SOCK IT TO ME ~ Mary Bohling

Crew, This is so totally silly…

socks 2

 Socks…..such a mundane item…something we all take for granted.  We put them on every morning without really thinking about it.  They are there rolled up neatly in the sock drawer.  We may give a thought to the color we need for that day….or maybe we just keep it simple and buy all the same color.  Whatever…they are not high on our list of concerns…..

socks 1

So why is it such a problem for Gianluca and Ignazio?  Piero tells us that they are so short of socks that they have to wear the same ones two days in a row….even sharing them?  Maybe they aren’t getting their share of the revenue from ticket and CD sales to keep them in socks.  Maybe they just don’t have time to shop.  Maybe with so much on their minds they just don’t think about it until they go to the sock drawer and it’s empty.  Someone must be doing their laundry.  Surely they aren’t expected to rinse them out at night themselves.  Barbara, look into this, please.  Our guys have enough to do without worrying about their sock supply.

socks 6

It seems that when it appears that they are going sockless in their dress shoes, they may be wearing sheer white ones which don’t really show….someone said that….don’t remember who, but I did read it.  Gianluca was wearing short black ones with his fancy shoes the other night.

When wearing tennis shoes they all appear to be minus socks…no problem.

Gianluca, MARY, Piero, Ignazio    Gianluca, MARY, Piero, Ignazio

At any rate, I hope that the sock issue isn’t too upsetting for them.  They need to concentrate on more important issues.  If this problem continues, we may have to have a fan “sock shower” for them.  We can’t sit by and have them worrying over the sock situation, now can we?

Sorry,….guess my senility is showing.


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  1. Sock it to me, baby!! (You knew that was coming!) Actually, l like the sockless look – shows their sexy ankles!! And maybe it’s an Italian fashion thing. No matter – do love me some handsome young men!!

  2. Mary you may be showing your age. Many young men go sockless even with dress shoes. I can say that because I’m a grandmother and have young grandsons. It’s either sockless or bright colored or bright patterned socks.

  3. Maybe it’s just your sensitivity showing Marie, not your senility. We are all so enamoured of the guys that we think all should be perfect for their hard work. Even sock supplies. But?????

  4. Sorry that should have addressed to Mary. Now that is because of my senility and bad lighting this early in the A.M.

  5. Piero is so organized he would not loose his socks. Surprised Gianluca can not find his because he is so bent on details. Ignazio has been know to be somewhat untidy. Marie needs to apply for the job of personal wardrobe assistant. I still wonder who is in charge of their wardrobe because some of the choices are not the best. Personal opinion.
    Unfortunately G & I birthdays passed. Piero’s is next and he has his socks so maybe for Valentines Day we could send some nice socks with hearts on them to the two barefoot boys.

    1. Piero’s birthday is in June, Ignazio’s in October, so Gianluca’s birthday is next in line, February 2016…and what do you mean Igna has been “known to be somewhat untidy”? At least he seems to be the one who wears socks the most! 😉

  6. I have seen the advertisements for socks ‘a day’. Please check the link and you will see some wild ones.
    Sock Panda

    BUY ONE. GIVE ONE. For every new sock subscription and renewal, The Sock Panda will donate a pair of socks to those in need.

  7. Ladies, don’t freat. Sockless, even while wearing evening attire, is not new. The boys are absolutely in fashion by going sockless. After all, they are very fashion minded especially Gianluca. This trend is nothing new. I work during rush at Calif. State University in Hayward, CA. and I see this a lot. Our boys are dressed by the biggest names in fashion and I’m sure they are in the loop as to what is treading in today’s fashion world. So, although the idea of us giving them socks ( which they would probably think adorable), I think they can afford a couple of pairs now and then. Besides, Barbara is there to make sure they have everything they need. I love you ladies. Until LAS VEGAS.

  8. Socks or no socks?!? That is the question??? I say to each is own!!! Personally, I can’t wear shoes without socks! That is just me. Love this socks puzzle, thanks, Mary for the morning humor!!!

  9. On Valentine’s Day we can send Sock Monkeys, Sock Puppets and even windsocks. We could eat some Sockeye Salmon and then take them to a sock hop or a Red Sox game. This is silly too. Please don’t sock me or stick your finger in a socket.

    1. Marie! Better stick to knitting!! ( Cute, though ! )Shows brain is engaged and moving, maybe not forward but it’s moving!!!
      Girls! Girls! We’ve forgotten the tattoos!! Where are they?!! Why, on their ankles, of course! ( not GG. He says he is ” immaculate”) How could they show off their tats with socks on?
      Marie, keep knitting! All those holes you’ve left should show a tattoo or two!!

