Three Part Harmony ~ The Concert ~ Myron Heaton

Part II – Las Vegas Il Volo Concert review – Friday, March 25, 2016 – Pearl Theatre

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From the front I want to say that I know that some of you worry if I say something constructive because I am a voice teacher and music director and that is my job. But please understand that I review the concert as if I were their voice coach and the conductor. That means being accurate and not gloss over problems. You that have been around for a while know that already.

I will go right to the Boy’ singing work. No one is perfect and even the most perfect singer may have a problem once in a while. As that voice teacher I mentioned I am automatically looking for a problem to fix. The same measurements I have used in the past: breath support; vowel shapes ( large and round shaped); head resonance, projection, tone quality, intonation (is he singing in tune); and on and on. I looked hard and I am telling you this was one of the most perfect examples of quality singing I have ever seen and heard. It has been a year since the last time I heard them in person and WOW ! What growth and increased professionalism as a singer – for each of them. Oh, sure, if I get really, really picky I can point out tiny problems for each guy at one or two places in the concert lasting for all of two notes. So trivial it is not worth mentioning. From a pure singing standpoint – I repeat myself – this is one of the best vocal performances by any singers any place that I have seen in probably 30 years. It is partly due to the fact that they still use a voice coach on a regular basis and they DO NOT TAKE their voices for granted. BRAVO!

Other issues: In every concert I have seen them do I have had complaints about the sound system or the lighting or the acoustics or the stage layout or the orchestra being out of tune. I get mad at things like that because the boys deserve the best in their organization. They do their work the highest standards and therefore everyone working with them need to do that same.

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Orchestra: I feel this orchestra was the best, the most in tune, with the over-all best musicians they have had. It was also a very tight ensemble – very precise. Giampiero is the pianist / conductor and this guy is very , very good. It is hard to keep an ensemble together when conducting from the piano, but he had them in very tight rhythm.

I have to give credit to the Pearl Theatre. It may not have been the most beautiful place but it had good acoustics and the sound was very good and very well balanced. There were maybe two or three places where the bass sound was too loud for the singers in some soft place in a song, but I was very pleased with the sound. The Il Volo company brought a nice and very effective lighting program to go with the concert. This program was staged very nicely.

My last comment for this program: I was blown over by the incredible maturity that these guys showed off Friday night. Especially, Gianluca who in the past has sometimes looked very serious about his singing and perhaps a little “wooden” as he would navigate around the stage (after all this was was a very, very – I mean painfully shy boy as a kid). But now – WOW – we saw a mature performer that was in total command on the stage and navigated all over the place with confidence and real class!

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This is one classy gentleman.

Piero and Ignazio have had this stage thing down quite well in previous shows and they were, again, their wonderful and charming selves. I swear one of these days when Ignazio does one of his “ballet” twirls he is going to fall off the stage badly. He already had an accident that sent him to the hospital on this tour – ugh! But that is part of his charm, too.

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The music itself – solos first: Ignazio, the sometimes clown, once again blew us away with his INCREDIBLE rendition of the great and famous tenor solo from West Side Story – TONIGHT. Talk about a song that was almost intended for him; this is sure it. What a wonderful job of putting serious singing powers to perfect use. Of course, I missed that he was going to do the “fake-the-audience-out with a non-ending” . He is just great.

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For Piero the aria from Pucini’s Tosca is so marvelous as is his “
No Puede ser” Gianluca brought back a song from two years ago which I love called “E Aranjuez con tu amor” which also features a violin soloist. Our lady from Vegas that was first chair violin for the Vegas orchestra was brilliant and quite wonderful as she played musical Q & A (the violin taunts the baritone, Gianluca and he replies in kind. The best violinist he has worked with so far (including the next night in L.A.).

I have been waiting for almost a year to hear “live” Gianluca’s “Anema e Core” and he was the true “romantic baritone” of our age. There is no one on the scene. He mentioned some of his favorite singers and I find that Gianluca is better than those guys were in their prime. That is my belief.

This was first tour here to have the duets in and my favorite was “My Way” so powerful and even kind of sad. But it was done so well by Piero and Gianluca. Even more wonderful when you consider the health problems that Piero had in Denver just a few days ago.

All of the ensemble pieces were wonderful although I was sad that they did not do“Eternally” by Chaplin – (my family favorite and they were there finally Friday night.) That quest would turn out to be answered the next night.

I have reviewed a video of the entire program and once again I am going to say that this entire concert was one of the best ensemble concert, best solo concerts and best concerts with orchestra accom. To put it simply: the best program I have seen these guys do and the best that I have seen from any other professional performer in the business – period.


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  1. Myron, thank you for your reviews, I really enjoy reading them. I do not have a trained ear like you but I LOVE music and I LOVE these guys! So glad to see that others noticed how more relaxed Gianluca is these days. Anema e Core was the song I was waiting for when I saw them here in Chicago and he did not disappoint! Such a passionate young man ! I sometimes have to close my eyes when Piero sings and just feel it in my heart, you know what I mean? And Ignazio, we love that sense of humor don’t we and yet he has such a beautiful voice.
    Thank you so much Myron!

