Clone ~ Personally Speaking ~ Mary Bohling


To: The Piero Barone Clone Factory

Dear Sirs,

I would like to order a Piero Barone clone to be sent to my address ASAP.  If this is a two for one promotion I will gladly pay the extra shipping charge for the second one.  At any rate,  please add whatever the extra shipping cost is for the fastest delivery.

I understand that there is a lifetime guarantee.  Is that the lifetime of the clone or mine?

Please handle the packaging detail very carefully.  I would not want anything to be damaged.


Mary Bohling

21 thoughts on “Clone ~ Personally Speaking ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Mary, I would like a couple of them also. Do you suppose if we order together we could get a break on shipping? Also, do you have a catalog? I’m interested in a couple other models too.

  2. This post just made my day. I will be smiling til I go to bed tonight. Thank you😊 Can I get one too? If 2 for 1 I can trade one for an Ignazio.

      1. Who would that reservation be for? Let me guess. Initials MC? I’ll put one Ignazio on hold then. I probably need to take a number.

  3. I could kick myself for not applauding when Ignacio told the Cleveland audience that he is ” in LOVE ” and then to have missed seeing his LOVE sitting with his Mother.

  4. Mary, please order me one also in every way, shape or form they come in. I’d take one of the one pictured above AND one of the one that jumps and spins when singing Surrender, AND one of the one whose voice melted our hearts when he first sang Maria as a solo years ago…aaaahhhhh….

    1. Jane, please be more specific. I have no idea who your talking about. Is it Penn and Teller? Oh wait…they spin but don’t sing. See how confused you’ve made me. I hope Mary can sort this out before the order goes in.

      1. LOL!! Ok, I’ll be more specific…I want them all…no matter what they do…I want them all…the Italian trio that is taking the world by storm…one city, one song, and one heart at a time… yep, that’s my order!

      2. Jane, you greedy thing–do you think you can handle all three? I don’t have a catalog–just the advertisement for Piero, so Marie, you also, will have to find a source for an Ignazio clone. I have a feeling that Piero will sell out soon..wish I had stock in that factory.

      3. I’m a bit new to this but seem to have arrived at the right time! Just to keep things even, maybe I could get a Gianluca?

  5. Just thinking of the possibilities makes my head spin! Mary, when you receive your order, let us know! Think of the $ these folks could make, not to mention the zillions of happy “mature” ladies they would create!! We can dream can’t we! I loved your post and will be smiling all day at the mere thought♡♡♡

  6. Mary, Make sure my clone comes in good condition . Don’t take any parts off for easier shipping. Joanie G

  7. Mary, please put my order in for the 2 for 1 special. Although having two might be just too much for this old heart. But I will take that chance. Also, put my order in for one each of the other two models.

  8. Thanks Mary for starting my day with a big smile! I and I am sure everyone who comes here would love one and also the other two models if available.

  9. Very cute post. And I’ll take a Piero in any shape, form, or condition. Well, must have his beautiful smile, expressive eyes, and (can I say this?) cute butt.

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