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Most of these comments were at or near the end of a post.  I didn’t want you to miss them.  They are worth repeating.  What a Crew!  I love you guys! ~ Marie

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From “Gina ~ Bewitched by the Boys and a ‘Ghost Village’”

  prese pasco  (@benprese1607) October 26, 2015 at 10:28 am

I love that plan Gina. I’m in. I am like all of you in regards to our boys. I think I have said it here before, that my day starts around 4-5 am. The night before, both iPads are charged for my morning ritual. Get my first cup of Java, my two recharged iPads, get bewitchedback into my bed, ear pods connected to the first iPad and begin searching for news of our guys. I have two iPads ’cause after a few hours, the first one needs recharging but I have a spare waiting so I don’t have to wait. I go to my gmail for the “Flight CREW”. Then to ” Twitter”, “Tumbler” “Facebook” and last but not least, “You Tube”. I have a playlist of so many of ” IL VOLO’S ” songs and videos which keeps me entertained for hours.
My family, well, they just smile and tolerate me when I start babbling about our wonderful guys. They do love their songs but they think I’m a FANATIC. Isn’t that what FAN means?. Silly people. They just don’t understand us. Never mind. My one world is filled with music by three beautiful Italians and the other world is my reality world. My children just tell me to enjoy the boys and have a great time. “You’ll see them soon enough in LAS VEGAS”.

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Also from “Bewitched…”

   Lynn Keough October 25, 2015 at 10:02 am

Gina! Great idea! But why don’t we fund raise, buy one of those small, abandoned VILLAGES! We could restore it for Il Volo as a bolt hole! The more famous they get the more they will need a sanctuary from the craziness. Anonymity guaranteed! A tennis court for Piero. Beach access for Gianluca. And a place for Ignazio’s horses. Their family and friends could come to stay. And guess who would be running the operation?!! The Flight Crew, of course! What better way to spend time with The Guys! All to ourselves! A recording studio? All the amenities. They would never leave except to go on tour! What do you think, Crew?!! What a dream!!

Lynn, we’re waiting for you to find that village! ~M

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Same Post:

  anncruise October 25, 2015 at 12:15 pm 

On one trip to Italy, we went to my friend’s uncle’s home in a hilltop in Abruzzo. The roads were winding and as we went further up, we passed a beautiful wine store I called ‘The Secret of Vittorio” and we could see Switzerland from there! When we finally got there, the town was only about 3 blocks long and all the young people were moving to the city. As we sat and ate our dinner at the table, a song was playing on the radio called “La Prima Cosa Bella.” It was a beautiful song and one very old lady was sitting there crying. She had only left the town once to go to Rome. It was unforgetable. My friend’s uncle had greeting us wearing a suit! That year Italy was on strike and we had to hire a taxi to take us anywhere in the country. I don’t know if that town is still there.

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commented on “Columbus Day Parade” 

cols day paradeIt just so happened that I was flying from Florida to NY to visit with my kids for the Columbus Day Weekend and low and behold I find out that Il Volo will be in the parade !! Was that luck or what !!!
My kids were good sports and went with me even though I knew they would be bored to death. We met up with Madeline Vitella (we had not been together since our trip to Italy !! ) and her daughter and we all sat in the 3rd row in the Grandstand at 68th Street. The boys performed between 68th and 69th Streets. Madeline had gotten there early and was able to see the boys do their sound checks which was very exciting for her !! We got there about 11:15. In a very short time the guys who were leading off the parade right behind the motorcycles and mounted police were approaching us and we were ready for them !! Madeline had an Il Volo shirt on ( mine unfortunately was at home !!) and we held up an Il Volo scarf that she had gotten at a M&G !!! We were holding up the scarf and yelling GIANLUCA on the top of our lungs !!! He looked up from his phone and a big smile lite up his gorgeous face !!! He recognized us and pointed,waved and blew kisses to us and even as they were passing us by he kept looking behind him and continued to blow kisses our way !!! Absolutely Adorable !!! Piero also saw us and gave us a big smile and a wave !! Unfortunately Ignazio was looking in another direction. We could see them on the stage but we couldn’t hear them sing very well as there’s was lots of noise and music from the parade. Delilah was a little bit louder then Grande Amore but we had to leave before Volare which I heard was the loudest. All in all it was a fantastic day and very exciting to be able to eyeball our precious ones and a thrill that Gianluca recognized and acknowledged us !! There are photos we took on FB or our timelines (mine is Joan Brenin). I don’t know how to post them here !!! I’m sorry that this post got so wordy but I really wanted to share our special day with my Flight Crew family 💕💕

