For the Las Vegas bound on March 25th

 Don’t forget to sign up for the Las Vegas Fan Faire

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Contest ends October 31st.  Once you’re there scroll down past videos to vote.  Vote for “BEST GROUP PERFORMANCE”.  Scroll back to top and vote for “BEST SONG”


Try this one to remind you of what those beautiful words are in English:

<p><a href=”″>Il Volo – &quot;Grande Amore&quot; live at Sanremo Festival 14.02.2015 (legendado PT – subtitled ENG)</a> from <a href=”″>Il Volo PT-ENG</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


 You may pre-orderIf I Can Dream

From Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes and others now!

“Operatic vocals by Il Volo on “It’s Now or Never”

Hear Elvis Presley’s Powerful, Newly Orchestrated ‘If I Can Dream’

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As a final thought, I know  you would like to see some recent photos of me and the Boys:

me and the guys 1
Guy’s! Guy’s! I know you love me, but you’re smothering me!
Piero can be so silly
Ewww, Piero! You’re such a joker!
I tend to be the one who entertains at dinner!
I tend to be the one who entertains at dinner!
me and the guys 4
We’re announcing our engagement soon.


32 thoughts on “Reminders!”

  1. Thans for the “REMINDERS”. A person of certain age needs them to counteract the “SENIOR MOMENTS”.
    When we are closer to 2016 please do a post on how to behave at the “MEET & GREET”. Do I just grab Ignazio or do I need to be more restrained?

  2. Gina! What’s the matter with you? You never, EVER, grab Ignazio! He’s already spoken for. Please see above pre-engagement photo. I will send you a copy of the M&G rules prior to concert because you, obviously, don’t know them. humph!

    1. Ignazio is already tweeting that you guys are going to hide out in a cabin in Montana. Sounds intimate.

  3. Gina, on a more serious note…I wouldn’t remember those things (not the me & Ignazio part…I’ll remember that!) without all your emails reminding me! Thanks for all your hard work on our site and the information you email to me! Keep your head above water there in Texas!

  4. Speaking of Texas…Gina and I will get to them before Las Vegas! Just how many times are you planning for? I know you get around!! Lol..seriously, I really need some info on M&G! Picture taking, gift giving, etc. This will be my first and I want to make the best of it!! I was asked, which one is your favorite, piero, Gianluca, or Ignazio? I replied YES! Remember those hints as ” I V” Da Y approaches! Grazie, Dot……

  5. Everyone get on the wagon and vote for Best Song !!! We are way behind !! Heroes from Sweden is way ahead !!! Our guys are WAY ahead in the Best Group Performance category !!!

  6. I bought my tickets for the concert a long time ago. How do I get the M and G tickets? I don’t want to miss out hugging my Piero. Joanie G

  7. Marie, Marie, Marie, what are we going to do with you?! Well, you can monopolize Ignazio all you want. That leaves Piero for me! I have voted, and will vote over and over til we get “Grande Amore” to the top. Also I have ordered “I Can Dream” from Barnes & Noble, and can’t wait to get it.

  8. CD “L’ amore si muove ” is in Italy now platinum disc !! 🙂 Huge congratulations, guys! You deserve it. 🙂

  9. Marie! You really are such a Goof! You know that? These photos are a hoot!
    When’s the engagement party? If I don’get invited I’ll crash it anyway and Pirate’ll be with me ! We’ll bring a couple quarts of rum and a parrot!! You’ll have some almighty mayhem on your hands then! Heh! Heh!

    1. Of course you’re both invited (Did I say both? Together?) can’t wait for the “almighty mayhem”!

      What am I saying? Can’t wait for the proposal!!!

      P.S. Yes, I know I’m a Goof.

      1. Bribe him!! Tell him you have a hundred horses as part of your dowry! That one has worked for centuries! No reason why it won’t work now!!

  10. Dear Marie thanks for the link for the voting I was reading the comments from other people voting for IL Volo for best song they are still in 2nd place but they seem to feel there is something shady going on again because the people voting don’t think they are getting counted correctly. The man from Sweden is in first place. Yuck. Come on everyone go to the website and vote for our guys.

  11. I have voted about 10 times at once or separaty for best song for the guys & found that my votes were deleting the total I started with. So voting separately or a lot at once did not work for me so am not voting until something is fixed.

  12. The persentage doesn’t go up until you’ve voted around 10 times, then the last number will go up by .01. Watch the top of the poll page to see if it says “thank you for voting”, after each time you vote, or “we have already counted your vote.” If it just says thank you, keep voting until it says the 2nd message. Even then, if you go back in about 15-20 min later, it will have gone back to just a “thank you”. As far as being way behind, they have been in this position several other times. It’s the same as the other voting opportunities we’ve had. When North America is awake and voting, if we have enough people active, we catch up. While we sleep, they advance! Don’t think the guys aren’t watching. Let’s not let them down! Good luck.

      1. We are now moving faster. Now we are just behind! = 49.89% – 48.38%. This is at 10am this morning here in South Africa (same time zone as Italy).

  13. Darn it! I missed the deadline on voting! I did not know about it. I will, however, see our gentlemen, listen to them, and meet and greet them in Nashville, Tn next March! Yayyyyy!

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