  2. Myron, Grazie! You hit the nail on the head , so to speak! I always enjoy your comments. I was privileged to go to my first concert in San Antonio. The theater is beautiful…the sound was just right, lighting, etc just right! The guys blew me away!! When Ignazio sang “Tonight”…he was different, his voice sounded different….in a very good way…it was made for him! There solos were all wonderful! I could have listened all night! I may never make another concert, but that will sustain me! May the continue to grow in every good way….at 84 it’s hard to explain how I feel about these young men! Vaya con Dios….

  3. Thank you Myron, it is like when you are in front of an art work, you know is extremely beautiful, but you don’t know why! You explain the boys here for us. Thank you again.

  4. Wow! Just wow! I’m smiling so big as I read your professional critique because you say so well what I want to hear: your praise for the only group I have ever loved and followed like this. I was awestruck during the Dallas concert and have never heard a better performance. Thank you, Myron!

  5. Myron, wonderful review. Always so interesting to those of us not trained like you. Like Emilia said, when you are in front of art work you know is extremely beautiful, but you don’t know why. I love the way you put that, Emilia. The entire concert from the first breath to the last was an extraordinary gift to all who were sitting there.

    1. Yes, considering how long they had been on tour and how many concerts plus a blizzard they had to contend with it very easily could have been a “tired concert” for us in Vegas. But they sang like it was the first time. Bravo ! So proud of the guys.

      1. Absolutely, Myron! I was surprised, under the circumstances you mentioned, that their energy was so high. They couldn’t have been better. They were also having a good time. Smiles all around!

  6. This is great! Thank you all for your work and dedication here!
    I’m a bit of a silent observer and, with a toddler, you don’t see much from me but I’m here and have the time now to comment 🙂

    I am still in awe of their performance at San Jose the other night. It is incredible to me how they sing the way they do so effortlessly. A couple of very subtle glitches here and there but they are human.
    I think 🙂
    I’ve always appreciated vocals and extended notes. I have an even greater appreciation for the artist who can sing with such conviction of someone else’s words. Il Volo does this in more than 3. Different. Languages.
    The only thing I wanted to record at the show was the ending notes to “Quando L’amore Diventa Poesia”. I carry that note for them with my weak arms as I violently fall to my knees, weeping… Hurling my body to the ground at the end, exhausted from the weight of it…

    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at Ignazio’s alternative ending. I wondered how it would be- such a long tour with so much longer to go, how could you possibly hold that note for so long without having to manipulate it in order to preserve it?

    I was contented to read about Gianluca and his shyness. You see, I have an awesome 3 year old little boy, Dimitrij, who is shy and has been described as being painfully shy as well but, when it comes to music- playing an instrument or singing, he loses all sense of insecurity. What’s interesting is that he instantly became very fond of Gianluca- doing his hair “like Gianluca”, wanting a white shirt and black tie “like Gianluca”, etc. For weeks now, he’s been getting upset at us when we don’t call him Gianluca. “I’M GIANLUCA!!”. He went to the show, his first concert, and loved it- took everything in. Especially the fact that they didn’t sing “Delilah” 🙁 He’s mentioned it about 67 times now. I wasn’t able to afford M&G tickets this time around, maybe next time. I’d love for Dimi, er, I mean Gianluca to meet Gianluca.
    Oh well, he’s awake now. Gotta go see what the Prince of Abruzzo wants for breakfast today 🙂
    Have a great day, everyone!

    By the way, I have a lot of video from the show that my brother took. If interested, how do I share them with you?

    1. Thank you for that very sweet story about your son. Sad to hear that they did not sing Delilah since that is so popular in this country dating back to the Tom Jones days. re: breath support. these guys are like machines that never break down. When you see them on stage or on TV they look bigger than they are and when you see them in person standing next to you, you are surprised that Gianluca and Piero are such slender and short guys – how in the world can such power and huge breath control come from such small guys. It is amazing. Another song that Ignazio holds out forever with his breath is the ending of “Beautiful that Way”.
      I hope one day that you will meet the guys. They are a delight in person.

      1. Alejandra, send your video to us. See “contact us” on the upper left of this page. I will gladly share it with the Crew.

  7. Hi Myron love your review I’m not an expert like you but I know what I like and that concert in Vegas was the best I have ever seen. The guys were all incredible, (especially my Piero) like you said considering what happened in Denver, the musicians backing them were on point all night, the lighting wasn’t to bad it didn’t hide them, and of course they were their wonderful warms selves. What a great night that was I’m gong to relive that night over and over.

  8. would someone clue me in : what happened to Piero in Denver ? I know he and Barbara had to fly to Mesa. There are not enough hours in the day to read everything on all the sites. Thanks !

