Three Part Harmony ~ L.A. ~ Myron Heaton

PART III – Los Angeles – the Dolby theater in Hollywood – March 26, 2016

Giampiero Grani 2
Photo Giampiero Grani

Program order– Las Vegas 2016        Order for Los Angeles 

Overture                                                                    same

Volare                                                                        same

Il Mondo                                                                   same

L’Immensita                                                             same

Tonight (west side story) – Ignazio                     same

E Aranjuez con tu amor – Gianluca                    same

E lucevan le stelle (Tosca) – Piero                      same

Piove (Ciao, Ciao Bambina)                                  same

Beautiful that way                                                   same

My Way (duet – Piero & Gianluca)                     same

Quando l’amore diventa poesia                           same

Unchained Melody (duet – Ignazio & Ginaluca) same

Si me Falta tu mirada                                            same

O paese d’ ‘o sole (duet – Piero & Ignazio)       same

Delilah                                                                      same

Memory (cats) – Ignazio                                     Eternally ( full trio )

Anema e Core (Heart and Soul)Gianluca         Hablando de ti (Ignazio )


No Puede Ser – Piero                                     
El Triste                                                                  Bridge over Troubled Water-
O Sole Mio                                                                                        (Gianluca)
Surrender ( Torna a Surriento ) )                      Ne Puede Ser – (Piero)
Grande Amore and Finale                                   El Triste
                                                                                  O Sole Mio
                                                                                  Grande Amore


The day after the Las Vegas “blow-out” and the Fan Faire a few of us went to Los Angeles to take care of some business with Barbara Vitali of Il Volo and to attend the Il Volo concert at the Dolby theater. This is the theatre where the Oscars- Academy Awards are presented each year. At 3600 seats the place has about 1000 more seats than the Pearl (2500) and one of the largest stages in the country.

I have attached the program order for both concerts so that comparisons can be made. The biggest difference is in the last third of the concert. That difference was another “mind-blowing” experience for those of us in the audience.

Singing: As in Part II, the guys are employing great sophistication and artistic power with the greatest of ease and absolute control that most singers never achieve even if they go on into their 80’s. The guys’ singing was superb. Regarding their singing, you have to have sound tech sitting at the sound board who is on task properly. Friday had been perfect but Saturday he missed about three entrances – when a singer enters stage singing the opening of a song and the mic is not on right away but a split second later. Generally small item but professionals should not miss those key things. This is not the guys’ fault. The guys were superb once again.

Photo Giampiero Grani
Photo Giampiero Grani

Orchestra: they decided to use an orchestra half again larger than Vegas since it is a much larger stage and a much larger theater. They had a problem from the start keeping tight in their ensemble since the addition of a additional conductor. On the tour to that point they got used to Giampiero as conductor and music director. But now, they, in effect, had two until they settled down to trust the tempo. The guest conductor on one side of the stage referring to Gianpiero on the other side of the stage also conducting from the piano. For the first 4 or 5 songs it was a little tricky since they only had the one rehearsal as a full orchestra. However, the instrumentalists were very, very good.

Please understand that most groups like this travel with an inner core of 5 to 7 key musicians like piano, bass drums and guitar and maybe a few others and then they add the full compliment of strings and winds from the local musicians. Il Volo does too.

All other aspects of the Dolby concert were great.

I want to call special attention to the two biggest highlights of the concert which were a total surprise to everyone (you could tell from the audience response – no one expected these two things to happen). These two songs were NOT performed on any other concert up to now. Why they waited this long to present them I don’t know.

A new composer and his song:

First, instead of doing his usual solo, “Memory” from Cats, Ignazio went over and sat at the piano and announced that the next song was going to be (finally) a new song that he, himself, composed. IGNAZIO , himself, as composer as well as pianist and singer. The song (see list) was Hablando de ti” . When I saw him after the concert we chatted just briefly about this song. He has written several songs and this was written about 4 ½ years ago and he “tweeked” it over and over for a couple of years and it is just now being released for the first time on this tour. I loved the song and he sang it very well. I hope they do more of this.

The second incredible and unexpected event was a solo that Gianluca decided to do.

