Time to take “Buon Natale” back out to the car!

Well, it’s Monday.  Family went home.  Freezer is filled with turkey they didn’t take. Tomorrow is December 1st which means there’s only 25 days left to get those slippers for Uncle Bill, Decorate the house, address the cards, plan for Christmas dinner and try to remember it’s all to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

Having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit?  This’ll work…promise!!!

Told ya!

Need more? Oh, I know you do!

By the way…before you write…I only used the title of this article because I thought it was cute.  I know you all never took “Buon Natalie” out of your car.  You can’t fool this Ilvolover!


31 thoughts on “Time to take “Buon Natale” back out to the car!”

  1. Something old is new again. I did exactly the same thing yesterday, I am sure many who follow Il Volo will do the same, and will appreciate the Christmas songs all over again.
    Thank you guys for my new Christmas tradition .Have a wonderful Christmas at home with your family and friends…..you certainly deserve it !!


    1. Chicago PBS is always on the ball! So is Detroit! My area…not so much. Darn!

      Wait…I own the Buon Natale DVD AND the Pompeii DVD. What am I whining about?

  2. I played the CD during our late Thanksgiving dinner Saturday and my family is so ‘trained’ that they did not say a word. One member even gave me big ‘throw size’
    blanket with IL VOLO pictures. My son wanted to frame it and put it in from of my computer area but I think I want to find someone to do a backing and that way I can keep it ‘close to my heart’. That got some eye rolling.

    1. Eye rolling is my family’s favorite sport! To my face though, with a condescending grin, they all say, “we’re glad you have something that makes you so happy.” So am I!!!

      1. Oh my God Marie, that really describes my family. They do like the boys but as they said “we are not FANATICS like you are”. They are happy for me though that I found something I love to occupy my days. My oldest daughter Angela (53), bought me 2 DVDs and 3 CDs for Christmas 2years ago and said ” Enjoy your boys Mother”. My 22 year old (1 of 7) bought me the special edition of We Are Love. They even listen with me or watch the PBS specials I have recorded and actually make great comments about the guys, how grown up they are and how more powerful their voices have become and one would say “Grandma’s boyfriend, Gianluca, is so handsome”. They’re coming around. I know they are. It was just a matter of time. After all, it was them who gave me the VIP package (concert & M&G) third row seat 2 years ago.

      2. Prese, what great children! I’d keep them if I was you!

        One of my sisters has accompanied me to 2 concerts. She thinks Piero is hot! We were in my car one day (rule is they have to listen to the Boys when I drive) and another sister, Carol bet she could tell which Guy was singing. Oh sure! Well… she was correct every time. I nearly fainted! I didn’t even think she knew their names! I told her that and she gave me that – are you kidding “duck face” Ignazio sometimes uses.

  3. For days now I have been thinking that I should put Buon Natale back in my car and this morning just before going into the kitchen I finally remembered to take it out and do just that !!! Now their beautiful voices will fill my car with Christmas cheer and I will be singing along with them on top of my lungs !!! Marie !!! I must have had EPS that you would post this today !!! It was freaky when I saw this !!!
    I keep looking at the program lineup on PBS but so far no Buon Natale. I’m sure they’ll air it soon. They did last year.

  4. Hi Marie Yeah I started to Buon Natale about two weeks ago Man it sure sounds good but we know everything the boys sing sound good. I on’t see Buon Natale on my PBS scehdule but I am going to cross my fingers and hope they show it agian.

  5. I’ve had the Buon Natale CD out on the kitchen counter for weeks, just love to look at the front cover but will have it in the car today. Ignazio looks so hot on that cover……well always hot, I’m melting!

