More Sunday Funnies

This first one is more brilliant and amazing than just funny!
From Gina…

The French restaurant, Le Petit Chef, came up with an original way to entertain guests while waiting for their orders.  By using a projector on the ceiling and animation on the table, there appears to be a small chef who prepares a meal on your plate.  It makes a good laugh. A great way to cheer up.

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Jane liked this one.  Maybe it looked like her Thanksgiving Feast…

sunday 9

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Some Italian phrases we really do need to know!

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From Ann and the NIAF…

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Ann says, “Amen”…

sunday 8

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sunday 2
divider smallFrom Gina…


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sunday 3

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sunday 4

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sunday 5Finito


16 thoughts on “More Sunday Funnies”

  1. Last night my family had our late Thanksgiving and while I worked to get them all settled and eating I played the boys Christmas CD while my family acted like Italians at a gathering. Everyone was talking louder and faster to get their point across. Also reminded me of the movie ‘The Greek Wedding”. So actually we all are more alike then not.
    Thanks for the posting. Each one always brings back some memory. That is why I am grateful to have found this site.

  2. The closest I ever got to being Italian was when I belonged to an Italian parish. Oh that was wonderful. One of my most favorite movies is “Moonstruck”. Happiest vacation I ever took was two weeks touring Italy and I went by myself but never felt alone. Now my happiest time is when I am listening or watching or WHATEVER with IL VOLO.

  3. Yes he does talk with his hands, love it, love him, love Italy. Thanks you for a very entertaining post

  4. A really charming collection of funnies! I had an almost uncontrollable urge to grab that fork and flip the little guy onto that huge table full of food! SPLAT! Right in the middle of the plate of salami! Heh! Heh!

  5. The chef thing was fascinating, so cute.
    I just saw a commercial for a Frank Sinatra 100th Birthday Concert that will be on CBS next Sunday, 12/6 at 9/8 central. Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga will be on, among others, and I’m hoping Il Volo may be on there, too. They were not announced, but I’m hoping.
    I read they will be on several shows in the US and this may be one of them.

  6. Hi everyone,
    A couple of weeks ago there were a couple of comment’s about the sound quality on the
    Live from Pompeii DVD. I just received mine, and
    did’nt have a problem with the sound quality, but
    for some reason when it get’s to the song Ricordami,the picture and the sound break up!
    There is nothing wrong with my DVD player.
    Has anyone else had the same problem?
    I guess I’ll have to send it back to Amazon to get an

  7. Yay, finally Il Volo is going to be on my PBS station, Monday
    night November 30 at 8:00 pm channel 13 in Oklahoma.
    Il Volo, Live in Pompeii.
    I can’t wait.

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