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A close up of the Coliseum’s Christmas Tree in Rome , Italy


The Italian - Sicilian - American Page's photo.

“No country on earth boasts a more elite counter-force aimed at the illegal trade in artifacts. And nowhere is that illicit trade more sophisticated than in Italy.”

National Geographic digs into the world of art-smuggling, and the “culture commandos” that staunchly defend Italy’s history. 

Are you ready for Sunday dinner? Here’s BuzzFeed‘s list of 27 Signs You Grew Up Eating Food in an Italian American Family 


27 Signs You Grew Up Eating Food In An Italian-American Family

Pasta, olive oil, cheese, espresso, and wine: the five basic food groups.



The Italian - Sicilian - American Page's photo.

It was a hot summer day in New Jersey and an Italian woman, nostalgic for her homeland, tried to make a traditional Sicilian granita with American ingredients. The result: Italian Ice – and the rest is history.

Story via  http://munchies.vice.com/articles/the-best-italian-ice-is-frozen-in-time

The Best Italian Ice Is Frozen in Time

Di Cosmo’s Italian Ice still makes its famed frozen dessert the exact same way it did in 1915. The neighborhood may have changed, but the ice remains the same.

Luxo Italia's photo.


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    Hi Everyone! Guy from Connecticut here (one of the few men on this site?) to share the love of Il Volo – I stumbled upon them by accident a year ago and am now one of their biggest fans. Very few artists in the world have have made such a profound musical impact on my life as this trio from Italia has (maybe Adele, Sinatra, The Beatles?). As some of you have mentioned, many of those around us JUST DON’T GET IT – the quality of the voices, their beautiful songs, their incredible personalities, the message they present to the world, and the fact that they pulled this off with such maturity and professionalism starting as teenagers. Anyway, look forward to reading all your posts and sharing some of mine.


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  2. Hey Crew! If Adele is your girl her show “Adele Live In New York ” is on this Monday night after “The Voice” on NBC.
    Ann! Cute stuff! The article from Net Geo is a good one. Italy has a daunting job trying to preserve and protect it’s cultural treasures. Their law enforcement are more than aware that they are protecting both Italy and the world’s patrimony. And now Italy has another “national treasure” Il Volo!

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