He had been scheduled to sing “Anema e Core” as in previous locations but he changed that Saturday night. I must say that it is very difficult to write with normal, English words what happened after his introduction to the song. He talked about the need for peace in the world and mentioned that many singers through the years have used this song written by Paul Simon many years ago. But Gianluca’s most personal and emotionally favorite performance is that of Elvis Presley. The song : “ Bridge Over Troubled Water” . A song that we need so badly right now. To add even more power to the scene was the fact that Priscilla Presley, Elvis’ former wife, was in the audience (just a few feet away from Jeannette and me) in the Dolby Theater that night.

giampiero Grani 1
Photo Giampiero Grani

Up to touch the face of God:

Then, just when you thought the emotional level could not get any higher, Gianluca started to sing. I could not believe it. The people around me (including Jeannette) and the whole audience could not believe it ! Gianluca took himself and us to an entire new level of passion. I am telling you this young man went to where he had not been before. We all were in tears and he was in tears. Way beyond the other songs in the show. When he was done he could barely breath and we were totally emotionally spent. The tears flowed like a river. This song stopped the show. The audience would not stop the applause – it went on for over 5 minutes. That kid was overwhelmed by the response and we were too. I know this has been put to video by people in our group and has been posted so you must take a look. But the only way to understand is – sorry – you have to be there live, in person to feel that kind of power.

When I saw him backstage after the show, Gianluca asked (after I mentioned the song) if I liked it. The humble kid has no idea how big it was. I could only hug him like my son.

The remainder of the show was very, very good but the audience was almost numb by that time from the power of the one song. Interesting that is was Easter Sunday because the spirit moving in that audience that night was so uplifting. To borrow a famous phrase: lifting us up to touch the face of God.

Coda: call it the “kitchen chat”

A little personal reflection on the Fan Faire: while our crowd was waiting up on the 52ndfloor in the View Room for the boys to arrive, I was getting conflicting reports of which elevator they were going to use – the two main ones that we all used or the west side one. Turns out there is another one in the back of the kitchen storage room. When the word came to me I asked them to hold in the rear kitchen so that I could talk with them before letting them loose (or should I say letting you guys loose on them). So as soon as they arrived out of the rear elevator (you could not see where they coming from where you were seated) I went back in there and we met again.

It was all hugs and wonderful statements of support and apology for being so late. I did not care about the apology because I was just happy to see them there. Piero and Ignazio found a table-top shuffleboard unit about 10 ft. long being stored there and they started to play it. Piero just about got stuck to that thing. I was laughing all over the place. Then I finally said “hey, guys! We are on my time now so please continue the game later”. It was all just in fun anyway. Those three came over and we formed a little huddle to talk about what we were going to do with the limited time. I tell you it felt like I was home with my family – just the four of us talking together to come to a solution. I had them all to myself for nearly ten minutes before Barbara came over to see what we were talking about. It was cool. We were back there for nearly 10 minutes and very few people even knew they were there already.

Love those guys. Love the fact that they came to us even though there was no contract and no money changed hands to get them there.

To those of you that came to the Fan Faire, it looks like they want us to do another and have offered to help out this time. I do hope that you remember this event for along time.


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  1. Wow! How I wish we all could have been there to hear Gianluca sing Bridge Over Troubled Water. It sounds like it was close to an out of body experience! It never ceases to amaze me at how these dear, humble young men just don’t realize their genuine, powerful effect on others. It’s been said many times and I’ll say it again…they are the real deal! Thanks Myron for your great posts!

  2. Myron, thank you for sharing this wonderful news. The Boys have always been like family to us and now I think they know how much we love them – the Flight Crew – woo hoo! Couldn’t ask for anything more. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Ann
      I will definitely look for you at the next concert in Chicago and at the next Fan Faire. I was looking for Flight Crew members in Chicago, but couldn’t remember all the names. I am completely out of it when I am at one of their concerts – brain does not work properly and lots of fog. I’m sure you understand. Hopefully a new album next year and a concert tour shortly after. Can’t wait.

      1. Linda, we all feel the same. I was so excited at the Meet & Greet after the show. Were you there when that girl sang opera? I certainly hope they will be at the Chicago theater next year. They love that theatre too.

  3. Myron, Only you can give us the much welcomed information that you share in your posts. Your expertise in the world of music gives validity to how we, t he fans, perceive the quality of the boys performances. Congratulations for achieving your goal of putting on a successful FanFaire!! The fact that the boys are interested in doing another one says a lot. And I hope you know how happy we fans are with the experience.
    It was quite an achievement and I look forward to another one in t he future. And please keep informing us with your great posts.