      1. I agree its probably a fashion thing. Armani is dressing them after all. And it doesn’t really matter what they are wearing or NOT wearing, they are still always gorgeous, in every way. Marie, I love that you keep this place so active & funny and interesting!

  10. English version of book IL VOLO – UN’AVVENTURA STRAORDINARIA will release at December.
    Full song Grande Amore:

  11. Mary, I have myself in stiches trying to say “sock shower” three times. Good way to break the ice at parties! I sure hope Piero has had his suitcase found by the airline. I understand it has his glasses in it and maybe even his socks. What ever will he do having to wear the same glasses every day – horrors! Thank you Lydka for telling us that our guys book will be released in December in English – Yay!

  12. I had to try and say the sock shower tongue twister also!! Mary, from now on I will have to tear my eyes away from their beautiful heads and look at what’s on their feet!! 🙂

  13. Okay I admit it, in addition to being your best Pirate, I am a rebel….I HATE SOCKS! I only wear them when the weather turns cold or I am trying to avoid a callus. But here is a secret you might not have seen….Gianluca shared that they have these special socks by Armani that are meant for the “sockless” look, they cover the foot inside the shoe but go unseen. European and American men alike are seen in fashion mags with this sockless look. I think its VERY SEXY!
    So if y’all decide to send them socks just know I’ll participate by buying socks for the homeless. I quite enjoy our sexy guys as they are!

    1. I’m with ya there, Pirate!! Hate the darn things! Don’t put ’em on until Thanksgiving and off before Easter!

  14. Yes, I often wonder where the socks were also? But if they are the secret kind, ok, I guess? Way back in the 90s, in the Detroit area, if you went without socks on, they would say you were from Grosse Pointe. A ritzy area just outside the city of Detroit. Never could figure that one out though? 🙂 No, I can’t wear shoes without socks, even tennis shoes, unless the linings are perfectly smooth, etc. It also wears out your shoes faster?

  15. Mary, whilse you’re at the socks debacle, could we beg for them to have a little slow down on their hectic schedules. I am exhausted for them, and I imagine they have to wash their faces with ice in the morning to get up and be ready to SMILE for another interview. I wonder sometimes if they are considered as normal people who need sleep and rest or just as energizer bunnies who you turn on and run till the battery runs out. it hurts to see them smiling and so co-operative day after day when I would have passed out long ago. I guess that’s why I am not famous 🙂

  16. Maybe when they come to Las Vegas we will have to give them a gift of 100 pairs of socks. We were planning on welcome flowers in their dressing rooms and fruit baskets (they told that to me years ago so I started sending them to important places like Radio City, etc. and now, of course , Las Vegas). However, maybe mixing in some socks along with flowers ? ? ? Hmm – – I don’t know ?

  17. I’d like to suggest you take a big photo of a big pile of nice new socks and then DONATE them to a soup kitchen to be handed out to the poor & homeless. Then give that Big photo to our guys and let them know we thought of them.

    1. Pirate ! Perfect! What a great idea! And I’ m sure they’d also see the humor in it! Sharp as a tack, you are!!

      1. Lynn, it just struck me as a humorous way of doing this…they might not be thrilled that we are commenting on their “style” but I am sure their sense of humor and kindness would win over knowing it was an act of kindness inspired by them! Yah, us pirates live a short life ifen we are dull dickybirds! Gotta stay sharp!

  18. Pirate! Are you kidding?!! I know they would think it was roaringly funny! They have great senses of humor! And you can bet it would keep the Flight Crew on the front burner of their attention! Which is what we need to do ! They can never forget that we are always with them ! It’s like a big traveling HUG!
    What was that Bette Midler song ” You are the wind beneath my wings” That’s the Flight Crew for Il Volo!
    Aw, jeez I ‘m getting awful poetic here!! Ciao

    1. Aw, jeez I felt a tear run down my cheek. How can they forget who we are when you write stuff like that?

      Of course, they may also have a tad bit of healthy, justifiable fear of any one of us…not me though.

      1. Marie! Who are you kidding!! I know that old saying about a “wolf in sheep’s clothing!” The mildest and sweetest are usually the most dangerous!!
        Seriously, never underestimate the emotional and mystical power of a group of women especially when they are united in a single devotion. In this case, Il Volo!
        There is incredible strength in this. And I think this is something men grasp intuitively and it scares them a little! (a lot!!)

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