Why I Want to Join the Flight Crew

I received this lovely letter and wanted to “Share the Love” with all of you.
What do you think Crew?  Shall we let her in?

Hi Marie,

My friend Ann Scavo suggested I send you an email to tell you why I want to join the Flight Crew. Well here goes…..
For a couple of years, Ann has been talking about Il Volo. In November she told me to watch the Buon Natale special on PBS. All it took was hearing and seeing these amazing young men sing “Ave Maria”. It made me cry and like a great book, I haven’t been able to put them down since.
I grew up in an Italian home where my mom taught me to love Italian music through artists like Mario Lanza and Jerry Vale. She also loved Placido Domingo and Andrea Boccelli (who we took her to see shortly before she died). Dad was a ballroom dancer who shared with us the classics like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Tony Bennett. They also taught us that family is everything and a huge part of why I love Il Volo so much is that it makes me  think of my parents and remember them with love, tradition and lots of smiles. They would have loved these young men who are successfully sharing their culture and beautiful voices with the world. I am in love with their music as well as their spirit, their kind souls, and the magic they seem to make all of us feel.
I look forward to the day I can meet this trio to see for myself if my observations of them is spot on. I see Piero as powerful in not only voice but personality. I see Ignazio as having an infectious personality (as we all just can’t get enough of him) and I see Gianluca as having a passionate about everything he touches, personality.

I am sure I am not telling you anything you don’t already know but I just had to share some thoughts with you about our favorite guys and how happy their music makes me feel.

Thank you.


Oh Lisa, you are so one of us!  Welcome to the Flight Crew!

38 thoughts on “Why I Want to Join the Flight Crew”

  1. From one fairly new member to another, welcome Lisa. I hope you enjoy the Flight Crew as much as I do.
    Rose Marie Paliobeis

  2. Hello Lisa and welcome! You will love it here. So many kind hearted people who share the same love for IL VOLO. It’s truly a unique place. We are so lucky to have found IL VOLO and EACH OTHER!

    1. Greetings, Lisa. Joining us in the Flight Crew is probably one of the best decisions you could ever make. We are truly one big happy community–no family!! Going to the blog is the first thing that I, and many others, do in the morning to jump start our day. Getting to know Il Volo is a life-changer…..keeping up with them has kept me young at heart. Welcome, and we hope to hear more from you.

  3. HI Lisa and welcome to The Flight Crew I know you are going to enjoy being in this wonderful group because we all feel the same way you do about our guys. To me it’s not only their incredible voices that I love it’s their wonderful loving hearts they have that have made them so special to me. Enjoy the Flight Crew.

  4. Welcome aboard Lisa. Enjoy the flight. I start my day with them and love the comments. See you soon. Joanie G

  5. Welcome Lisa! This is a lovely place to visit each day. Everything you wrote is so true. It isn’t just their beautiful and amazing voices and talent but also their spirit, their kindness and love for their families and others! I also agree on your observations on Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

  6. Hi Lisa. So happy to have another crew member. As we talked in one of the posts this week we need to be advocates for the boys.
    ONE SMALL WARNING. MARIE IS VERY POSSESSIVE OF IGNAZIO. We love him and I hope I get to at least stand next to him Saturday.

  7. Lisa, your description of the guys more Tha qualifies you as a Flight Crew member! Welcome aboard! Saw them last night in San Antonio, and I’m in for life, and beyond! They are marvelous! Dot♡♡♡♡♡

  8. I just read my post….I’m suffering from post il Volo stress…your Ann, not Lisa!!

    1. Oh Dot! Remember? We will all be suffering P.I.V.S. soon, then we become a bunch of whiny, miserable, lonesome, crybabies. I can’t stand that part especially since I’m the worse one.

      1. Is that what is wrong with me? I have been feeling horrible & depressed since late Tuesday (New Orleans concert was Monday night). The performance was absolutely AMAZING! The Meet & Greet not so much 🙁 I want a Do-Over!

  9. Thank you all for the wonderful welcomes! Oh my it really made day. I can’t wait to learn more about all of you and possibly meet you as well someday!

    1. WELCOME LISA. I PROMISE YOU WONT BE SORRY. THESE WONDERFUL, FUNNY, SENSITIVE, TALENTED ladies of the Flight Crew will have you laughing and crying at the same time. Your description of IL VOLO seems to be the key to this wonderful web site. We all love our guys. We all have our favorites but we adore them COLLECTIVELY. Welcome.

