Personally Speaking ~ The Eyes ~ by Jane

                                    THE EYES ARE THE GATEWAY TO THE SOUL
~Herman Melville                          

Look into the eyes of these three and you are looking directly into their hearts and souls.

Joyful eyes when singing…nurturing eyes when holding a child…

Tear filled eyes when thankful…mischievous eyes when taunting each other in fun.

They could simply stand on a stage and just look at us not singing a word

And we would know what was in the heart by the look in their eyes.

Eyes filled with hopes and dreams of bringing their beloved music to the world

And the realization that those dreams have come true.

26 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ The Eyes ~ by Jane”

  1. Jane, I love this! Would have posted it sooner, but everytime I looked I got lost in all those wonderful eyes and couldn’t pull myself away. *large… very, very… large sigh*

    1. Marie, I know! So many of their photos I find myself just looking into their eyes that say so much without speaking a word.

  2. I took the liberty of changing one word. Just pick the eyes that touch your heart and read.
    Angel Eyes
    The eyes of an angel
    were shown to me today
    Chills ran down my arms
    Not knowing what to say

    Behind those beautiful eyes
    Lies the most lovely soul
    So warm and so passionate
    But not everyone knows

    He made me feel special
    Sweetly leading me inside
    A place were our souls meet
    Hearts open as we confide

    Modestly he doesn’t know
    My heart he has stolen
    Makes me soar when I’m down
    Warms me when I am frozen

    Those eyes shine brightly
    Brilliant light in dark skies
    I sit and stare motionless
    In his sweet angel eyes

    by Brandon

    1. Gina, really wonderful poem.The eyes never lie, in eyes are hidden our emotions, dreams, desires, fears, are a mirror of our soul, they can caress but also can emit coolness. One look into eyes and we know whether the person before us is honest and good at heart. When someone shows to my mom a picture and has question, whether is that person nice, my mom has question what do you think ? If the answer is yes and mom disagrees,she asks, have you looked into his eyes ? My mother hides the face( in the picture) in order to see only eyes and then asks again.And then suddenly comes the answer as I could love this person , what a nasty look I see in his eyes, I do not like him…Beautiful eyes are like clear water wells that show the depth of human nature, one honest look full of love into the eyes will replace a thousand words… 🙂 Piero, Ignazio, Gianluca have very beautiful eyes in which we can see their souls, they are so good at conveying emotions not only with their voices, but also with eyes., while singing, but also outside the stage..Such eyes you must love. 😉 <3

  3. Very beautiful article Jane,I completely agree!
    We have a proverb:The eye is the window to the soul.I love their eyes,they are such stars for me,thanks !

  4. Such a sweet article, Jane. So true, the eyes say it all. Gian’s eyes, love the way they reflect his beautiful smile….Ignazio’s eyes just twinkle with fun, and Piero’s eyes, WELL,!!!!!!!

  5. I get all goose bumply when I look at the eyes. I especially like Piero’s eyes without his glasses. Joanie g

  6. I am looking forward to looking deep into those soulful dark brown eyes of Piero’s come March. Eyes can do a lot of talking when the words fail.

  7. Dear Gina when I read the poem you found a eyes that’s exactly what I feel when I look into Piero’s eyes. I can’t say anymore. Thanks for the beautiful poem. I really got to me.

  8. Jane this was perfect !! I printed it out to keep forever !! All three have the most beautiful, expressive eyes that capture our heart and soul and make us laugh, cry, cheer, swoon and love them more and more each and everyday. Their Grande Amore shows through their eyes 💕💕

  9. Il Volo is enjoying success with their mix of opera and pop as the trio talked about covering “Best Day Of My Life,” and the approach to their new album Grande Amore:

  10. I just want to say that three pairs of beautiful eyes are almost tooooo much!!! Usually they are happy & laughing!!! In some of sexy photo shoots you feel like you can’t catch your breath!!! WOW!!! That goes for Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!!

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