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It’s doubtful that anyone would question the dedication that the men of Il Volo have to their craft. They have told us that music is their life, and that they aren’t in it for the money or the fame, but rather to bring the bel canto music, which is so close to their hearts, to the world. That, coming from some of the singers of today, would be questionable, but knowing the integrity of these young men, it is totally believable.

At the beginning Michele Torpedine, who was in on the discovery of the amazing talent of these three boys, said, “They are three very willing individuals who work really hard. They are willing to face any type of sacrifice, because they want to make it.”

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It’s not only amazing that Mr. Torpedine could recognize the boy’s intense drive to fulfill their mission, but also that they set that ambitious goal for themselves at that time in their lives. They seem to have known from very early ages that their destinies were tied to being what they called “singers”– a term that seems too simplistic for what they have achieved.

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Gianluca might well have been speaking for all of them when he said recently, “Singing is my life…my vocation. It is one thing to want to do it, and another thing is because it is my destiny.”

These guys are serious about their craft. They aren’t satisfied to coast along with what they have achieved so far. Knowing that although their voices had begun to mature when they were very young, it was clear to them that it was necessary to continue working with their voice coach to develop their full potential as their voices continued to mature. It would have been so easy to think, “I’m good enough,” or “I’m too busy with my hectic schedule,” or “The fans love me, why should I keep on studying.” Not these guys. They aren’t satisfied with anything less than the best they can be.

There have been sacrifices to be sure! They gave up the kind of “growing up” experiences that most teenage boys have, not only to put in long days of practice and rehearsal, but also to leave their families for long periods of time to travel all over the world. Piero said that they seemed to “live on airplanes.”

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Gianluca describes this lifestyle, “Musicians and singers are undoubtedly among the most strong, persistent, and courageous on the face of the earth. Every day they deal with the financial challenge to live a life freelance. With every note they expose themselves, emotionally and physically, risking criticism and reviews. Musicians and singers are willing to give their whole life to a single moment, to the melody, in that sentence that will touch the soul of the public. At that moment they are closer to God and perfection, and in t heir hearts they know that to them that moment is worth more than a thousand lifetimes.”

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While humble about the recognition they have received, and the adoration of their fans, they are devoted to bringing a sense of pride to their craft. They respect the responsibility of being representatives of quality in music. They show this in the way they present themselves to the public.  They are always ready and willing to participate in charitable activities and community events.

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Each has been honored by his hometown, being named “ambassadors to the world,” representing their communities and recognized for their excellence in music at the international level and expressing through music the love of their homeland.

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Piero sums it up this way: “I think a life spending for the music is a life spent in beauty, and that is what I have dedicated my life. We’ve been so lucky because first of all we have the voice, thanks to God, because it is a gift from God. And then because we have beautiful families, and because we are doing what we love. It’s hard, what we are doing, really hard, because we travel all over the world, but we’re doing this with love.”

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Ignazio adds: “We are still not realize what happened, and maybe we gotta say thanks to all the people who are working with us, because we are living like a dream.”

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Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca……
That dream IS real,
You’re living it with gusto and finesse.
And we have watched you fondly,
So proud of your success.
You’ve let us go along with you
On that grand and glorious ride.
And all along the way it’s been

 ~ IV Mary


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  1. Oh thank you Mary! That was wonderful! I have turned into a worrier when it comes to our Boys. Reading their quotes reminds me that they understand the time and struggle it takes to be what they have become. They work so hard and they receive many rewards….Including “our Pride”.

    Oh and that little poem at the end, Mary…perfect!

  2. Thank you, Mary! We all love them like family because they ARE our family! We worry about them, are amazed by them, and pray for them!
    Thank you, God, for giving us Il Volo!

  3. Mary both of your postings are beautiful and it reminds us to appreciate the boys, Barbara and the boys’ families.
    You are so talented how about an article ABOUT THE IL VOLO BAND AND THEIR MEMBERS. I would love to know more about each band member. They are such a big part of the IL VOLO family.

  4. They keep saying that your brain cells keep dying with each waking day so that is my excuse.
    Both Jana and Mary have a lovely way in expressing all of our own thoughts.
    So my challenge is to either Jana or Mary to do an article on the “boys in the band”.

    1. Great idea, Gina….not quite sure where to start with information, but I will give it some thought. Thanks for commenting. The feed back from readers is so appreciated.

    2. That’s so sweet of you to say, Gina! Unfortunately, I’m a bit busy right now with other things and leaving town on Dec 18 to Florida to see my mom!

