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sleep 1

What is Piero dreaming about as he tries to catch a little shut-eye in between countries and concerts?


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1sleep 1

Maybe he’s remembering the great reception they had at  the last concert–standing ovations, cheers from the crowd….the feeling he gets when he knows that they have given the people a night of music that has not  only been entertaining, but also given them a new appreciation for the kind of music that only Il Volo brings to the stage.

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1sleep 2

He could be dreaming of taking his new car out for a spin…If he is, he is no doubt going too fast, speeding along the Sicilian countryside.  Maybe Ignazio is with him.  What mischief would they be up to in his dream?  They love to dance.  Perhaps a stop at the closest disco… probably dancing the night away.

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1sleep 5

He might be dreaming that his suitcase got lost again…thinking, “I’m never letting this out of my sight again…and I’m holding on tight to my phone… I couldn’t get along for a day without it.”


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1sleep 6

Dreaming about singing Tosca with the Milan Opera Company is a real possibility.  This dream is very close to his heart, and in his dream he is performing magnificently, bringing down the house with thundering applause and “Bravos.”  He would take several bows and touch his heart to show his gratitude, and,of course, throwing a few kisses.


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1sleep 7
Maybe he’s dreaming of going to the workout room at the next hotel stop.  Ignazio will probably be there, too.  They both take good care of themselves by exercising at every opportunity–not easy when they are on the road, but since it’s so important to them, they take advantage of using the equipment whenever it’s available.

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1sleep 10

Perhaps he is dreaming of a rousing soccer game, and how neat he looks in that uniform.

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1sleep 8He might be dreaming of a big dinner with all of the family there–grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins.  And there would be all of his favorite foods.  There would be lots of laughing and everyone talking all at once, and the warm loving atmosphere that always accompanies their family get togethers.

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1sleep 9

Of course he could be dreaming of a beautiful woman. Since he is a
young virile Italian man, who is greeted by adoring women wherever he
goes, this seems quite likely. Dream on, Piero. Here’s hoping that
your dream has a lovely, happy ending, and that you wake up refreshed
and ready to face another busy and productive day, doing what you
love to do–bring bel canto to the world.

FLIGHT CREW: What do YOU think Piero is dreaming about ?


22 thoughts on “Sleep ~ Personally Speaking ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. All lovely pictures Mary, but did you see “the guns” on those guys in the weight room? Pretty Piero! Very Pretty!

    I wish he was thinking about you or me Mary, but he’s probably dreaming about little sis.

  2. Lovely, Mary!! Perhaps our wonderful Piero is dreaming of a short vacation at the beach!! Just a bit of down time to swim, boat, & play beach sports!!

  3. He is also maybe thinking about members of his family, surely they are missing him , when he is travelling for long time all around the world.. And : Buon compleanno signor Gaetano Barone ! 🙂 Surely is proud of his successful and nice son, who dedicated him beautiful words on his birthday. 🙂

      1. The Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world at the time of its production.The Fiat 500, commonly known as “Topolino”, is an Italian automobile model manufactured by Fiat from 1936 to 1955.The name “Topolino” translates literally as “little mouse” in Italian, but is also the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. Are you also thinking about this? 🙂

  4. Piero is what you want your son or grandchild to be. Steady, responsible and so nice. I know Piero in his dreams is making plans on how to contain Ignazio and Gianluca and how to make sure everything goes as planned on their specific event. I believe his little silver suitcase is full of papers relating to IL VOLO.

  5. Piero is dreaming of the day he makes his debut in an opera house, perhaps in Milan, singing the lead in Tosca. Mary, I loved your article. Those red glasses ARE Piero. Happy Birthday to Gaetano Barone, and , of course, to Mickey Mouse.

  6. It is so obvious. Piero is thinking of our Cupcake (Emilia Tomaszycki)!!! After that beautiful dance together in Detroit, he will never forget her! Pictures do not lie and he was smitten. Emilia is so sweet, so responsible, so beautiful, and full of love. Piero, what are you waiting for?? Detroit is coming up! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could have a second dance (on stage and singing Eternally)?? Piero, I know you read this blog. We are ALL waiting . . . .

  7. Oh I am absolutely positive he is dreaming about all the fun and adventure he has on my pirate ship the Dragonmist. He looks very jaunty in red pants and dazzling white shirt open to his navel ( what a chest!) and I know Igor our parrot is quite happy trying to amuse Piero singing Grande Amore as only a pirate parrot can. I’m sure I saw Lynn K disappear below deck with a very dashing Ignazio ….Oh yes, and I think we have Marie walking the plank!

    1. Yeah? And before I walk off I’ll sling Igor at Lynn’s head!

      Yes…I too think it’s odd that you’re killing me, yet it’s Lynn’s head I want…humm.

      1. Marie!! I think Pirate’s forgotten the ship is still in dry dock!! Walk the plank! There’s a great buccaneer pub just in sight! A round of rum for all!
        No parrot slinging ! He does this boomerang thing and he’ll get You in the head!!

    2. PIRATE!! We’re all trying to flee that miserable, squawking parrot!!! Marie is not walking off the plank! She’s running!! Why oh why did you teach that parrot to sing???!!! Poor Piero! Poor Grande Amore!

      1. WordPress is having fun with your comments today, Lynn. I think I fixed them.

        But Lynn…don’t you think “Parrot Slinging” could become a new sport? We’ll start with that squawking Igor!

  8. Thanks for this. Loved it because Piero is such a gem. I wish he was dreaming about me. But I think he is dreaming about the young lovelies that chase him everywhere he goes. Oh to be young again instead of a “grandma groupie”.

    1. I belief that ll Volo Flight Crew is focusing on Ignazio and Piero from all of the comments I have seen posted. This has really disappointed me. While Gianluca may not be as outgoing as Ignazio and Piero and have the powerful voices of Piero and Ignazio, his beautiful baritone voice blended with their voices, makes them who they are. Don’t underestimate Gianluca, with his matinée beauty, his love of the American crooners, he will always have a successful career.

      1. Oh Jeanne! You have not been following our posts! I posted this one of Piero because I’ve been posting so many articles about Gianluca that I was afraid someone would nail me.

        This makes me chuckle. I get emails all the time about neglecting one of the Guys. We certainly all have our favorites, but let’s face it…they are all Grande Amore!!

      2. Marie, I have kept up on your posts. I don’t know how anyone could complain of your lack of posts of Ignazio and Piero.

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