Metamorphosis ~ Mary Bohling

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WEBSTER: Metamorphosis: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one by natural or supernatural means.

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The men of Il Volo are beautiful examples of what metamorphosis can be.  Think about the little kids who were in the ti lascio conzone contest …..Except for their amazing voices, they were just normal boys, experiencing the typical things for boys of their age.  And now think about them as we know them today….young men….so beautiful in appearance and persona that we are in awe at the transformation.

Gianluca expresses their own amazement at this phenomena:  “Sometimes I can’t even acknowledge that  I’ve become a world famous singer.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem real tome, because I still keep  inside–WE still keep that  naivety, that innocence and simplicity of children.”

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Gianluca, the naivety and simplicity that you and your brothers have kept alive through the years of transformation from children to “world-famous singers” is one of the precious things that so endear you to your fans.

Speaking of transformations, it has been amazing to see that you are not only talented musicians, but you also excel at acting.  We have been enjoying a feast of new Il Volo videos, all remarkably different in subject matter, style and character–once again proving the versatility of our guys.  They fit easily into whatever role they are asked to play.

Gianluca was an adorable Spiderman–that  upside down grin, which the girl couldn’t resist  kissing (who could?) was just too cute for words.

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And we can’t forget Ignazio’s sexy nuzzling of the girl’s neck as he caressed her while at the same time keeping his hand on the vase in progress on the potting wheel.

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Piero was a convincing hero as the savior of the woman being compromised in the car.

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54 thoughts on “Metamorphosis ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Thank you Marie, I couldn’t have said it better !! It is amusing to see their early “shows” and to see how they have developed into the handsome and talented guys that they have become, and we know today.

    1. You are welcome, Marion. We are so lucky to have Mary to write such wonderful heartfelt articles about our Boys. Her photo’s this time blew me away. Mary can always make me tear up when she reminds me how fast time has gone and how quickly they have grown and matured.

      Sorry Mary, they will always be “My Boys”.

  2. Oh and Mary…wasn’t I in that last video? I thought I was or I imagined I was. I didn’t need any other romantic entanglements in the video. Them singing to me from that ancient arena was romance enough to last a very long time!

    1. Marie, Imagination….what would we do without it? As Frank Sinatra says in the song…Imagination is funny, it makes a cloudy day sunny; Imagination is crazy….your whole perspective gets crazy; Imagination is silly, you go around willy nilly. You keep right on with your imaginary romance with Ignazio…you’re kind of willy nilly anyway.

  3. What a wonderful article. A few days ago I found the videos of their performances in the original contest. It was so interesting to see them six years ago then watch a current video. Such talent and they have all grown from cute boys into handsome young men. And the talent has just amazed me. I am soooo looking forward to seeing them in Mesa in March.
    Barb W

  4. Well said Mary I know what you mean they were so adorable when they first started and to see them now so handsome their personalities still so caring and wonderful, and their incredible voices so much better with the maturity they now possess. And my Piero in the video for Canone per te at the end the look he gives to the gril and then his saunter into the elevator. Oh Man HOt HOt Hot. Have a great day.Can’t wait for March..

  5. Mary you hit the nail on the head when discribing how sexy Ignazio is. The 3 guys are amazing hands down but Ignazio in my opinion has that extra oomph. No better personalities & the BEST singers in the world

    1. Oh, Loretta, I SO agree with you. Every time I watch the “Grande Amore” scene of Igna and that lucky gal at the pottery wheel, I get goosebumps…he has a natural sexiness about him that makes me CRAZY, I admit it with no shame! And thank you, Mary, for the well-written post…our love for our Guys knows no bounds!

  6. Mary, How beautifully put. I can,t wait for March and experience the emotion that exudes from my boys. Joanie G

  7. Mary, that was beautiful…thanks! And Marie, isn’t there a support group for “Willy Nillies”? Oh, there is ! It’s called “the Flight Crew”!!! I meet with them daily!!♡♡♡

  8. And, if there is anyone here who needs reminding, their Christmas Concert at the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi is still on You Tube. I just watched for the umteenth time, and still get chills! A wonderful gift to us.

  9. Mary, that was a wonderful posting. And I agree with everything you said, except that I find Piero every bit as sexy as Ignazio in those videos. Since you and I “share” Piero, I don’t think you will take offense if I say that. The biggest change that I can see, is Gianluca. From being very shy at the beginning, to being quite the talker when interviewed now, is nothing short of amazing. And, Marie, after all these years, I still think of them as “my boys”, too.