  10. Yep, don’t let this one get away! 🙂 your beautiful words and descriptions literally brought me to tears!

    Welcome to this somewhat whacky and crazy group…if you are ever feeling down, come to this site and it is sure to put a smile on your face!


  11. Welcome, Lisa! Your thoughts on Il Volo are exactly why there are so many passionate Ilvololovers!!! We are all bound together by the power, passion, and joy of these three young men! They have taken us all on a beautiful flight and will continue until we hear them from heaven and then we will be with the angels looking down on them and protecting them and STILL loving them!
    I truly hope you will someday get to attend at least one of their concerts! Warning you, though— one won’t be enough!!
    GRANDE AMORE and welcome to the crew!!😍❤️🇮🇹

    1. Anna, I did get to see them here in Chicago on 2/26. AMAZING! I could have listened for 2 more hours to those beautiful voices. It almost felt like a dream , know what I mean? I only wish I were joining everyone in Las Vegas but a big part of me will be there with all of my new friends or as John put it, famiglia !

  12. Come on in Lisa, sounds like you will have no problem fitting right in. Just means more love for our guys, and pretend ( I think ) squabbles about which one we love best; not that it matters because truth be known, we love all three. Take heed though, when it comes to Ignazio, Marie gets pretty posessive!! Welcome aboard! Kitty

  13. JOHN, better late than never, sorry for not welcoming you as well. Have noticed your comments, and it’s so nice to have another man with us. Us women, we are positively crazy. It’s been a very long time since we have been able to recognize pure God given talent, wrapped up in humility. I think you feel the same. I enjoy reading the insight from a man’s perspective. WELCOME!

  14. Marie, you’ll be happy to know that the dimples are safe, I’m into hugs, myself! So, you have nothing to worry about! They are the sweetest (besides my grannsons)!!!♡♡♡

  15. LISA! Pay no attention to what they are saying about how I feel about Ignazio. They think they are being funny. Don’t let them scare you!

    Just don’t touch him and you’ll be fine.

    1. Haha , nothing to worry about Marie, it take a lot to scare me ! I like everyone else thinks all three of the guys are wonderful, however I admit to having a bit of a favorite.

  16. Oh Lisa welcome but don’t lt Marie scare you Ignazio is available to be touched & hugged & snuggled to etc. He is a touchedable guy as they all are.

  17. Hey Lisa! Be Warned! If you see a ratty looking parrot squawking “Grande Amore,” it’s just Pirate’s bratty bird, Igor. One of the perks of being a Flight Crew member is having that menace show up in your life! Just tell him Marie has a new bottle of rum! ( That works most of the time!)

    1. My friend Ann who got me started on this amazing Il Volo journey wanted me to post a story.
      When she said she was going to Vegas, she offered to take something to the guys for me. I have a biscotti business and recently created a new recipe. I know Gianluca loves Nutella and so I created one and named it after him (like I do after family and friends and people who inspire me). He received Gianluca’s Nutella and Lemon Creme. I couldn’t let her just bring them to him, so I sent some along for Ignazio and Piero as well. They received Double Chocolate Cappuccino and Lemon Crème. Well she did get them to the guys (so grateful to her) and Gianluca teased her about her pronunciation of them…. Sure hope they liked them…..Well I was so excited to find a photo where the guys are holding my bags of biscotti. so I guess you could say I was “kind of there” . If I missed any of the story Ann, you must add to this post.

      1. I carried the 3 beautiful colored bags with notes to each of them from Lisa in my precious carry on bag. When they checked my bags at the airport, I told them they couldn’t have the biscotti and they better not break them because they were for our boys! The guy said he knew who they were. lol

        At the Faire when the boys finally walked through the door, I ran over and handed each one a bag. Didn’t know someone took a picture of me and my niece Laura with them which I love and we have to post.

        After the concert at the meet and greet, I kept telling the boys not to be afraid to eat the biscotti because Lisa was a professional baker. I got my precious hugs from all of them, I held the large photo that was taken with them in Elgin. Gian said, “that’s from Elgin.” What a memory. Then I mentioned the biscotti again. Well, I was pronouncing it wrong – I was saying bishcotti like a lot of people do. I joined the crowd again and was just watching the meet and greet when Gian ran over to me and said “biscotti” – he pronounced it correctly. Well, that’s Mr. Perfection! I felt like Piero and Ignacio! That’s a good thing.

        I asked Myron if he would ask Gianluca when they got to LA if he liked the Gianluca nutella biscotti. It would be nice to know. Hopefully, they enjoyed them while going to LA.

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