A Moment Alone ~ Mary Bohling (revised)

There is a human need for solitude in our lives…a time to reflect, meditate, review, let down, muse and just absorb the peace and quiet.  If that need is universal, imagine how much the men of Il Volo need to find time for it, considering their busy schedule and the constant interaction with their entourage and the demands of fans…even a need to get away from each other once in a while.

We might think that we would like to know what is going through their minds at times like these, since our affection for them makes us want to know ALL, but their private thoughts are theirs alone, and we respect that and appreciate that they can find time to honor their need for solitude in their busy lives.

a moment alone 1

a moment alone 2

a moment alone 3


9 thoughts on “A Moment Alone ~ Mary Bohling (revised)”

  1. Everyone deserves private time, time when they are not posing for the public. As fans we should realize that, not like the mob scene, for instance, at the hospital when Ignazio arrived to treatment.

  2. Mary, you are SOright! They need down time!
    Geri, I agree! I was shocked that someone would be so rude to post a picture of Ignazio in the ER!

  3. Thank you Mary for your thoughts. I am sure that the guys like to
    have down time. Everyone needs time to ponder and gather their
    thoughts. And that includes IL VOLO. God bless them.

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