Il Volo Professional ~~ The Tour Begins: Roseto

Hey Everyone!

Il Volo got their January tour in Italy started off right in Roseto last night.  We are definitely in for a treat!

~~ Kelly


A Album - cover photo of Grande Amore EP 2015
A Album – cover photo of Grande Amore EP 2015




Roseto Album ~~ Rock Me Il Volo Facebook



Concerto Roseto degli Abruzzi ~~ Ilvolovers Italy Official



Il Volo – Live @ Roseto Degli Abruzzi (Teramo) ~~Palmieri Cristian Fotografia

(Professional photographer.  Please respect their watermark.  Thank you!)



Thanks, Lydka!!

27 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ The Tour Begins: Roseto”

  1. Thanks Lydka, It was almost as if I were there with them. I never tire of Piero singing that beautiful song. I wont try the spelling. Joanie G

    1. Special guest on concert was 13 years old singer, songwriter who partecipated on Tu si que Vales 2015, Shari Noioso

  2. Fog or not I would have loved to have been there. Thank you Lydka for the wonderful videos of the concert. There were 2 songs I never heard before I wonder if they are going to be on a CD. All you lucky people to have been able to be there. Also the lucky ones who have tickets for the other concerts. Now ssoo looking forward to Buffalo. Thank you Kelly & Ercole for pictures, videos & all information that was wonderful to see.

  3. I ssoo wish they put out a CD of their duets they do together. I ssoo wish we could get a CD of Ignazio singing with Piero. This duet was wonderful just as good as the first one they did together last year. Ignazio’s voice is on a par with Piero’s in my opinion. This concert was fabulous. Thank you all for posting it.

  4. See how great IlVolovers are? For any event, there is lots of great footage coming out in real time and then even more the next day. 🙂 I have seen Il Volo Romania put out a lot on their Facebook page today also.

    I’m even more excited now!

  5. Thank you Kelly then I will find Il Volo Romano also. well I am preparing for Buffalo February 5th so looking forward to that & listening to their new songs.

  6. Kelly and Lydka!
    Great job you two!! Looks like you covered the major parts of the concert. I think the Guys had a great time, especially Gianluca of course, being on home turf!!
    Maestro Basso looked like he was thoroughly enjoying himself, too! He was really ” rocking ” a few of the songs!
    And the band, too! I think they’re becoming as much a part of Il Volo as Il Volo!
    Agree with Loretta! Hope to hear new songs on an upcoming CD!
    Thanks everybody!

  7. Wonderful post, Kelly and Lydka! I especially love it when you see Gianluca acknowledging people in the audience he must know. I can’t imagine the thrill it is for HIM to perform for people he’s known all his life and for THEM to see him do this!! I hope we get a CD with their duets on soon also.

  8. Thank you Kelly and Lydka for all the great videos. It is great to be able to see so much of the concert which I’m sure was wonderful! I really enjoy the duets also and hope that on their US tour they will do My Way, Unchained Melody and Core n’grato. They never disappoint.

    1. I’m with you Margaret! I love Core N’Grato. And I don’t think this new duet with Gianluca and Ignazio can compare with Unchained Melody. And I loved My Way.
      I was hoping they would sing these 3 duets but now that they have new ones I am not so sure.

      1. Well I guess we will just have to wait and see. But since My Way and Unchained Melody are in English, perhaps they will. English, Italian – it’s all great and Core N’Granto is absolutely beautiful and so heartbreaking!

      2. I think it is one of their best–ever! If you go online to youtube you can hear other famous tenors singing it and as far as I am concerned our guys are every bit as good as any of them!

  9. Thanks so much Kelly and Lydka such a great post. Lydka you have amazing “powers” of finding things.
    I just love the duets and I hope they will sing these on the US tour.

  10. Once again our Flight Crew has brought to the Blog the latest happening of Il Volo… Last nights concerts kicks off their world tour and what a first concert it was, with a few new songs for us to enjoy, songs we know and sing along with them as they entertain us beautifully… There is a few technical kinks to be worked out with the lighting and fog and it will be as perfect as our guys are by the time the world tour hits the USA… Thank you Kelly and Lydka for your excellent coverage of last nights wonderful performance, the only way it could have been better is if we were all there in the front row cheering Il Volo on… Not to worry Il Volo, we did just that from our front row seats in front of the computer…

  11. Thanks Kelly and Lydka !! We were given a bird eye view last night of what is going to be a spectacular World Tour for our amazing guys and for all of us too !!! I love that they are incorporating old and new songs into the concerts !! This is going to be a memorable Il Volo year !!

  12. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Lydka and Kelly. I enjoyed every minute of it. Now that Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, I can ANTICIPATE (love your word Mary B) with all my being, the FanFaire and Conert in Vegas in March!

  13. Thank you Lydka and Kelly for letting us hear the concert in Abruzzo.
    I am so looking forward to Il Volo coming to Oklahoma. I too, hope
    they sing their duets as the blend of their lovely voices is thrilling to
    listen to. I really like My Way, Unchained Melody, and Core ‘n grato.
    I also like Eternally, their voices are so perfect for this song, and also
    Life is Beautiful That Way. Il Volo sings from the depth of their heart,
    and put their emotion into each song to help us feel the song. Yes,
    I too think this is going to be a memorable year for America. Thank
    you Il Volo.

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