A Christmas Present to us From Zdena

I would like to send my thanks and greetings Christmas you and all IL VOLO Flight Crew.

I´ve compiled a clip from a photo of your beautiful meetings.  I believe that will remind you of the happy moments in life – and more await you soon / I can only envy/.  I look forward to the pictures and reports of the next meeting.

   Now I have to bake homemade Christmas cookies /for us it´s tradition and bakes a lot of species.

  Sincere greetings,  Zdena.

a zdena

Zdena, Děkuji a veselé Vánoce (Thank you and Merry Christmas) May you be able to include a photo of you at a Meet and Greet with Il Volo soon!

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    1. Thanks,I´m glad if I pleased images.My English is not good,I once had to suspend classes for a long time and now that learning is worse,I apologize to everone.
      Greatly I admire boys who learned during two years much more,than I do in a lifetime /they also had excelent teachers.I love Ignazio + Piero and “THE WORLD”.Always remember haw me my French teacher was triing to teach Franch rrrrrrrr.
      I wish you a Merry Christmas.

  1. Zdenka, video je veľmi pekné a mne sa veľmi páči aj video Vánoce 2015. 🙂
    (video is very nice and I really like also your video Christmas 2015). Krásne si oživila spomienky na stretnutia s chlapcami,ktoré majú mnohé dámy z tejto stránky.(You’re beautiful revived memories of meetings with guys which have many ladies from this website.) 🙂

    1. Translation for Lynn, Zdenka wrote: Thank you, I believe that with boys you’ll also once meet and Piero will again say to you Ciao Lydka.

  2. Zdena, this is a beautiful video!!! The song you chose is perfect. The photo of Linda and Marie brought a tear to my eye for Linda truly is an angel now watching over the guys. Thank you for posting this wonderful Christmas message!

      1. Thank you, Zdena, for this lovely tribute to Linda!

        She is a powerful memory in our hearts and now from beyond the veil.

        Loving grace,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. Ohhh that was soo sweet! I was so surprised and touched to see my photo with the guys, and that lovely photo of Elaine, Jeanine and myself. The entire video was a lovely piece. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Connie,
      this photo = Jeanine + Alaine + Connie I recognized as one of the first fans Ill Volo.I like your humor and funny comments.Please give your parrot also salute.

    2. Hi, pirate, indeed it’s nice to see this photo again! Thanks Zdena for such a wonderful surprise, I love your video! Grazie, 謝謝👍❤️🎄🎄🎄

      1. Elaine!, where have you been!?! I have missed you my friend! I hope all is well with you. Big hugs!

      2. Awww sweet, Zdena!
        Love your use of Angel!!

        Compadres, wonderful memories!

        And, Pirate, I do believe your parrot is one of our more famous members of the Flight Crew! 😉

        Time for an IL VOLO home video concert, Connie! Give me a call, and let’s make it happen! Thought of you all day (but taking it easy as my body recovers from the dislocated rib thing.)

        Miles of smiles,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      3. Hi Elaine I wish you a happy New Year for your vhole family and a lot of pleasure from your beautiful girls.
        Photo Elaine + Gianluca is very nice !

      1. Thank you very much Jana,I look forward to another nice photos of future meetings and have a successful New Year !

    1. To je krása,tři kouzelní chlapci,nádherné hlasy – co si přát víc?Děkuji z celého srdce ♥ ♥ ♥

      1. Translation :
        That is beauty , three magical boys, beautiful voices – what more could you ask for? Thank you with all my heart.
        My answer : I am glad, that you like it. 🙂 ( Som rada, že sa ti to páči.)

    2. Lydka, It my have been for Zdena, but you made a whole lot of IL VOLOvers happy, me for one!

      I love this song!

      So many great new songs to rock out to! (dance, that is! 😉

      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. Zdena, I have seen your native language, thanks mainly to Lydka. It is VERY different from English. I am amazed that you can express yourself in English so well.

    Now for what is probably a stupid question. Do you speak English also? If so, do many others in your Country?

    Lydka, same question.

    Thank you once again for the beautiful video, Zdena!

    1. Marie,
      in my country,learning of English is compulsory from primary school.
      Next year I will write something about Slovakia, our history…..I am pleased that you are interested in my country. 🙂

      1. Sure we are interested in your country. Il Volo has made my neighborhood much larger and I need to know about it and my new neighbors. You are the first person I have ever “met” from your part of the world. We will be waiting for your stories.

  5. Zdena thank you so much for the beautiful memories !! It was so much fun seeing myself in a couple of photos and reliving those magical fleeting moments with Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero !!! Soon they will be back in the USA and there will be many new photos with very happy faces to post !!!
    Wishing you a very Happy Holiday and New Year !!

  6. Joanie! Zdena lives in the Czech Republic and Lydka is in Slovakia!
    Late in the 1990’s they became separate countries. It used to be Czechoslovakia! I had to research it when I started talking to Lydka. Geographically challenged, I am! Both are beautiful and ancient countries. If we want we could ask Zdenka and Lydka for history lessons seeing they are both frequent contributors. Lydka has been a great tour guide around her country for me! And of course we have Il Volo in common! I might surprise her one day and show up on her doorstep!

      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzVAMCLYbY0
        Joanie thank you for your kind words and interest in our country.The country where I live is also called “The Heart of Europe”.The capitol city is Prague and there are many historical buildings and monuments like in Italy.Italian architects built some temples here.I´m sending you a small picture Prague how it looks.

    1. Being equally geographically challenged…I have also been studying both countries. Quite a history lesson. From a Democratic Republic to a Communist State and back to a Democratic Republic. Beautiful and what we might call an “Old World Country”.

      Music and friends are only part of the lessons of joy Il Volo has given me.

      1. Ain’t that the truth! Il Volo just keeps me on a wonderful adventure in this time of my life ….the TIME of my life!

    2. Lynn thank you and greet you from Bohemia.I send a small sample of our monuments protected by UNESCO.It is better than words.

  7. Thank you so much Zdena. That was wonderful. I loved seeing my Flight Crew friends. I hope i will have a photo of me taken with the boys in March in Las vegas. You all look great. Looking forward to meeting some of you . Joanie G

    1. Joanie has been my pleasure to remind you of good times.When you have new photos from your next meeting I´ll make a video at will.
      Yours sincerely Z.

  8. Wow, Zdena! What a treat!
    And I was amazed to see all those memories (back to my first concert in 2012, 2 days before Ignazio’s BD and the day before they flew to connect with Barbra Streisand for the tour with her!)

    Thank you for bringing more smiles to a beautiful day!

    Good to see all of you Flight Crew friends in living color!

    Buon Natale,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I salute you Jeanine,
      I remember his smiling face from the beginning IVFC.Next meeting with the boys will be coming soon….
      Enjoy it !

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