Il Volo Professional ~~ Random Ramblings of Interest

All the professional dealings of Il Volo
All the professional dealings of Il Volo


As you all know, Il Volo is constantly on the move these days, and is consistently leaving this girl in their dust.  Makes it a bit more challenging for sure, but as long as they get enough rest and they are still happy with their lives, I wouldn’t wish anything less for them.

Here are a few random items of interest you might have missed.

~~ Kelly


Loose Ends From the Mexican Promo Tour

Mexico City; Bing Images
Mexico City; Bing Images

It’s getting on the chilly side here in St. Louis.  I definitely don’t mind taking a trip down south to the warmth!  Who’s with me?   😀

Autograph Signing; Amor 95.3 FM ~~ thank you, Lydka!



Performing with Placido Domingo



Il Volo will be performing as guest stars with Maestro Domingo in June.  I, unfortunately, couldn’t get the whole advertisement to save, but it is truly gorgeous!  Head over to his website to check out all the details!

Rocking the Charts 

It’s no surprise to any of us that Our Guys would be able to hold their spot on any given Music Chart.  As of last month, they were hold steady, and Buon Natale is certified Gold!  Thanks for the head’s up, AAIV!

Bing Images
Bing Images

Il Volo Chart Updates as of December 28 ~~ 

All About Il Volo

Buon Natale Gold  ~~  All About Il Volo

And if that’s not enough, they think Grande Amore is their best release yet!

Access Hollywood Interview ~~ thanks, Lydka!

I love all their music, you know that.  But, I think I’d have to agree.  The moment  it started to play, the smile on my face grew bigger and bigger and while not exactly, I felt a little like this scene from the movie, “Bring It On”:

(you might want to watch it on mute so as not to break the Il Volo vibes…)

Way to go, Guys!


Dinner and a Movie?  Or Something Like That….

What? Why are we still sitting her talking?!  I’ll go get our seats and you get the popcorn.  Make sure they put some butter in the middle of the bucket…

Wait…I’ll never be able to fit in my gown for the Red Carpet…nix the butter, please!


A Movie and Maybe The Venice Film Festival ~~  All About Il Volo




~~  Kelly

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  1. Wow isn’t that wonderful that the guys are soaring. And a movie. I hope it is in English. Has anyone heard if their book is coming out in English? I would sure like to be able to have one.

  2. Thank you Kelly and Lydka! This is a great post. Loretta, I would love to know if their book will be coming out in English along with you!

  3. Love the last video sent by Lydka no wonder we love the guys so, They really do care about people. They show it day in and day out. Love the guys.

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