Piero’s Clothes Rack ~ Mary Bohling

I thought the photo of Piero’s clothes rack was cute, so this:


Okay, gang, here we are looking crisp and spiffy and ready to go.  Piero is going to shine tonight. Which one of us white shirts will he choose?  Doesn’t really matter since he will be changing during the show.  We will both get a chance to be out there on that stage making the most of his Baronic chest.

Jacket, he may start out with you, but don’t plan on staying for the whole show….You will be cast aside so he can roll up my sleeves and give it his all.  Pants, you can come–he could hardly go out there without you, but be prepared for some action when Ignazio joins him for their ever present pelvic thrusts.

Ties, don’t think this is your night.  Most likely I’ll get unbuttoned as far as the law allows, which is okay with me….that’s my style.  Shoes, you are all looking good….neat and nicely polished.  Hard to tell whether he will go dressy or casual–whatever mood strikes him when the time comes.  Socks, be ready, but don’t count on it.

It’s such a responsibility to be dressing our guy for his appearance on stage…and one we take seriously.  He’s so handsome it probably wouldn’t matter how he was dressed—the fans will love him.  But we have an obligation to do our best.  Remember when he wore those plaid shirts and vests?  Those were the days, but now he requires a more sophisticated look, so here we are.  Tonight it won’t be Armani, but we will do him proud.  Okay guys, here he comes…..IT’S SHOW TIME!!!

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  1. Mary, this is wonderful! You and creativity go hand in hand. I would love to have been one of the students in your classroom!

  2. I just love this Mary!!! Love our classy Piero!! You brought big smiles to my face, this lovely Sat morning!!!

  3. Thanks for this lovely post.
    Piero is “Mr. Organized”. He himself said that he is always checking out all the details of their concerts etc. He gets frustrated with G & I when they do not want to do same. Lately he looks like a business executive” taking care of IL VOLO business. They all have their special talents.

  4. The only time I didn’t like his choice of duds was when he wore that suit with the white lines going down. I can’t remember which concert it was for. joanieG

    1. YES JOAN !! I am so with you on that ugly suit. He has worn it for several occasions and each time I see it I want to throw that designer overboard! Then I want to make that suit look like swiss cheese and he’ll never wear it ever again. But as for his shirt, ahhh I love it most when he ditches the neck-ware and lets us see that Baronic chest.
      Yum. What a fun article

  5. Hey Mary great post it gave me a chuckle Yeah he sure does look amazing when he is on stage I think he looks good when he is just in street clothes. He just looks great to me anytime. Again thanks for the cute post.

  6. Love this, love anything about Piero. He is just outstanding no matter how he is dressed. Thanks for the post.

  7. I have to agree with Joanie. That suit of Piero’s with the white lines going down it WAS awful. Mary, I love your post. Our Piero looks great no matter what he wears. Lucky, lucky shirts.

  8. A question for those who have been to a concert; do they sell CDs of the concert? I have all CDs for the English market but there are still songs that are not on them such as Ignazio’s Memories, etc. I am going to the concert in Mesa next year. Also how do I find tickets for m& g? I already have concert tickets. Thanks for any info you can provide. This will be my first concert ever so I’m not sure how these things work. Barb Walther Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Tablet

    1. They do not sell CDs of the concerts. The only way to hear the solos is to go online to youtube. You can download them onto your computer–and if you know how you can probably make yourself a CD with all the solos on it. As for the M & G tickets, it varies. Call the venue and ask them if they know anything about it.

  9. I just want to repeat what Allen said!! Re need a repost of him in the Hammock! Loved that hammock!!♡

  10. blwalther, I got concert tickets and m&g passes in a pkg deal. Don’t know if there is any more available or if you can buy separately. Call the box office at Mesa Arts Center. Best of luck. Hope to meet you at the concert. Don’t forget to get your Flight Crew badge to wear. See instructions on left side of listings on left side of page, or contact crew by e-mail. See you there!

