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Anticipation….a word that speaks of expected pleasure to come…a promise that something good is ahead.  It urges us to think about what we have to look forward to with eager excitement.

Many of us are anticipating a wonderful experience this winter when our special young men will be gracing us with their presence again.


mary anticipation 1.png
There is the anticipation of hearing the soft mellow tones of Gianluca’s velvet voice.  Yes, those velvet tones come through on the CD’s, but are doubly enhanced when accompanied by his impish grin and twinkling eyes when he is seen in person.  He has grown into a real charmer with glances that could melt a glacier.  He’s even become graceful and adept at dance moves—something he found difficult in the early years.
Yes, we anticipate being charmed by our precious Gianluca.
mary anticipation 2
We look forward to Ignazio’s anticipated antics…..his infectious grin and the affection he shows for his brothers.
mary anticipation 3 . 1
We love his playfulness, but we know he isn’t all fun and games.  He has a beautiful, well-trained voice, and he uses it magnificently.  We have seen how much a part of the song he becomes emotionally in “Memories” and “Yo Te Amo.”  Yes, we anticipate being enthralled by our magnificent Ignazio.
mary anticipation 3
We eagerly anticipate Piero‘s appearance right before our eyes on stage with his compelling presence.  And when his meraverglioso voice reaches the heights of his amazing range, soaring with power and breathtaking beauty, we are weak with the thrill of it.  Yes, we anticipate soaring to musical heights with our wonderful Piero.
mary anticipation 4
We anticipate having the time of our lives when confronted by the boys—their stage presence, participation with the audience, and interaction among themselves…the perfect blending of their amazing voices, their enthusiasm for the music, their enjoyment of being on stage and entertaining their fans.
mary anticipation 5
Let’s relish the joy of anticipating this upcoming event whether it’s our first concert or one of several.  In view of the world-wide popularity they have gained and the demands for personal appearances, we feel especially blessed that they are coming back to us–to the place where they started--to those who first realized their potential and loved them from the beginning.

mary anticipation 6

It would be perfect if every one of our Flight Crew were going to be able to attend a concert this year, but sadly, that may not be happening.  I sincerely hope that those who can’t will feel joy in anticipating the arrival of our dear young men back on tour in the USA.  There will be reports and comments and videos for all to see.  Somehow just knowing that they are HERE can make us happy.
So, here’s to ANTICIPATION:  Knowing that something good lies ahead.  Let’s enjoy the waiting time thinking of what a delicious treat we have in store.
mary anticipation 7

29 thoughts on “Personally Speaking – Anticipation ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Oh Mary!!! Can’t wait to see THEM! Can’t wait to see YOU! Can’t wait to see other flight Crew friends! Can’t wait to meet other Flight Crew members!

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! Can’t wait!

  2. Wow Mary whwere did you dig up that word (meravegiloso) from. Now I have to run to my dictionary to find out what it means. Loved your p;ost.

    Marie control yourself. You’ll have a fit before your even get there, be calm like me.

    1. Loretta, good to hear from you….take a deep breath! Time will pass.
      The spelling of “that” word should be meraviglioso, and it means marvelous–right on target , right?

  3. Well that ones word I never heard before. So I am going to have to throw that at my family & have some fun with it because they will be as stumped as I was. Kedep up the good work.

  4. Can’t wait to meet some of you in March. I feel as though I know you already from reading your posts. Can’t wait to see our yummy yummy boys too. Joanie G

      1. Mary, do you realize we will have met 4 times? I’m from Ohio and your from Minnesota. Yet we have never met in Ohio or Minnesota. What have those Boys done to us?

      2. Not to worry, we will have name tags… It is a easy and enjoyable way to meet our Flight Crew Family at the Fan Convention.

  5. In Slovakia 6th of January is public holiday, Feast of the Epiphany.
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    1. Thank you Lydka for always sharing the customs and celebrations in other countries. We actually celebrated the feast of the Epiphany in our Catholic Church last Sunday but I do know that many countries celebrate the feast day of the Three Kings in various ways.

      1. Margaret,
        thanks, I’m glad if that was at least little useful reading for you and if you liked it. 🙂 I think it’s good to always learn something new and maybe also interesting. Sharing customs and traditions is important for improving knowledge about other countries and also we can better understand the mentality of Nations. 🙂
        I wish you nice evening and all good. I send sincere greetings to you. 🙂 L

  6. ANTICIPATION… A great word for what we are all feeling as the days comes closer for each of us who want to see Il Volo in the USA… For those who are going to a concert or two or three, it is anticipation that you will see them and hear them in person… For the rest of the fans, it means seeing videos of them on stage singing your favorite songs, or an interview in English that touches your heart with their humility, sense of humor and charisma… Il Volo will touch each of us in such a special way in the two months that we are blessed to have them here in the USA… I am already getting butterflies in anticipation of the Fan Faire Convention…Myron and I want it to be perfect for all the fans who are coming to our little party… In the words of Gianluca, “We are working very hard for you” so that you will enjoy meeting your Il Volo family and many other tidbits that are planned for your enjoyment… Registration is still open for anyone who wants to attend… Thank you Mary, great post and wonderful pictures… Thank you Marie and Kelly for doing such a great job for all of us who enjoy visiting here each day to see the latest happenings of Il Volo… See you in Las Vegas

      1. Oh I am excited, this is conformation that you will be there… I cannot wait to meet you as well… Its been a long time coming and will be wonderful when we are able to share that first hug…

  7. You have no idea how much I’m ANTICIPATING sees The Guys! I’m so disappointed it will only be for one time, but since they’re not going to be in St. Louis, I can’t travel everywhere. 🙁

  8. Love Mary’s post today well said I know what it feel like to me I get so excited about the coming months I can hardly breath. Can’t wait till March till then everyone enjoy the months to come I bet they are going to be amazing.