  5. Mary! This is one of your best posts ever!! I think it’d absolutely true they are on a”mission” and it is their destiny to bring beautiful music to the world! Thank you for this one!

  6. Bravo Mary, you really summed it up well. I was just thinking about their dedication to their music recently. Many people seek fame for their ego, their talent; whatever it may be, serves that purpose. Others seek fame for the “riches” it entices. Gianluca said it beautifully ” Singing is my life, my vocation” Piero’s statement: “I think a life spending for the music is a life spent in beauty, and that is what I have dedicated my life.” is a powerful statement. I believe the three of them are of one mind when it comes to dedication and devotion to their music and their audiences. We are so fortunate to have them today in the midst of a world filled with fear, hatred and pain. Thank you dear God for creating Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio!

  7. All of you have said my thoughts exactly. These beautiful young men are the Angels from God I have always said they are & I thank God for them every day & also thank God that they know us.

  8. Thank you, Mary, for one of your most beautiful posts yet. Sometimes, we fans tend to forget just how much work and dedication it takes for our boys to bring us their incredible music. I thank God everyday for bringing Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio into my life four or five years ago. They have brought so much love and laughter, not to mention beautiful voices, into my life.

  9. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Thanks, for reminding us what it takes for us to have this joy ( IlVolo) in our lives!!♡♡♡

  10. Today I shall be brief. Everything that is written is true.ll Volo is a group of big talent.Their voices are truly a gift from God,their marvelous voices are so full of emotions and they are forever humble of their success across the globe. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are so kind to their fans,are the sweetest, most dedicated, and down to earth people , working harder than anyone else. They are the people that make each song in the way that you feel a special magic, and make you see that all dreams may come true, but Il Volo is more than three voices, they are a one soul. Their operatic pop style is so refreshing. Simply three young Italian gentlemen with powerful voice, multitalented musicians and singers,with funny and wonderful personalities. Thank you, Il Volo, for making me smile everyday and fly with your music. 🙂 ☼ ♫ <3 ♫ ♪ ♪

  11. This is a thank you to Lydka..I was reading items from past offerings and came across Lydka’s post about the Il Volo English translation site…well, Christmas has come early for me this year!!! How many times I wish I knew what people were saying and now I have a whole new world to explore…kept hoping I would learn to speak Italian just by listening to the same posts over and over…doesn’t work! This site is just wonderfukl, thanks again!!

    1. Nancy Sexton! You can also find their videos on Vimeo
      Il Volo PT-ENG videos.The address is:

      videos. Enjoy!

  12. Thank you for this thoughtful post. We all know how hard Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca work to give us their beautiful music and all the traveling they do to bring their music to the world and their many fans, but I sometimes don’t think of all the sacrifices they and their families have made. They were so young and yet so dedicated to learning and doing whatever was needed to be the best they could be. I still marvel that three young men who in someways are so different, yet are so similar in their goals and desire to bring their music to as many people as possible. They are so comfortable with everyone they meet whether they are being interviewed or meeting fans and are so kind to young and old alike.They are truly a gift from God!

  13. Oh Mary, how lovely to wake up and read your beautiful post about our guys. I wish I could write like you and Marie and Jane and so many of our other ladies. I could not agree with you more. IL VOLO has been a part of my everyday life for at least 3 years now. They give me joy, peace, and most of all, PRIDE of being part of their journey and to see them succeed in conquering the hearts of all who they encounter. It has been a very hard life for these young men to get to where they are, but a very fulfilling one for they do it with LOVE. It was an honor to have met these incredible people. I’m so happy to live long enough to see and hear music, real music, that touches the soul and leaves the listener clamouring for more. Thank you ladies for your wonderful post.

  14. This is such a unique site, where our talented fellow Il Volo admirers write the most beautiful and precious articles about these amazing and oh so very special three young men. So true Mary – Their Dedication and our Pride! Such a lovely poem!
    I am looking forward to hopefully, meet most of you at some of the concerts in March next year.
    Ps. Thank you Marie/Mary for including that wonderful photo of my Gianluca!!!!! Wow, he is such a handsome/good looking guy!!!!

  15. I refer to Il Volo as “Beings of Light”…people put here on earth to do exactly what Our Guys do…bring light, love, healing, laughter, and beautiful music to a place that sorely needs these things. They are “old souls” (I believe in reincarnation) and have been here before, which is why they are so “natural” in what they do at such young human ages. Like all of you, my life has been so enriched because of Il Volo…they are truly special, and I’m so glad they’re here! Wonderful post…thank you! <3

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