  4. I agree with the Ladies above and want to thank you again for such a wonderful experience. After all your years of wishing and asking and planning it finally happened. Can’t tell you how happy I was to be there!

    Myron, like I said at the Fan Faire, you have brought so much more depth to my Il Volo listening/watching pleasure. Thank You!

    1. It was a pleasure. I can tell you that at times the challenge was very frustrating and communication was tough sometimes. But we always knew that the Il Volo Fans would appreciate the end product. The response so far has been fantastic ! Thank you, Marie.

    2. So totally agree with Marie and all the ladies Myron. The Fan Faire was so much fun. Meeting the lovely people whom I just know by name and suddenly, there you all were, in front of me. So exciting. The guys were so sweet and so gracious. I showed Gianluca a picture of my birthday cake that my granddaughter made which had their image on it and he said “let me see”. He smiled so big and said ” bella, bella,” as he blew a kiss. Unforgettable night Myron and we have you and Jeanette to thank. Beautiful job. Have watched gianluca’s video over 2 dozen times and still end up in tears. I hope there is another FAN Faire for I’ll be there with bells on. Until then lovely people.

  5. Sounds to me like you can never be sure what song is on their play list but that’s why they are so incredible is there ability to change and not be stuck with the same songs night after night when I think of how these wonderful young men have matured I just think they are all going to get even better to me they are just barely hitting there prime don’t you think. I think those of us who love IL Volo are in for some special special moments to come over the next few years and I can’t wait. Thank you for all your hard work with Fan Faire it was awesome.

  6. Here is a short clarification on the program order for Los Angeles:
    First two thirds of the concert was the same as Vegas.
    After Delilah then came the changes:

    The whole trio sang “Eternally” which was missing from Vegas.

    “Memory” was dropped so that Ignazio could do his own song – composed by him -called ” Hablando de ti ”

    then “Anema e Core” was dropped so that Gianluca could sing his version of “Bridge over Troubled Water” – the Elvis version and with Priscilla Presley in the audience. There is a video of this on the youtube by one of our members but it is missing the introduction that Gianluca spoke to set the song up. That intro was very powerful. the chills were starting even then. Watch the video and you will get just a hint of the power of that song. You really had to be there.

    After that the ending of L.A. was the same as Vegas:
    No Puede ser (Piero’s )
    El Triste
    O Sole Mio
    Grande Amore

  7. Myron, It’s wonderful that you have built such a great bond with the boys. It means so much to us . You are well appreciated. Joanie G

  8. Myron, thank you for all the work you put in to make “the event” happen. I’m sure none of us realize just how much that effort was. The results, however, were outstanding. Your work with and for Il Volo is greatly appreciated.

    1. So true, Linda!

      4 years of dedicated efforts to bring about the Fan Faire! Myron, I’m so grateful your dream came true! … and will again!

      Great gratitude!

  9. Myron, I appreciate all you do for the Flight Crew. I have a backgound in music and all your comments mean so much to me! Thank you so much for working so hard and sticking with your vision to have them come to Las Vegas. Looking forward to your next critique.
    Stephanie Cassidy
    Pittsburgh, PA

  10. Myron, I got choked up just reading about Gianluca’s speech and then singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Must look for it right now.

    And I am so very happy we can all look forward to another Fan Faire in the future. I have already started my Fan Fair Fund.

      1. Ann
        yes I heardd the singing but could not see who it was. Did she have a yellow gown? There were several girls standing on the side, maybe she was one of them.

      2. After the woman in the yellow gown sang at the Meet & Greet to IL VOLO, Ignazio started calling out Bar-ba-ra [Vitali]! I wonder if they actually would pursue an audition with the woman in yellow to do a song with them sometime, or if Ignazio was just having fun and paying tribute.

        Either way, they / we all enjoyed that moment.


      1. Thanks so much, Lydka, and to videographer Elaine Tse (our own original Flight Crew Board member) for this recording in San Jose! So great to hear the intro.

        I wish there was a recording from L.A. with the extended audience response. Grateful for the song itself… some great recordings from Joanie Greenspan, LisaJoy, Dorene Perez De Sisto. What a blessing!

        Thank you so very much, Myron, for letting us know how powerful this was for the audience and Gianluca! I feel this even with the recording.

        My gosh… to be 21, not 30, 45, not 70, but 21! Gianluca, your gift to us is beyond measure!

