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kit pic 1Everyone knows that whenever I write about our young men, it is always with an immense amount of love, pride, amazement, and downright admiration for how they have always conducted themselves with utmost courtesy, conscientiousness, professionalism, and manners. Of course, I certainly cannot leave out an acknowledgment of their beautiful voices, and yes, handsome looks to boot! When it came to creating these three, they were surely given HIS best. Beyond that though, they also display what I see as a love for life; life in it’s entirety.

The beauty in life is all around us, scenes of obvious beauty, even ones having a little more mysterious nature; but another expression of beauty can come from our hearts. I’m referring to life’s capacity to express love, to feel love, and to offer it as well. To extend to and receive kindness and caring. It’s also our drawing together in families, and the bonding with one another. It’s the respecting of nature, of all description. It’s the things that we see with our eyes, feel with our hearts, and know in our souls; and it’s even our willingness to accept the things we are not able to understand or explain. It’s our awareness of provision, and the whispers of instinct, as it applies to every living thing; man, animal, flora, fauna, etc. Everything is designed to work together, one with the other, within this magnificently created wonder we call our world.

Il Volo, often displays heartfelt awareness of what life asks of us in return; for in their travels they have seen first hand, wonderful examples of service available as needs may arise, sometimes maned in part by those with only meager means or abilities themselves. Sadly, it has become more and more apparent that not all of humankind shares the same feelings of awesomeness, (if that’s a word), towards the gifts, and sensibilities we’ve been given. I don’t know how to respond to that, other than to say “I’m sorry that you’re missing it all”. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero have also, the pleasure of seeing many beautiful sites that most of us may never see, or even know of their existence; so, they take us with them via the various Internet avenues available to us today. Still, they never abandon the love they hold for their own country, and are quick to make that known.

In thinking about all of these things, I’ve decided to use my “KITTY’S KIBBLES” postings to honor the guys a little more, and feature various facts, fables, destinations and more, related to Italy and/or Sicilia. I’ve learned so much in the last little while doing research, and I remember an Ilvolover saying that she never cared about geography until Il Volo; but now she can’t get enough of either one! Well, I would say she’s in the right place! I’ll also begin to include select images of kindness and love, just to keep those things fresh in our minds, as they too, are a major part of the beauty that lies, or is intended to lie, within us. When I see examples of this, I can’t help feeling compassion, but a sense of pride as well.

Emotions and kind behaviors are shared by other beings of nature as well as humans. We are not unique in that area. Think about that for a moment. If you’re like me, you may see similar behavior in other species, but only think,“ah, that’s so cute”. Frankly, I sometimes ask myself, who is mimicking who? Do we ever really ponder it, looking for that definitive answer? Sure we do, but does it matter? It’s amazing, that’s all I know. Lo and behold, (and some may disagree), but man is not the be all end all in this world. Gee! IMAGINE THAT! We are but a part of the whole; a part of “life”, in it’s entirety. (only my opinion!)

I wanted to share the photo below because it spoke volumes to me. Truth be known, it was the catalyst for my wanting to express my appreciation to our guys for how they tend to bring to light all of life’s beauty and complexity. There is an absolute, and immense passion inside of them for music, but also for life. That passion is indeed noted, and is quickly transferred into the hearts of everyone around them. In subtle and undefinable ways, they, without any conscious effort on their part, bring about momentary pauses in us that are not always shown outwardly, but are felt inside. It’s when our soul begins to affirm what the “real” in life is all about. Even if that pause is no more than one tiny moment, in that moment, we catch a breath, and the spectacular elements at work here in this world, seem to always bring a smile to our lips.

The young men of Il Volo have brought new life, and a new meaning of life, into the hearts of so many; but despite how often we may try to convey that to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero in words, it will be a long time before they will begin to fully understand. In the meantime, we can only try to express our “thanks”, by being ever mindful of life, all of life, in it’s entirety; and what better time to explore that, than in the renewing, sweet smelling, colorful season of an amazing Autumn.

kit pic 2

 “she stands in silent majesty, yet speaks a thousand words.”