    1. Piero had an allergy problem that he has had before that acted up and he (and Barbara) had to step aside from the tour and see a Doctor. Thus, the two of them had to take their own flight to Mesa. When I saw Piero back in the rear kitchen (see part I ) he did look tired and I asked him how he was. He said that seeing the fans will spark him up and it did.

  9. Myron
    Thank you for your insights on the performances of our young men. I thought Piero never sounded better than he did in Vegas. But I must say that about Gianluca and Ignazio also. I have to keep reminding myself of their ages. Their band is superb, Giovanni is #1 in my book. They get better with age like a fine wine.
    I am looking forward to more “critiques” from you. Happy to have met you at breakfasht. Ignazios Sicilian for breakfast.
    Rose Marie Paliobeis

  10. Myron, I am so glad that I was seated at your table in Las vegas. I got my photo with Piero and he blew a kiss to me when he was leaving. Thanks for everything you do for us. Joanie G

  11. I went to enjoyed them in Austin. This fancy dressed lady in the seat in front of me (2nd row) was just an spectacle by herself. She looked at them in a transfixed way moving her hands in the air in front of her like when you go to these 3-D movies and try to touch the images that come close to you, I guess she was trying to catch the energy or whatever comes from the boys when they sing. And she was crying her eyes out! Her husband was holding her but she couldn’t stop doing that thing with her hands! I, on the other hand, was just jumping and clapping and screaming and having a great time with these two ladies that were seated next to me (Italians from Houston!) like a regular 56 years old fan of a 20 year old trio!

    1. This is from 76 year old fan. There is nothing like talented, mature 20 year olds to make you feel young again, including my grandchildren.
      I had a great seat in the mezzanine in Vegas. Except when we got up after every song to cheer and applaud (which the boys deserved) the grumpy old man behind me would yell “down in front”. Of course, he was ignored.
      Rose Marie Paliobeis

  12. Myron! A great review and informative as always! Thank you to both
    you and Jeannette for pulling off what to all appearances was a resounding success in Vegas! Cracked me up that you decided to include security at the party! Guess you know the Flight Crew pretty darn well! Who knew they would bust loose!
    Can’t wait for the next one which I sure won’t miss Gracie!

  13. Thank you so much for what was an amazing Flight Crew experience. I enjoyed every minute of it meeting everyone (not quite yet) but hopefully in the future.

  14. Thank you for your review Myron. I always look forward to seeing what you have written about Il Volo. I thought their concert in Easton, Pennsylvania on February 21st was just wonderful also. I thought for sure with all the tour dates and constant traveling, they might be completely exhausted and not at their best but they never let us down. I would have enjoyed hearing some of the songs they included in the last part of their tour such as Il Triste and Si Me Falta Tu Mirada, but I also loved Eternally, all the solos and duets, and all the songs they sang together. They totally amaze me with their stamina, good humor, energy, kindness and of course, their beautiful voices!

  15. Thank so much Myron, for once again, a great review of our favorite YOUNGMEN’S concert. It was such a pleasure to have met you, and all the lovely ladies at the Fan Faire. Our guys were so gracious to all the oohs and ahhhs and yes, the shrieking (mine). The concert was magical. Every song was beautifully sung by the most talented trio in today’s music world. The video of Gianluca singing “Bridge over troubled water” in L.A. was so magnificent that I shared it with all the people I know plus again and again in Facebook. Thank you again everyone for an unforgettable 3/25/16, Las Vegas, a date and venue I won’t soon forget.

  16. Love your review, Myron!
    I know I personally thought it was far above any concert I’d ever heard them perform. (How is that even possible?!!) So having you confirm this is outstanding.

    I was also amazed how the sound could be so powerful without instruments overpowering and without the sound being loud or uncomfortable. The balance seemed near perfect!

    And what an awesome treat to meet and connect with so many of you out there. Myron and Jeannette and your helpers, this was a totally unforgettable time, and what good news, Myron, that there will be another such event! Bravo! You put your heart and soul into bringing this about. I am so grateful.

    This concert has put a new word into my vocabulary:

    Sweet night to all,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine,
      I love your new word
      JOY luscious . I think that is a perfect description since those young men bring us so much JOY. So glad you and all the members had a great time. I look forward to the next one to get a chance to meet all of you.

      1. Thanks, Lisa! I look forward to meeting you, too! I agree… JOY is it!

        After being in Las Vegas and reading Myron’s articles, I’m starting to feel that overwhelming heart-love-power, approaching that of when our guys performed at Radio City Music Hall. (Somehow, nothing has quite surpassed that for me.)

        Sweet night,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. The banquet and concert were amazing. My husband (Mike) and I thank all the people involved and all the Il Volo fans that we met, and it will be an experience we won’t forget. When there is another event, we will be attending for sure. I can’t get enough of those 3 beautiful voices.

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