        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. As I think back on my long years of experience this kind of thing may not happen exactly like this for a long time. So many things come to play: the mood of the audience, the unexpected change in the program which raises the electricity level, the presence of Priscilla Presley, the ability of the singer to reach deep down into his soul (we all know that Gianluca is capable of that) and connect this to what I said earlier about Gianluca’s new confidence and control and therefore power over the audience. All these things come to play . He has since then sang this song again but I wonder if this one-of-a-kind moment happened or will happen ??? The performance will, I am sure, be excellent but will that extra invisible spirit be there ?

  11. Thank you Myron and Jeanette for bringing us the Fan Faire. I am 73 years old and can honestly say it was one of the highlight’s of my life! It is something I will never forget, and look forward to the next one.
    I have heard people say that they would get flustered in front of the guy’s and not know what to say, and I would alway’s think ” not me” but now I know better!
    I saw Gianluca approaching our table and immediately asked someone to take a picture of us with my phone. They seemed to be in a “fog” and did’nt respond, so Gian gently took my phone from me and took a “selfie” of us . I said thank you, but I remember thinking ” what just happened” everything for the next 5 minutes was a blank! Later on that evening at the M&G after the picture was taken, Gian made a point of saying “well, hello” to me as if he remembered me from earlier that day. What a wonderful experience the whole day was. Thank’s to all the wonderful people I met.

    1. Jill, thank you for being there. I find it wonderful that after being in the dog-eat-dog entertainment business for the past five years that this young man is still so unspoiled. He is that kind and caring person still. Very nice story, Jill. I love hearing these stories of good things that happened in that “3-ring circus ” at the Fan Faire.

  12. I am sure that many of you will already have found this on You Tube but I am posting the link just in case some have missed it. I have to say that Myron’s words have left me in a state of mixed emotions. On the one hand, I know that the guys of il Volo are so loved because they are such consummate professionals in everything that they do but have not lost their great humanity and ability to interact with everyone whom they meet; on the other hand, I feel a deep sense of loss because I live in England and have to wait until 3 June to see them live and missed these concerts. Myron’s posts have brought to life the sense of occasion that Ignazio’s new song and Gianluca’s cover version of “Bridge over troubled water” introduced into the program’s running order. It was clearly an emotional evening and I am sorry that the You Tube version cuts off the extended applause so vividly described by Myron. I offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone connected with the organization of the Fan Faire as well as all the Crew members who have posted their own stories of the concerts, Fan Fair and the M&Gs. It is a privilege to be a part of those experiences even if only vicariously. My fondest best wishes to everyone and Goodnight from Windsor in England.


    1. Bernard, I did not know you were a part of our group from England. Welcome. I’m so glad you will be able to see a concert. Their concerts are awesome. Would love to hear your review after the concert.

      1. Hello Ann

        Although I live in England, I am Irish by birth and my wife is Italian, from Naples. We have a second home there and we spent Easter with my wife’s Italian relatives.

        Here in England, we can receive Italian television, via satellite; and and we have followed il Volo from 2009 on TLUC. I am fortunate to read and write Italian as well as to speak it fluently; so, I understand their songs very well. I also speak, read and write French and can understand a lot of Spanish. We have friends in Madrid.

        Naples (and Neapolitan dialect) is the origin of a lot of the repertoire of songs that the guys perform. Sorrento (or Surriento in Neapolitan dialect) is just a few miles along the coast of the Bay of Naples and we were there on Good Friday. I took some pictures of the bust of Salve d’Esposito who was the composer of Anima e Core. It is in a small park on the heights overlooking the sea at Surriento. The bronze plaque has all the lyrics stamped on it in “basso-rilievo” (or bas-relief in French). I was delighted to find it because Gianluca performs the song so wonderfully; as, of course all three group members do for every solo, duet and full trio rendition.

        Like Myron, I feel that they have grown as performers and their success in Italy in the summer of 2015, building on the victory at San Remo and winning of the public’s telephone vote at Eurovision, has given them “stronger wings.” Myron’s insight, as a music professional, is such an asset to the Flight Crew! His writing adds so much to our appreciation of the work that the guys do. I get goosebumps and shivers when I listen to many of their songs and Myron explains why that is so. We need to insure his life so that he can continue to enlighten us as only he can! (Myron, don’t take offense; I am joking.)

        I am honored to belong to the Flight Crew!


