THE IL VOLO BAND ~ Personally Speaking~ Mary Bohling

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Hats off to the Il Volo band.  While it’s true that the men of Il Volo sound amazing anytime, anywhere, we must give credit to the guys in the band for their contribution to the total picture.  Their arrangements and musical ability are the support system for our guys’ vocal talent, and they complete the picture admirably.

Someone once asked me to do an article on the guys in the  band (Ann?) since they are such an integral part of each performance.  I would love to know more about them, too, but haven’t found the way to get information about them individually.  If anyone has any ideas about that, please advise.

We know that they follow the same rigorous road trip schedule that the boys do when they are on tour, but they, like the boys, have no doubt chosen this way of life because performing is what they love to do.

It’s evident  that there is a spirit of camaraderie in the way that the boys interact with them during performances, sometimes even taking a turn with one of the instruments.  Ignazio especially likes to cut loose on the drums,

band 3

and Piero often gets so interested in what the guitar player is doing that he gets right in his face while he is playing.

band 2

All is tolerated with good humor and speaks of the closeness that the boys feel with the members of the band.

So again, Hats off to you Band members for a job well done.

The boys like to show their respect for the guys in the band by introducing them to the audience individually at the end of the concert.

band 1

 So it seems fitting to do that here:

Salvatore Corazza: drums
Giovanni Di Caprio: guitars
Giampiero Grani: piano and Maestro
Patrizio Sacco: bass
Marco Guidolotti: sax and percussion (not on the US tour at this time)

Stage Manager/Director Alessio Guerrieri

  So, again, Hats off to you, Band Members for a job well done.


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  1. I too would love to learn a little bit about the background of the band, as they to are part of the Il volo family ! I love how the guys interact with them!

  2. Might I add that the band members are every bit as wonderful to the fans as Il Volo, Il Volo’s families, and Barbara are to the fans. They seem to be just as humble. Marie, Ineke, and I had the pleasure to chat with Patrizio and he was such a doll baby. When the other band members came down, they were tickled that we wanted to take pictures of them as well. Actually it was funny because Giampiero backed up thinking we wanted someone else’s picture but Marie had to say “No, you, too”. You can see he was pleased.

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