GIANLUCA’S ITALY:kit pic 3 and 6* Italy’s flag was inspired by the French, and introduced in 1797 during Napoleon’s invasion of    the peninsula.
* Today’s modern Italian language originated in the region of Tuscany.
* Eau de Cologne was invented in Italy.
ITALIAN BEAUTY: in more ways than one!


kit pic 4 and 5AUTUMN’S BEAUTY

I think you can tell that Autumn is my favorite time of the year. To me it’s a time for a quieting of the soul, and the mind. It’s a time of coolness outside, and warmth inside; a warmth that invites cozy covers, hot tea, a fire’s glow, or getting lost in a favorite hobby. We spend time with family, and friends, and oh, don’t forget about all those wonderful…. afternoon naps! Remember that new book that’s been there waiting for you, now’s the time! For all of us though, we also have the added blessing of Il Volo in our lives, and the joy that they are bringing to us. They share so much; their music, their families, friends, country, their dreams, successes, and even their personal heartaches every once in a while. It’s got to be a hard life, but at the same time, a very rewarding one. Being able to bring this kind of joy is a gift, and not something just anyone is able to accomplish. We are not likely to forget. HAPPY AUTUMN GUYS, AND TO ALL OF YOU ALSO.

Blessings always, Kitty

kit pic 6 and 7

 The aroma of Autumn fills the air
             And my favorite chair awaits her there,
                                When she finally arrives, I’ll make cinnamon tea,
                                        And crawl under the blanket, just my book and me.

15 thoughts on “Kitty’s Kibbles”

  1. Beautiful “Kibbles” this morning, Kitty! We are so lucky to have your wonderful reflections on a monthly basis.

    I so agree with this. All humans need to take some time to think, understand and be kind to one another and to all of nature. It is easier to do when you listen to the calming, energetic and loving voices we all listen to every day.

    Fall is my favorite time of year too, and our Boys of Il Volo are among my favorite people any time of year!

    Thanks Kitty!

  2. Thanks for the lovely post. The boys are still so young. They know that people love them but i do not think they realize what their presence and music has done for some hurting souls. Your can find daily in the many comments how much their music and kindness have helped a person during their tough times.
    To us “HOT TEXANS” autumn is a rest time from the HOT summers. .

  3. Kitty, thanks for this beautiful tribute to our beautiful “boys” and to life itself! Keep Kibble Koming! Except for a few allergies, I love fall, too!! I’m another “HOT TEXAN”so we do so look forward to cooler times! ♡

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Kitty! I think your words are in the hearts of most everyone who comes to this site.
    The colors of autumn are like nature’s way of singing IL VOLO music to us. There is nothing quite like the beauty of this season.

  5. Kitty, really lovely thoughts from you. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 I think many fans of Il Volo share not only the same taste in music, but also the same thoughts and opinions on many things in life ! So we understand our feelings and share sensitive and positive look at life.Il Volo music attracts mainly those people, who are inside beautiful as their music itself. Only people with a really good heart and soul appreciate and feel the beauty of this music. Autumn is a time of peace, contemplation, but also nostalgic time when we remember on those who are no longer with us…..I wish the beautiful autumn to all ! 🙂

  6. Thanks Kitty for your beautiful words. I miss New england during the autumn. Here in southern cal. we look forward to a cool down and maybe some rain after a really HOT summer. We still wear shorts at Christmas. Maybe it,s not that bad, though. We go seimming on New Year. Loved your post. I mostly miss the color od the leaves. As an artist I am always looking for color. Joanie G

  7. Thank you. Kitty!! Your beautiful words are as lovely as the Autumn leaves!!! I love the summer, but as the cooler weather appears, I welcome the change! The magnificence of the fall colors warms my heart! Just as thoughts of Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero bring sunshine, joy, & happiness into my everyday life!!!

  8. Dear Kitty, how very lovely, your words express so much that is within my heart and most likely in others as well. Our IL Volo young men have shared so much of themselves, including family and friends, it is amazing. They have enriched my life in my senior years more than I can adequately express. Thank you, Kitty, I have enjoyed your beautiful words and Abruzzo photos. God bless. ♥

  9. Thank you Kitty for your lovely post. Yes Autumn is my favorite time of year. For two weeks now, I have been staying with my granddaughter in Sparks, Nev. outside Reno. It’s getting colder and you can feel the bite of the wind threatening snow very soon. I go out in the veranda with my two great grandsons and I explain to Gerhardt (2 yrs old) why the trees are no longer green. He says “BRAVO”, HIS FAVORITE WORD which he learned from me. After listening to one of IL VOLO’S songs, I clap and say BRAVO. I love the soothing colors of everything. The coolness and the dampness of the weather. It calms the soul.

  10. Pirate I didn’t think Nevada had snow. I thought it was balmy year round or they don’t get as much snow as the rest of the States or they aren’t as low as California?? I learn something new every day.

  11. Kitty – this is truly a beautiful article and the pictures and videos are amazing – so calming watching the animals and hearing the nature sounds. Thank you.

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