  13. Myron, thank you so very much for the III Part Harmony report on the Fan Faire and the 2 concerts. I can only imagine what transpired in the theatre when Gianluca did his rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, because I was brought to tears just watching and listening to the video. A star in born… again! All three of our boys have such a gift, and I really think they just don’t know how much love and happiness they bring to this world. Thanks again Myron, and it was so nice meeting you and Jeannette in person!

  14. Dear Myron,
    I appreciated your comments so much. When Il Volo was in Washington ( and in a great concert hall at the Kennedy Center), Ignazio’s growth and the resonant depth that he has developed over the last year was so obvious.

    I watched the video of Gianluca before I saw your comments. The power of that performance came through the screen (especially if you have watched a lot of videos of him.) The other tip off was how silent the audience was. Usually, there is a little background noise, but in this case there was none. Folks were holding their breath. I did wonder about his cadence and had mentioned to my husband that I thought I heard a bit of Elvis which has been an important influence for them. I am glad you confirmed it.

    I grew up in NYC and in my much younger days, I used to buy a short series of tickets to the Metropolitan Opera. I know we keep saying “how could the guys get better”, but Piero is blowing the doors off the concert halls this time around with his aria. I will be there when he finally debuts in NY or with Maestro Domingo’s former Washington Opera.

    Thank you for all you and Jeanette did to organize the Fan Faire.

  15. Thank you Myron for Part III. How wonderful that you have such a good relationship with the boys and Barbara and that they would like to do another Fan Faire in the future. Everyone seems to have had a great time and thank you for giving your impressions and reviews of the the concerts in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. It is especially lovely to hear about Ignazio’s beautiful new solo which he wrote and also Gianluca’s amazing version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” You certainly conveyed all the excitement and emotion felt by everyone. Thank you Lydka and Bernard for the videos with the full introduction of Gianluca.

  16. March 29, San Jose CA, the concert was wonderful, Il Volo was beyond wonderful. There was a beautiful young girl at the meet and greet, she and her mom, or sister were standing on the sideline, apparently Piero had asked her to stay so that he could have a word with her.
    Also, I have to say the m&g people were rude and very unprofessional. The photographer should stick to taking pictures of inanimate subjects.

  17. After a week of supervising the planting of 6000 pansies my reward was reading your Three Part Harmony report which I so looked forward to reading. And, you did not disappoint. Your notes put us right ‘in the seats’ and as always are generous and constructive at the same time. I cried during and after your exuberant description of the LA concert and of Gianluca’s rendition of Bridge. Of course, I cried the first time I watched the video of his bravura performance. Just when you think he can’t get any better he reaches up and takes us with him to another level of emotion and excellence. I agree with you about the sound quality at the Pearl and thought is was the best out of the 3 concerts I saw this year. My congrats to you, Jeannette, Marie & Kelly and your team for a fun fan event. You folks really know how to throw a party! Count me in for the next one!!! Yours, in Il Volo!!

  18. I was at the Las Vegas fan faire and concert and then also at the San Jose concert.
    First times seeing them in person. I guess i thought I was an odd weird-o who could not get enough of Il Volo music, but after meeting so many nice fans at the fan faire and seeing the audience reaction at the concerts I realize – I am not alone. Both concerts were fantastic. I had goose bumps through both concerts and find their music so beautiful. At the San Jose concert Gianluca sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and it was so passionate and gorgeous. But each of the guys sang only one solo instead of 2 and the concert was about 15 minutes shorter than in Las Vegas. Perhaps the tour is taking a toll on them and they needed to save their voices to get through the rest of the tour. In any case they give it their all on stage. If they come to the US again on tour I think I will just follow them around the country. One or two concerts is not enough!
    Loved seeing them up close at the fan faire. To me they looked a bit younger in person and they were so sweet and generous with their time. In one picture I got to stand close enough to Piero to touch him. When and where will the photos be published? Thanks for organizing the event, and I do hope they want to do it again.

  19. I was at the Fan Faire and concert in Las Vegas and then at the concert in San Jose. Thank you for organizing the Fan Faire event. It was fun to meet other people who are as addicted to Il volo as I am. and It was really fun to see the guys up close. To me they looked a bit younger in person and so sweet and generous with their time. Are all the photos going to be published somewhere? In San Jose Gianluca again sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and it was passionate and beautiful and got a huge response. In fact I had goosebumps through both concerts . In San Jose each guy only sang one solo instead of two, and the concert was about 15 minutes shorter. Perhaps the tour is taking a toll on their voices and they needed to save their energy and voices for the rest of the tour. But they gave us 1 hour and 45 minutes of energy, talent, love and fun. I think if they tour the US again I will just have to follow them around the country. One or two concerts is not enough. I was with my sister at one concert and my daughter at the other. Il Volo now has 2 more fans. My sister said “best concert EVER”
    I am new to this page and look forward to finding all the latest here.