  9. Lydka wonderful information on your country & others. I remember the Catholic Church I went to when I was young celebrating the feast of the Epiphany. Don’t remember all of it but I know we had to attend church or else.

  10. Dear Mary, What a way with heartfelt words and emotions you have. We are filled with anticipation just thinking about greeting our ‘boys’ once again in the U.S. I am so happy I decided to attend the Convention in March. It will be so much fun getting acquainted with so many face book friends, who share deep affection for these darling Italian young men. Happy New Year to all who contribute and share so much for the IL Volo Flight Crew web site. Love and hugs…see you soon!! ♥

  11. ANTICIPATION!! My butterflies are getting butterflies! This may be my one and only and I really don’t want to act like a teenage groupy, so those of you who know the ropes, so to speak, please share tips with us! My daughter asked if she could take her camera, for instance….we are going to M & G…..sigh, gasp, laugh, cry!!! My only regret is that I’ll miss that “little party”, Jeannette. …thanks Mary for stoking the fire!!

  12. I wish you could attend as well Dorothy… If good things come your way and you are able to put us on the agenda, please let us know, we always have room for more Flight Crew Family Memebers…

  13. I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas, and are looking forward to another wonderful year gazing at our three handsome, gifted, amazing young men. How they have grown both physically, for sure, but also how they have matured in voice, showmanship, and confidence; yet still maintaining that same humility, emotion, style, and manner, on and off the stage. Like you, I’m getting excited about seeing and meeting them in March. What was a 7 month wait. is now less than 3, and like you, I also spend a lot of time wondering what to say! Am I going to freeze up and say nothing, babble nonsense, or maybe even stand with tears running down my face? Emotion is something they know about, we have seen it from them. Gianluca wears his on his sleeve, and as much as he may try, he doesn’t have the ability to hide it. It’s a beautiful thing to see. Just as they are different in so many ways, I have seen on Ignazio , a tear begin to fall on occasion; but he is quick to catch it, and hope nobody sees. Piero, is the least likely to visibly show his emotion usually turning away; but that doesn’t mean it’s not lurking.

    As I thought about it, I considered the possibility that rehearsing words to say, may not be the best thing for me. They, quite probably, would be the same words they might hear over and over: what’s the saying, “the best laid plans of mice and men…” I wonder, if somehow our smiles, and tears might convey much more honest meanings than practiced words. Tears, are one’s personal feelings being expressed from the heart, your heart, and as such they are unlike anyone else’s tears. When joined together with our own smile, it becomes the truest, most honest reflection of our soul’s graditude, and hence joy, of what they are bringing to us personally. There is no greater gift to give them, than that of our being so greatful for their God given ability to touch our inner spirit with such beauty.

    Of course, this is only my feeling; but if I shed tears, it’s okay. It’s what my inner self has chosen to express, despite what I have planned.

  14. I loved your comment kittykam, it made me shed a tear. I can think of one interesting question to ask each of them,but if we are hurried along I will be like you and smile and cry at the same time.
    The time is going fast, so it won’t be much longer now.

  15. Kitty I am so surprized to read that Ignazio has shed a tear. Where did you see this? Did someone criticize him or ignore him? I can see that happening if that is what happened. I am going to say this now even though some people won’t like it. But I do feel that focus is put on Gianluca & Piero at times especially in interviews & one interviewer did ignore Ignazio completely. Ignazio is sensitive. I saw that when he was dancing with his girl partner when the 3 boys were dancing with those 3 girls. Ignazio’s partner shoved him back & he was surprised because I think she did that unexpectedly. There are a few other things I have seen but I’ll keep that to myself for now. I so hope he doesn’t feel ignored.
    I have thought what to say but I don’t want to sound phoney. I just know I want to give him the biggest hug

  16. Loretta, in my reference to Ignazio quickly wiping away a tear, it’s only been a couple of times, and it was in a particularly emotional moment for all three of them. The one that comes to mind, is when they returned to sing on the talent show where their group was put together. It was right after they won at Sanremo, I believe. That was a tremendously emotional day for everyone there, not only for them. I know I cried, and I cry every time I watch it. Ignazio is a charming prankster, that’s the role he plays within the group. It comes naturally for him. That’s why seeing him vulnerable, even for just one unguarded moment , was so lovely to witness. As I mentioned before, they are all three different from one another, as are we. What easily comes to the surface for one, may not as easily show for the other. That day was special! Anyone who openly supports these three, knows exactly why they do. They are, who they are; and they don’t try to be anything else. That’s why we love them so.

  17. Thank you Kitty I hate to think anyone of them has been hurt be some incensative
    person. When I’m watching a video especially when they have sung a solo I am screaming at the audience to stand up & give them a standing ovation equally not show favourites. Your incites are right on & so are your posts.

  18. Loretta and Kitty it is also my feeling.You have grasped everything very well and correctly.I join to you!

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