling that what one wants, will happen ) had emerged, to actually sing and become famous, just like the great singers they had come to appreciate: and as time went along, that wish, now became their DREAM – ( a series of thoughts, pictures or feelings that pass through the mind. A pleasant idea that one imagines. Something that takes on a possibility of becoming a reality.) Soon after they began to perform here and there, they realized that their abilities seemed to always fill a PURPOSE ( a use, a plan, or a reason for something; not by accident, but intentionally: with good results.) Those hearing their voices, their music, even noticing the ease with which they were able to touch hearts, all felt that they were surely fulfilling what was considered to be their DESTINY ( that which is bound to happen ), or maybe it was their FATE ( that which seems to make things happen the way they do, or a power that is suppose to settle ahead of time how things will happen, things that happen as though controlled.) SIDE NOTE: the FATES, were the three goddesses in GREEK and ROMAN myths who, supposedly, controlled human life: but if I may interject, my personal feeling is, and has always been, that IL Volo is a wonderful gift, sent by their, (and our) creator; to encourage us, strengthen our hope, and elevate our capacity to embrace love; whether we choose to share it, or receive it into our own lives. His gifts do come in many different ways, in different packagings, most times totally unexpected yet always bearing the same message: that we are all His children, each one, and therefore our needs will always be known, never to be forgotten; but also always delivered in HIS time. HIS timetable for IL VOLO, was six years ago: and the dream? Their dream has them knee deep into their reality.

As for IL VOLO today: no one can ever say that they have been sitting back, waiting for their dream, or destiny, or whatever, to come to them. Just the opposite is true. They are relentlessly ACTIVE( lively, quick, busy ), doing whatever they can to bring beauty, delight, and for sure their love, to the world in whatever way in which they have been enabled. They have consistently upheld the mission that they feel, no, that they know has been given them. Certainly, their willingness to LISTEN to advice, and to ACKNOWLEDGE all the support behind the scenes, is also an all important factor to success. There are wonderful people working along side them, who believe in them, and have great admiration for the way they have held fast in their choices of conduct within this incredible opportunity. I don’t expect that that will ever change. Yes, each has dreamed a like dream; but now; now they share it together, making a commitment to themselves, and to each other, to be true to the beauty of that dream: pursuing it with honor, honesty and diligence, while all the while listening to that ever present voice that abides within. They hear it, and they feel it deep in their hearts. With great pride and excellence, they are bringing it forward into the world, as it was meant to be. Oh, I did say there were twelve words didn’t I? Well, the last one is, of course, SUCCESS. Actually, this word has no definite meaning. It is considered an elusive, ambiguous term, loosely referring to the attainment of a good result. As should be, that meaning is reserved for IL VOLO to define for themselves, individually. For us though, it’s meaning has already, and undoubtedly, been defined; … but “cannot be explained! “

Just words? Hardly. I see now how words, their meaning and their application, can play out within the span of our lives; and our dreams. Twelve words only, but those twelve significant words are all it has taken to bring IL VOLO, so quickly to…. AWESOME! ………….and us,.. just as quickly to tears.


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  1. Beautiful, Kitty!!! I have no more words to respond with!!! You took twelve words & have written a wondrous article which we can all cherish & appreciate!!! Thank you so much!!! Grande Amore to our guys & all my Il Volo sisters this lovely Wed. morning!

  2. Kitty, How eloquent. Is that the wrong spelling ? Where is my dictionary. Well done. Joanie G

  3. Kitty I’m so glad you still have your dictionary so that you could look up these 12 words that truly represent the journey Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero have been on for the last six years and what we love about theses three very special young men who brighten so many of our lives everyday. You expressed it all so beautifully !! Thank you so much !!

  4. Kitty, you have so eloquently reminded us of the foundation and inspiration that has driven the young men of Il Volo. With all of the hoopla, excitement, and glamour that they have been experiencing, it is reassuring to know that their values are grounded in a desire to bring joy and love to our world, and not in materialistic things. Since they are emanating from the source of these values, we needn’t be afraid that they will be affected by becoming celebrities and the adoration of the public that comes with it. We can just gratefully receive the joy and love that they bring to us. Thanks, Kitty, for this beautiful reminder.