Thanks for sharing this Joanie! ~M

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From our “Welcome to The Flight Crew”

a welcome  lauren October 27, 2015 at 11:56 am
Hello Crew!.. I commented once before but I am not sure what happened, I think the comment got lost somewhere ..haha
Anyways, I stumbled upon this site and I LOVE it!

I am 22 years old. I find it really hard to relate to people my age around here where I live..because they listen to other types of music and most of them don’t know who Il Volo is. :((
Anyways, just wanted to pass by and leave a comment!

Welcome Lauren! ~M

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From “Bits and Pieces of Italian Living ~ Ann”

bits Lydka October 24, 2015 at 4:40 am
Laten corazones Il volo sorprendió a Francesca

How could you NOT love this young man? ~M

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I suppose these two are going to whine for the next five months! ~M

From “Tanti Auguri, Ignazio!OCTOBER 16, 2015 BY JANA”tanti
   Lynn Keough October 16, 2015 at 9:19 pm
Noooooooo!! I’m not going to Vegas!! And I’m soooo upset!! I would love to be there as much to go to the dinner and meet everybody as to see I’ll Volo! I’ll head up the “Left Behind ” committee! And I’ll see IV in Albany. Probably eat dinner BY MYSELF!!
And remember my Bail Fund is available for Vegas in case anybody manages to run amok out there!! Myron will be in charge of it!!

 piratesorka October 16, 2015 at 10:11 pm Edit

Lynn, I’m not going to Vegas either….so we are in the same rotten stinky boat. We won’t be there to meet all our fellow Flight Crew folks nor will we be able to stop Marie from doing something sneaky like kidnapping Mr.Dimples. But ….we can valiantly share our pain together you and I and a bottle of rum.

s I love Il Volo small

Many of us saw this one. It’s worth re-reading. So I’ll end with it. ~M

An answer to “OF BABIES AND FATHERS…….Mary Bohling”

October 13, 2015 at 4:56 pm


 A very poignant perspective you have prepared and presented. OK, enough ‘P’ words offor the moment. I shared once before in a thread on this site, that the great love and affection these young men openly demonstrate for each other is a beautiful testament to their families of origin. They were brought up to embrace their emotional core and to not be ashamed to express it at will, in whatever circumstance or environment that develops. Not that this type of behavior can be completely learned, it has to also be endogenous to the individual. Nature and Nurture, if you will. They’ve got some mighty good “genes”, too.

My preamble was to make this observation about “the boys” as it pertains to your article, Mary. Family and Fatherhood,…for The Flight,….in the Future, lol. Let’em be young musical pioneers first, before becoming young musical parents!!! No doubt these young men impress us with their skill sets around babies, kids, young people, mature people, fans, the media, bus-drivers, and everyone else that happens upon them. Have we ever witnessed them not being genteel, kind, and thoughtful of those around them,……?

My point is this Mary, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in that delivery room waiting area when one of these three young men is about to become a father??? Don’t you know for everyone else there in that waiting area who is not part of the Barone, Boschetto, and Ginoble families,…it will be hard to determine just which of the three guys standing there is actually the “daddy-to-be”!!! These boys are so close to one another, and frankly always will be, that the excitement and joy of pending parenthood will be unequivocally shared by all three no matter which one is the actual “father-in-waiting”.

All three of them will attend the births of each others children, will be part of each others weddings, will vie with each other for Godfather status, lol, and will be the best Uncles each others kids could ever want. Il Volo are not just three young men that perform together, they are family in every sense of what that word implies. In all of life’s great events they will be there in heart, body and faith,…one for another. These boys are bound together by a love for each other that I’ve never witnessed before in the entertainment industry. You can see it in their eyes when they look at one another, and you can feel it in your soul when they embrace each other as brothers on and off the stage. I love these boys for being authentic and genuine.

I have been taught to cherish and honor my friends differently since Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero came into my heart.

