From Gina ~ Bewitched by the Boys and a ‘Ghost Village’

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  1. “IL VOLO” Flight Crew” needs to raise funds and buy one of the houses in Sicily as “The Italian” headquarters and rent it out to the fans visiting Sicily and Italy. Dreaming is free.

    1. Gina! Great idea! But why don’t we fund raise, buy one of those small, abandoned VILLAGES! We could restore it for Il Volo as a bolt hole! The more famous they get the more they will need a sanctuary from the craziness. Anonymity guaranteed! A tennis court for Piero. Beach access for Gianluca. And a place for Ignazio’s horses. Their family and friends could come to stay. And guess who would be running the operation?!! The Flight Crew, of course! What better way to spend time with The Guys! All to ourselves! A recording studio? All the amenities. They would never leave except to go on tour! What do you think, Crew?!! What a dream!!

      1. As soon as I win the lottery we will go with your plan. So far I have only won a carnival stuffed bear.

    2. Gina, I, also, have a dual personality–the one that lives in the real world and the one who dwells in Il Volo land. Dwelling there has given me so much pleasure–watching our boys grow up and reaching maturity so beautifully….filling my days with their glorious music—going around the world with them on their travels….and having all of the Flight Crew with whom to share our devotion. Il Volo land–what a meraviglioso place!!

    3. Gina, I truly believe God blessed these three men with angelic voices and wonderful personalities and put them together as Il Volo because He knew the joy they would bring to so many people who needed laughter and joy in their lives! My husband and I love them as if they were biological family!!
      No other singing group has impacted so many lives in such positive ways as our guys! They are amazing!
      Thank you so much for your post and I, too, feel like a grandmother to these young men!! They certainly have a lot of family!😍

      1. I agree with you 100%. They are angels like family. I adopted them a long time ago even though my family wonders about me. lol

  2. Gina, your words hit home here. IL VOLO allows me the most beautiful escape, with my eyes open or closed. Their voices send me to a paradise not found here on earth.
    Love the idea of a village JUST for IL VOLO run by the Flight Crew, of course. I think Marie would have to be the gate keeper! I’ll sign up for being the Nonna who tucks them in each night and wishes them sweet dreams!

    1. Jane, you would have a lot of competition for the Nonna role. I wouldn’t want to have to get rough, and there would be Allene and many others to deal with….good thing that in our dreams we can each claim that job.

  3. In the meantime please VOTE. Even if this is not an award event the boys need to know we are always out there supporting them.

    Thank you for voting!
    “Heroes” by Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden) 54.22%

    “Grande Amore” by Il Volo (Italy) 44.1%

    “Rhythm Inside” by Loïc Nottet (Belgium) 0.88%

    “A Million Voices” by Polina Gagarina (Russia) 0.54%

    “Tonight Again” by Guy Sebastian (Australia) 0.26%

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  4. Gina, very beautiful and truthfully written,every person has his thirteenth chamber of dreams, desires, place where his soul is hidden ,and protected from the outside world….When I close my eyes and dive into silence of my true Self. I can be close to God, angels, I am in the spiritual world, I am in another dimension,, where my imagination can fly – create my own beautiful world,visit many places, real and fictional,experience the incredible variety of adventures and to meet with who I want – and I can meditate in peace until I go back to the real world. In my imagination, anything is possible (Lynn’s idea is very interesting and good, suitable thing for dreaming) and it is nice when my companion in these moments is divine music of Il Volo ! <3 Richness and emotionality of their voices fulfills our sometimes sad and melancholy souls.and heals them. Splendid harmony of their voices brings us our own inner balance.In recent years, many difficult and sad moments …I am glad that I got to know also the beautiful things as is awesome music of three angelic singers 🙂 I love song La Vita (Life) and its lyrics (when I'm in a bad mood, so I listen to it and then I feel better) :So many empty days,so many sad days in over lives.So many unuseful passion in life.How many times have we said stop. You've despised this life.We not even once think of what this life brings us.Life,is there anything realer in the world and we almost never notice it,almost never, almost never.Sometimes we have a sort of fear of life.Even if there are many things that aren't ok in life.What do we demand to, what do we expect from life ? No, it's impossible to waste this life in vain ! Life, nothing's as wonderful as life and maybe many people don't know. Life,is there anything realer in the world and we almost never notice it, almost never, almost never.

  5. On one trip to Italy, we went to my friend’s uncle’s home in a hilltop in Abruzzo. The roads were winding and as we went further up, we passed a beautiful wine store I called ‘The Secret of Vittorio” and we could see Switzerland from there! When we finally got there, the town was only about 3 blocks long and all the young people were moving to the city. As we sat and ate our dinner at the table, a song was playing on the radio called “La Prima Cosa Bella.” It was a beautiful song and one very old lady was sitting there crying. She had only left the town once to go to Rome. It was unforgetable. My friend’s uncle had greeting us wearing a suit! That year Italy was on strike and we had to hire a taxi to take us anywhere in the country. I don’t know if that town is still there.

    1. Ann this is a lovely story. During the few years that we were stationed in Germany and took some trips to other countries the best memories are from accidental discoveries of some special places and special people.

  6. Gina, you said in words exactly what I have been feeling for so long for our boys and never really been able to explain it. Thank you so much for your beautiful words. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca fill a place in my heart with love. And Mary B. you are right about me getting in line to be a nonna for these young men. I have felt for a very long time that they are my Italian grandsons. There will be quite a bunch of us tucking them in at night,

  7. I love that plan Gina. I’m in. I am like all of you in regards to our boys. I think I have said it here before, that my day starts around 4-5 am. The night before, both iPads are charged for my morning ritual. Get my first cup of Java, my two recharged iPads, get back into my bed, ear pods connected to the first iPad and begin searching for news of our guys. I have two iPads ’cause after a few hours, the first one needs recharging but I have a spare waiting so I don’t have to wait. I go to my gmail for the “Flight CREW”. Then to ” Twitter”, “Tumbler” “Facebook” and last but not least, “You Tube”. I have a playlist of so many of ” IL VOLO’S ” songs and videos which keeps me entertained for hours.
    My family, well, they just smile and tolerate me when I start babbling about our wonderful guys. They do love their songs but they think I’m a FANATIC. Isn’t that what FAN means?. Silly people. They just don’t understand us. Never mind. My one world is filled with music by three beautiful Italians and the other world is my reality world. My children just tell me to enjoy the boys and have a great time. “You’ll see them soon enough in LAS VEGAS”.

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