      1. I know he’s “yours” Marie. No worries I’m taken, but you can’t blame a gal for looking.

  6. ..and when it comes to remembrance… Five years ago Il Volo released first album, which was recorded in 2010 in the Abbey Road Studios in London. Three versions of the album were released at the same time: the Italian, the International and the Spanish. The International and Italian albums contained the same songs, but in the international version were also Painfully Beautiful and This Time; while The Spanish version included all the songs of the Italian album (10 songs) translated into Spanish + song Hasta el Final. A little curiosity: the original cover of the album shows Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in front of a white scenery (I have this album). However, the album has been released also with a picture of boy’s faces on a red background – that is the reason why the album is called Il Rosso, the Red. That cover changes according to the version of the album: the Spanish version is blue, the International is red, the special EP Christmas Favourites is gold.
    Il Volo – Un Amore Cosi’ Grande


    Il Mondo


    O sole mio

  7. Uh Oh! I’m in the corner hanging my head in shame! I do not have Buon Natale!
    It’s Gianluca’s cute friend Marco Cardelli’s birthday!! Buon compleanno Marco!!

    1. Buon Natale: The Christmas Album is the third studio album ,was released October 22, 2013. 3 versions international, italian, Buon Natale Bundle . International version :Ave Maria, O Holy Night,I’ll Be Home for Christmas, Silent Night,Christmas Medley: Jingle Bell Rock/Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!/It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year, White Christmas,Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad” (feat. Belinda),Panis Angelicus,The Christmas Song” (feat. Pia Toscano),Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,Stille Nacht,Notte Stellata (The Swan). Italian Edition contains also “Bianco Natale” and “Astro del Ciel” and Buon Natale Bundle distributed only in the United States, it contains the international version of the album and the EP Merry Christmas: Live Solos & Italian Carol ( contains also Memory from the Broadway Musical Cats – performed by Ignazio Boschetto,Where Do I Begin Love Theme From Love Story – performed by Piero Barone and Maria from West Side Story – performed by Gianluca Ginoble). The album is the unofficial soundtrack to a PBS holiday television special, Il Volo Buon Natale.

  8. LYNN do not feel bad because I do not have all the CD’s and DVD’s that are mentioned since I did not get the ‘sickness’ till later. I was a “peak in” fan for the first few years. I am trying to catch up.
    Am I the only one that wishes that the boys would get to sing something else besides “Grande Amore” on all the shows they have been able to participate. Helene Fischer’s show is a Christmas one and I was hoping the boys could sing
    ‘Ave Maria” or another Christmas song but they were rehearsing “Grand Amore”
    Hope I did not upset someone by criticizing.
    I am now using the decline of brain cells as an excuse.

    1. Gina, I have to say I agree with you! I love Grande Amore, but it is getting a little old hearing it over and over all the time. They must sing it in their sleep! I would love to hear something else as well!

      However, the short clip I heard of them with Helene was pretty awesome. She has a gorgeous voice that reminds me a lot of Barbra Streisand.

  9. I did put Buon Natale in my car a few days ago. I have emailed my local PBS stations asking them to please show Il Volo’s Buon Natale Special. I do have the DVD but I am sure so many people would love to see it again or for the first time. I haven’t heard back from any yet and I made the same request last year and it wasn’t shown. I also love their Christmas Concert from Assisi and will probably watch that many times in the next few weeks. The Church is so beautiful and Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca looked so elegant singing so many Christmas favorites.

  10. Just looked at the local (Dallas-Fort Worth) PBS schedule, and wanted to let you all know they got the right idea – Il Volo – “Live from Pompeii” Wednesday at 8pm. A step in the right direction. Christmas music would be nice this time of year!

  11. Buon Natale is scheduled to play on Detroit PBS on Saturday, Dec 5 at 6:30p I think? Right after is a tribute to Frank Sinatra – Gianluca would be so happy! Lol! 🙂

    I also had the Christmas CD in my car all year, however, I just kept playing the San Remo one over and over until their new one came out! I did bring it into the office to let a few of the girls listen to it. Strongly trying to convert a young girl engineer from Bogota to buy a ticket to the concert in Feb! She, of course, loves the Mas Que Amor cd.


  12. Hi – just looked at Barnes & Noble and there are (3) “new?” not yet released new Il Volo cds? Two are Christmas ones – maybe they are re-releasing them, one with a special edition with a DVD? Then the Live at Pompeii CD is supposed to be released on Dec 4? of course, we miss all the good deals on B&N because they won’t be released for a few days/weeks…no pictures or song lists, either?

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