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Let’s be honest…everything sounds better in Italian. Here’s BuzzFeed‘s list of “luscious” Italian words and phrases that clearly need to be used more often in English.

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Everything sounds better in Italian.
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Cooking with sea salt just got better: the ancient Roman tradition of cooking food in the sand on beaches still continues today on the southern Italian island of Ischia.

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From baking in the hot sand to growing produce in the ash-rich hills, the island brims with ways to enjoy local food and wine.
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Spaghetti in a cone? Don’t confuse this with the latest food truck fad – pasta originally started as street food in Italy, to be eaten with your bare hands. This historic tradition is now making a comeback in cities such as New York and Rome.

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Spaghetti in one the earliest examples of Italian street food and nowadays a gastronomic trend wants to take this homely dish, back to the street. Here’s more.
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Good news! After years of political controversy and poor upkeep, the Italian government now plans to invest 80 million euro in cultural projects throughout Italy. As home to more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world, Italy’s various ancient ruins, palaces, and many other historical sites will now have the proper care they deserve.

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According to ANSA, Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschi
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The Italian - Sicilian - American Page's photo.

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Italo Marchioni was an Italian American immigrant who invented the first machine to mass-produce ice cream cones. Originally from the Veneto region, Marchioni (who later Americanized his name to “Marchiony”) arrived in New York in 1895. He began making and selling lemon granitas and ice cream from a cart on Wall Street, serving his food in small liquor glasses to stockbrokers and Wall Street runners. However, the glasses kept breaking (or were stolen) and contin
The National Italian American Foundation (NIAF)'s photo.
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Margherita pizza: a name fit for a queen! Here are a few facts about pizza that you might not have known (hint: it wasn’t invented in Naples, that honor goes to the small city of Gaeta, just an hour north!)

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Pizza is one of the most internationally recognized dishes hailing from Italy, having reach almost iconic status. I am ready to bet you love pizza, but do you know everything about it? Here are 12 surprising facts about this heavenly dish and its…

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  1. Morning, all!
    Go! Go! Go! Over to the Il Volo Mundial Official Facebook page for absolutely the most precious video of Gianluca singing to a little girl in Columbia. She sings with him, too! I think he is head over heels in love now ladies!! It made him cry! Will he take her back to Italy with him? I think so!
    You CANNOT miss this!!!
    Here is the address: https// Volo Mundial Oficial

    1. Lynn, the video is a beautiful thing! More proof that Gianluca is all we think he is! What a wonderful tender moment at the end! Choked me up.

      Lord, I asked you this before…Forget when I prayed to be 20. Make me 10 instead!

      Side note – You can also see this video on Erocole Ginoble’s facebook page ( without “Mundial” written across the center of the entire video! Tacky…(personal opinion)

  2. Thanks for this great post.
    Spaghetti in a cone is a great idea. Today you can eat with a plastic fork and the food stays in the cone instead of all over ones front shirt/blouse. Many years ago we were in Spain and they had fried Squid in a cone. Could not believe I fell in love with it since I am not fond of strange creatures.

      1. It’s such a competition issued by this site.They analyzed the results of Eurovision 2015 and want to know what are the opinions of fans, if winners in each category of Eurovision contest would be the same also now. Il Volo certainly will not be at Eurovision 2016, fans would be happy to see them again there,but next year, but they will not be able to take part in Sanremo or Eurovision, because they have a world tour. 🙂

  3. I voted. Hope “Grande Amore” wins. “The Heroes” sung by Mans Z. is the main competition. He had a lot of things posted on the Eurovision Facebooks and IL VOLO was only mentioned a few times.

  4. Thanks Lydka. We need to vote so “Grande Amore” can win. ‘The Heroes” sung by Mans Z. is the competitions. Mans has been constantly featured in the Eurolvision Facebooks and IL VOLO only got a few postings.

  5. I would love to eat my way through Italy, while sitting back listening to Il Volo! Thanks, Ann, for the great post!

  6. The boys are supposed to go to Mexico for a few day of promotions and I hope they cancel because a .BIG TIME STORM going towards Mexico.

  7. I always say when they ask me, what is you favorite food? Italian is my answer. I have always liked it. Thank you for all this great information about the Italians customs; I like knowing how other people groups do things. We have countries with very rich culturally, Italy is one of them.

  8. Thar’s good to hear Lynn I was praying that they would.

    Ann that is quite a lot of Interesting information on Italy, I even got two recipes for chicken stew. One of these days I’ll get to Italy & from the pictures I’ve just seen it is going to be hard to choose where to go first so then I will ask your for your help. Your knowledge will be invaluable.

      1. This sweet girl loves ll Volo. Her favorite is Gianluca. She told her father that Gianluca is so handsome. The look on her face when they came on stage was priceless!!

  9. Francesca has good taste in men already and she has a nice
    singing voice too……Gianluca was so loving towards her…..
    Those tears tells you it comes from his heart…….She is a
    good performer already, didn’t miss a beat…….Thank you
    Lydka for the video…….It is precious……She is right,
    Gianluca is so handsome.

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