  5. That was surely an exercise in creative writing for you but so true of our guys! Thank you for your eloquence…. oh and yes, I too hated it when my teacher would tell me to “look it up” when I did not know how to spell a word. I wish I had the nerve back then to squeak out ” Can you give me a hint?”

  6. Kitty,
    great idea with the dictionary and I appreciate how you “played” with words and its meaning and created of them a beautiful and true story of Il Volo and had caught the feelings of all fans. 🙂 Il Volo have amazingly mature and powerful voices. These guys sing with all their hearts and souls, as well as being really handsome, modest and kind persons. The real art is to show the beauty of music, songs and singing in the simple purity and perfection of performance by great singers, who can with charm and talent to win the favor and full hearts of fans ! Il Volo know it and again and again they confirm it at every of their concerts, with every new songs and albums, in everything that they do ! 🙂 I really liked the quote with which I fully agree ! 🙂
    Here are some of my favorite quotes from life :
    “Don’t apologize and don’t ashamed of your feelings. They are the manifestation that you have really big heart and you are not afraid to share it with others.Expressing feelings is not a sign of weakness, but strength. ” 🙂
    “Never not confuse people who are always with you with those who are always there for you. ”
    Goethe said: ” We are forming with that, what we love.”
    Deepak Chopra said : “You have to find a place inside yourself where nothing is impossible. ”
    “Do not try so much. The best things come only then when you least expect them. ”
    “Beauty doesn’t decide with whom we fall in love, but love tells us whom we perceive as beautiful person. ”
    ” The real beauty is invisible to the eyes. Do not look at the beauty of women by your eyes, which is only visible, try to look at the inside beauty by the heart, is invisible compared with the outside beauty , but much more beautiful. ”

    And by the way pre-sale on Amazon Il Volo Grande Amore Cd and DVD Live From Pompeli : http://www.amazon.com/Live-From-Pompeli-Il-Volo/dp/B012WBL3I2/ref=pd_bxgy_15_text_y

    1. Beautiful and Eloquent as everyone has said! Thanks for sharing, Kitty!

      Lydka, you are also an eloquent writer. I invite you to submit a feature or two. Note that we sometimes have several in draft and it may take a little while until it is posted. Just email it with or w/o pictures to us. All are welcome to do so. That’s what this site was set up to do…Share the Love!

  7. Kitty, what a wonderful post! Pirate, my Mom always used to say “look it up!” I enjoyed reading this. Very beautifully stated. Thank you!

  8. Kitty: Absolutely beautifully written. You articulated your thoughts and feelings in such a way that I know I could not accomplish as you have. Thank you for the great post!

  9. Thanks so much for all your kind words. It’s nice to know that I wasn’t the only one, all these years, thinking about the uselessness of a dictionary. Actually, the amazing part of this is that, it took many birthdays and Il Volo’s story, and amazing youthful love and kindness, to cause me to appreciate so much , how much I have not recognize before. In turn, I must say “thank you” to Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio, you have made me very aware of how He cares for us. He speaks it through you.

  10. Thank you, thank you, Kitty, for a wonderful, wonderful article. Your words resounded in my heart on a day when I was feeling rather blue. Your twelve words reminded me that the love I feel for Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca is real, and here to stay. I needn’t explain how I feel to others who don’t understand.

  11. Kitty, I’ll have look up some new words to describe your precious article! Until I find more, I’ll just say these “thank you” plain and simple!! Dot in Texas….

  12. Thank you Allene and Dorothy. Sometimes, few but honest words have more impact to describe how one feels. Remember these few words from an old song, “nice and easy does it…?” “Plain and simple” does it just fine, too.

    Allene, you are right, no explaination is necessary, especially here. I know that these 12 words that are responsible for bringing three special guys to awesome, brought your day to awesome as well. I can almost hear them saying, “don’t be blue, just be you;” thankful for Il Volo, and proud of it! Ciao

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