    1. I am having a problem today. I am not understanding much of these comments. “…every bit as sexy as Ignazio” ???? No one, N O O N E is “…every bit as sexy as Ignazio”!!! Must have read it wrong. Am I on drugs or something? or is Allene?

      1. My parrot Ignor never lies, he has seen what is in the freezer, so yes, I’d say Piero is every bit as sexy as Ignazio and THEN SOME!


  10. Last night a friend and I went to a local family owned Italian restaurant. We were chatting and enjoying our salads when I suddenly stopped, tuned into the music being played and blurted out “There’s my boys!” My friend scoffed but soon had to admit I was right , after all, I had given her the IL VOLO Christmas CD last year. I continued to hear them sing off and on throughout my meal and it tasted soo much better hearing Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio sing!
    They have gone from cute boys to wonderfully handsome young men and their voices and music keep getting better too. Fortune smiled on them…and us when IL VOLO came into existence!

  11. Hey Marie you know what that’s why it is so much fun to follow IL Volo because there are three of them we all can have our favorites and still be friends. Have a great day.

    1. True Lynne (lucky). All three are on the top of my list. One just edges the others only slightly. Sometimes when I look at a photo of that Gianluca face that line blurs. Also hard to resist the “grown-up” photo of Piero Mary used in this feature. I cannot choose between voices…they are one.

  12. Marie, you may have to sit on Front Row Suzy’s lap She was pretty fast getting Mary’s walker and scooting up to the front row in Detroit. And I don’t have to be on drugs to know that Piero is very sexy. So there!

  13. Yes Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have changed over the years and have only gotten better. I am still in awe of the first time I saw them which was when PBS aired their concert Il Volo Takes Flight from the Detroit Opera House. I loved their voices and songs but was totally amazed at how comfortable they were on stage performing and also going into the audience singing (all in another language than their own). There seems to be nothing they can’t do well – they sing, play music, dance, act and are kind, loving and thoughtful young men.

  14. Such delightful young men, great voices and love for what they do
    be it singing,cancing, acting or being kind loving thoughtful men
    to an audience or someone less fortunate…..They trully have love
    and heart and project that to their audience no matter what
    country in which they are performing……..That in itself is a
    wonderful God given talent which they share unselfishly..
    I am looking forward to my first live concert in Oklahoma City
    March 20.

  15. I love coming to this site every morning at around 5-6am to read all the funny and adorable banter between all you ladies. I just laugh out loud hoping no one can hear me. I love all three men of IL VOLO but Gianluca has always been my love. He is just so sweet and so sexy. Winner of the Eurovision male model. His BARITONE velvety, sexy, alluring,and so deep or he can make it higher when called for, is enough to drive you CRAZY. His moldering glances and beautiful smile melts my heart.
    Anyway ladies, today I have many things to reflect on. 12/21/05 was when my beloved husband (Ben,) of 44 years passed away and last night my second child Michael (50) was hospitalized awaiting a liver transplant (never drank liquor). He will be transferred to UCSF hospital in San Francisco, where the transplant will be done once a donor is located. It is so painful to watch your child suffer and pray to GOD to transfer his pain to you instead. He kept telling everyone to please get me home because he did not want me to see him suffer. One nurse started crying because she said to me “your son loves you so much that he doesn’t want you to watch him in so much pain”. I told my son that I wasn’t going anywhere until I know that he was comfortable. He finally fell asleep when the pain meds took hold. Today is a new day and I pray for a great day for him. Please keep Michael in your prayers as a favor to me. Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people.

  16. I will keep you and your son Michael in my prayers. God bless and take care of you Prese and your son.

  17. My payers are sent yur way as well Prese. I hope your son can get a donor before the New Year. My grandson came out of the hospital on Sunday so my prayers are always heard. Keep calm & trust in God.

  18. Mary, there is nothing to add to this. Perfect! 🙂

    Prese, I hope your son is having some good days. Prayers and warms thoughts are yours!

  19. I was thinking again of what Mary said about missing the Romanian angle of the last video…she referred to it as the “Frosting on the cake” and as much as I love looking at the guys and am slightly jealous ( okay okay,.. A LOT) of the girls with the guys… I think I have to say I agree with Mary, when they are filmed with girls I get to see them as the true romantics they are… as I would wish them to be should I have ever been lucky enough to be one of those girls.. Oh cowbells, lets face it, we all see ourselves as one of those girls! I know I do!

    Now I am going to toss myself off my plank and cool down. Arrrrr.

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