Personally Speaking~The Force!

It looks like IL VOLO has hired some new state of the art bodyguards from a galaxy far, far away.

Someone must have tipped them off that quite a large group of fun loving ladies from all over the map will be trekking to Las Vegas in March to see their boys perform.  In order to assure there will be no shenanigans happening in the front row, they must be going to station these guys carefully to protect ITALY’S FINEST!

Something tells me they just may need a whole army of these guys as the Force Awakens to the sound of such power from music that will stir one and all!

The Force is calling to you…Just Let It In!

Look out Las Vegas…Here we come!!!


21 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~The Force!”

  1. Love this, Jane!

    The Force is with us in the music of our Jedi 3! Musical magic beyond all imagining. Mesmerizing, uplifting, and fun beyond measure!

    I have a feeling my face will be aching from smiling and laughing so hard!

    Can’t wait!

    Grande amore!

    1. Jeanine, can’t wait to meet you! And your birthday to celebrate besides the beautiful concert and Fan Faire…could it be any better than that?? 🙂

      1. Oh, Jane, you touch my heart!

        Truly… what better birthday present imaginable!

        So looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Hey Jane I am so excited seems like we’ve been waiting for such a long time and now it’s almost our time to get to meet each other and see our wonderful amazing beautiful Italian men. I’m starting to fly already, Can’t wait to meet all you Flight Crew members who are gong to Las Vegas what a fun two days it will be for me.

    1. luckylady, I can’t wait to meet you as well! This has been such a long awaited event for all of us. We will all be flying high!!

  3. How I wish we were coming to Las Vegas. I’m sure the Mesa concert is going to be wonderful but I was not able to get m& g tickets. Actually I wasn’t sure I would be well enough to attend the concert. My hip surgery was 2/2 and I only progressed from the walker to a cane a week ago. Things are going better now and I am getting really excited. The guys sing me to sleep every night! In fact, it’s time to get my ear buds in and plug in my I pod.

    1. Barb, I do wish you well in your recovery. It’s a long process. We will be thinking of you and hoping next time we will meet you somewhere along the tour trail! You take care.

    1. Mary, hoping security guards think we are all just super fine nice ladies who have the guys best interests in mind…which is exactly what we are! 🙂

    2. Ah, my thoughts exactly, Jane!

      Our 3 wonderful men carry the spirit of Jedi. I don’t think they have security guards, do they?

      Looking forward to seeing you, Mary and Lucky Lady, and all the rest of our friends out there!

      Grande amore,

  4. Hi Mary I Can’t wait to meet you in Las Vegas and those security guards don’t want to tangle with us. Ha Ha. See you In Las Vegas. And everyone else who is coming to Las Vegas safe travels. Take care.

  5. Those security guards won’t have a chance ! We’ll all take turns surrounding our guys for each of us to have her turn for the hugs and kisses!😍🇮🇹

  6. Barb W. Hope we can meet at the Mesa Concert on Thursday. Barbar A. from Mesa, and my son and I also from Mesa are in Orchestra Section ROW 4, seats 18,19,and 20. I think I e-mailed you a while ago. You are in Yuma, right? Looking forward to meeting you. CIAO, KITTY MASON

    1. We are also on orchestra. I will be wearing a white blouse with black skirt. My husband will be with me. He will be the bald guy trying to hold me up. Oh yes, I am using a cane

    1. Jeanine, a number of my people from Vegas are in 104 first, 2nd and 3rd row. Others are in section 103. From what I can see our people from Fan Faire take up most of the front rows of 103 and 104

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