Godspeed, Il Volo

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  1. This was such a smart idea for a post. There have indeed been some “last remarks” that I have missed…then of course , it warms my little pirate heart that I got to be one of those with the “last word” too! I can tell Lynn K is going to be a great partner in crime should we ever meet.

    1. Pirate! Who says we have to meet to be partners in crime?!! Why heck, if we get on a roll we can terrorize this whole blog on a regular basis!! Just to get even with those who are going to Vegas and LEAVING US BEHIND!!! Whine! Whine!
      But, being the soul of generosity that I am, I”ll still leave the BAIL FUND available for Vegas!! You and I will stay behind and drink rum and pull the feathers out of the parrot! (Just kidding!)
      Marie! Thanks for the repost on some of this goofy stuff!!

      1. I couldn’t resist. Besides being terrorist whiners you two are the Flight Crew Comedy Duo and so Goofy!

        Lynn, leave the parrot alone!

  2. Wonderful posts ladies!!! It is my prayer that I will be here for many more years to follow our fantastic trio!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero have shared not only their amazing music, they have invited us into their families & given us a desire to experience the grandeur of their beloved Italia!!! My life has been enriched & expanded by knowing these young men!!! I thank them for all the joy & happiness they have given me!!! Grande Amore a Tutti.

  3. Hey Crew! Kitty emailed this to me. She said, ” I don’t know if valid, or enticement you can somehow affect those you contact”
    “””WARNING””” Tell all contacts on your list not to accept a video called the “Dancing of the Pope”. BEWARE”, it is very dangerous. It is a virus that formats your mobile. They announced it today on the radio. Fwd this msg to as many as you can.

    Oddly enough I received another email this morning from another Crew member who said she received a bogus phone call from someone stating they were from the IRS and tried to scare her by saying they were filing charges against her. She reported it to her local sheriff who was aware of the scam.

    Boy! You have to be so aware these days!

  4. Such fun to share ideas with the “Crew” who understand how I feel but I am adding this little clip I found for those that think I am “CRAZY”.
    TOLERANCE: The most precious quality any one can posses is tolerance. It is the vision that enables one to see things from another viewpoint. It is the generosity that concedes to others the right to their own opinion and their own peculiarities. It is the bigness that enables us to let people be happy in their own way instead of our way.
    Thanks for your post.

    1. Gina! Who in the world would think you were crazy?! I think you’re a real sweetheart and your posts are always interesting and fun. And your enthusiasm for Il Volo is a harmless indulgence. Perchance, they are jealous of the time and love you put into the Guys?
      Make no mistake, the energy and love sent by this Crew to Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero provides an enormous amount of support and comfort as it travels across time and space to them! I am a believer in many of the mystical and intangible theories of the universe. Group energy makes “miracles!”

      1. Lynn being called CRAZY is not an insulting word when it applies to me because I go ahead and do what i want. My husband and children attribute this to being a stubborn ‘foreigner’ even though I have been here for 65 years. I do have some good friends that might roll their eyes but are coming with me to the concert.
        I needed to refresh myself on what TOLERENCE meant.

    1. I voted but never knew what the rules are and how often we can vote.
      So close and if we had a little ‘surge’ we might catch up.

      1. Currently :- D :
        Grande Amore” by Il Volo (Italy) 50.23%
        Heroes” by Måns Zelmerlöw (Sweden) 48.35%

  5. lovely to read these comments (some for the second time but all for beauty). thanks for putting them together.

  6. There just aren’t enough adjectives to describe Il Volo! They certainly are beyond compare in singing, compassion, love of family, etc. they are certainly role models for young people and us oldsters are lifted up by them! I feel as though God brought them together to bring joy and love to us, and they certainly have!! Our lives have been changed for the better by three boys who have become amazing young men!
    My husband and I will be in Vegas and are looking forward to meeting other Ilvololers!

  7. We are losing ground again in the Best Song race. And even second place in the Best Group has moved up, but I think It’s too late for them to catch up. But you never know. So let’s get cracking – er – voting!!

  8. I am not having any luck voting 10 times I can only vote once & that is a struggle. Its up to 49% & I have to keep getting out of the page & then get back in before I can vote again. So is this fixed or a scam?

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