  11. Mary, very cute posting! Those duds are lvery lucky, for sure!

    The “Let’s Make the Eurovision Awards” contest ends Oct 31st. Don’t know about the validity of it, but doesn’t matter. The guys will see the response! They are in the BEST GROUP PERFORMANCE catagory, and are on top by a landslide. The other catagory is BEST SONG! It has been back and forth between them and Hans. Last night, they were ahead by around 6000 votes, but this morning they are once again way way behind! The link was post here in comments a few days ago, or you could probably just Google it by name. They need help! You can vote as many times as you want.

  12. Adorable poem and very creative. I love it . Thank you so much. Wish I could think up things like this!

  13. This was so funny and so true. It gave me a good laugh. I have to agree somewhat about the black suit with the white lines. At first, I thought the suit wasn’t finished. However when he wore it with a black shirt instead of white, I thought it looked a lot better. I also agree that he is exceptionally organized and focused. He always seems to be the first one ready and is never at a loss for words and never fails to promote or mention their albums,. tours etc. If he wasn’t such a wonderful singer and performer, he would have been great in the business world also.

  14. Loretta, I thought that at first, as well. Last night however, I kept voting and found that their persentage didn’t go up until after you voted about 10 more times. Try that. Good luck!

  15. MARY,…..Piero could put on a potato sack and still look like a million bucks!!! Of the three, his appearance is the most unpredictable. Bow-Ties, Vests, Funky Glasses, and Trendy Footwear!!!

    Your article is humorous and sweet. It reminds me of the old axiom first penned by that ubiquitous Bard across the Pond!!

    Hamlet: Act I; Scene III. Polonius in dialogue with Hamlet:

    (Original Text)

    “Take each man’s censure but reserve thy judgment.
    Costly thy habit as thy purse can buy,
    But not expressed in fancy—rich, not gaudy,
    For the apparel oft proclaims the man.”

    (Modern Translation)

    “Spend all you can afford on clothes, but make sure they’re quality, not flashy, since clothes make the man.”

    By: William Shakespeare

    To me, all three look like perfect gentlemen every time they take the stage. Elegant, Timeless, and Handsome. I’m just still baffled,………….about how they hide those wings so well underneath their clothing!!!

    1. Jim! Knew you’d surface eventually! And with pearls of wisdom by the Bard, no less! Yes, clothes do make the man! You ought to see the get ups they prance around in up here, especially during hunting season, which it is now! Drowning in Camo! Sartorial splendor of the utmost!

  16. IL VOLO UNIMAGINABLE DUET WITH ELVIS PRESLEY,Il Volo, who just released a new album Grande Amore, recently got the thrill of a lifetime singing with the King Of Rock And Roll, Elvis Presley, and we’ll tell you what song they sang..

  17. I think this might be Gianluca’s rack. Piero has never worn black and white shoes–only Gianluca and Ignazio.

    1. And what happened to those maroon ones they wore to Eurovision? They wore them on and off during the Italian tour. Rarely at the same time!

  18. Jim! Forgot to add that I’ll be seeing Benedict Cumberbatch in the National Theater production of Hamlet on screen at our local Arts Center on Thurs Nov 29! The critics panned it as rather lackluster but his performance was strong. Interesting to see if true. Critics in general annoy me some times!
    I do much better with Shakespeare when I see it performed. If you get a chance hunt down Tom Hiddleston in the three Henry plays. Saw them on PBS last year. Fantastico!

    1. Lynn! OMG! You have seen Tom Hiddleston in the three Henry plays! AAAIIIEEE!
      Now you have a chance to see Benedict Cumberbatch. Ohhh mmmy parrot!
      And you are a fellow IlVoloverCrew Member and now Very Cool Person.

      1. Pirate! Not live but in different films. Last year on PBS there was a series of different celebrated English actors doing Shakespeare’s plays. Tom H. did the three Henry plays. You could almost forget the antiquated English and grasp the stories. I do much better with Shakespeare when it’s performed. If I read him my brain starts to lock up!!
        Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch will be a film of the play in London on the stage. I was surprised it came up this fast as they only started performing it last month , I think! The critics didn’t think too much of it but did like his performance. So we’ll see!! Send me your email and I’ll fill you in on it!!
        PS are you on for wreaking havoc at Marie and Ignazio’s engagement party?!! I told her we’d show up with a couple quarts of rum and a parrot!! All hell will break loose!! Heh! Heh!

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