    1. Beautifully said Janet. It was so great being at the same table with you. Thank you for sending me the picture of us next to Piero. My family loved it. An evening I shall not soon forget. I loved meeting Marie, While, Kelly, Myron, Jeanette, you, and so many more lovely people. Hi Marie.

    2. Your right. They do need to be careful with their voices. After today (Saturday) they are off for three days but then starts the long, hard and challenging Latin American tour with about 38 concerts . Ours plus that is around 70 to 80 concerts and then they do Europe – OOOOF ! I am tired just writing about it.

    3. Thanks for sharing, Janet! Interesting. And I remember meeting you in Las Vegas!

      True confessions, folks… I remember your names. I remember your faces. But do they properly match?! Not so sure. Wish I had a way to match names And faces.

      And to think I used to memorize 150-200 students names and faces in 1 day! But that was as long as they stayed in their “seating chart” spots! 😊

      Life, it is a changin’!
      Loving possibilities,

  20. Myron, this insider’s / professional’s view is such a gift!
    It brought me to tears to hear that Priscilla Presley was in the audience.

    Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca are consummate artists beyond imagining. I just listened to Unchained Melody again, and I cannot fathom Ignazio holding a note so long. OK, they all do it. But if you ask me which is the best song or best singer, it’s always whoever is singing right now. There is no best. There is simply in-the-moment miracles-‘n-majesty.

    When I think of these 3 amazing men,
    (I tried to say young men, and I couldn’t. Not so long ago I was saying boys!), I know you feel as I do…
    their art is outstanding,
    their humor is delightful,
    and those 3 voices 1 soul uplift and transform our planet.

    There’s a saying, “When the water rises, all boats float higher.” Planet earth is floating higher thanks to 3 humble be-you-to-full precious young men!

    Darn… there just aren’t words!
    Though I do like that new one: JOY-luscious! 😌

    Love you all. What a magnificent home we have here on the Flight Crew!
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. What magnificent people, like you Jeanine, the Flight Crew is lucky to have. You are all JOY-lucious!

      I can’t stop calling them “Boys”. I even sometimes refer to them as “my Babies”. Especially Gianluca. He’s “The Baby.” I know I should just call him “The Babe”. So handsome! All so talented.

      1. 😊
        I like that… The Babe.

        So, I’m laughing. The retired English teacher (me) misspelled. Make that JOY-luscious.

        Totally agreed… JOY-luscious one and all!
        And you are definitely our ring leader, Marie! Grateful for such pleasure.

        Sweet dreams,

    2. Jeanine, One of the down sides of the Fa Faire for me was that I finally met face-to-face many people that I have only known in emails or by phone. Thing is it only peeked by interest. I find myself wishing that the “business” of running that event would have given way to a chance to get together for lunch. A relaxed time to just simply chat. That is the kind of activity I love best. You and a number of other people i would to do that with.

      1. I’m with you on that, Myron! And appreciate the thought very much.

        Yet, I know that would have been totally unrealistic this time. Maybe another. Would love it!

        I remember my dreams years ago for this event to happen! When you first expressed your vision, Myron. So now I’ll add the joy of more relaxing conversations for next time. Truth be told, this time I needed a lot of rest the morning of the concert. Good thing, I was really tired end of the night with all the excitement.

        I can’t imagine how the guys maintain their energy. They appear to be miracle workers on so many levels!

        Loving gratitude,

  21. Question coming in to me: Who did the wonderful orchestration for Gianluca’s “Bridge over Troubled Water” ? answer: Gianluca’s orchestration is borrowed from the Presley estate. It is an expanded version of the arrangement made in the 1970’s by Elvis conductor and arranger: Joe Guercio. Those of you who are Elvis fans will remember that Joe was his conductor for many years from the late 1960’s to his death. Joe just died recently. He wrote the orchestration and last year that was expanded a bit on the opening for the new Elvis album with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra which features fully orchestrated Elvis songs with his voice carried over on top of the orchestra. Also on that album is “It’s now or never” with Elvis but also with Il Volo doing background vocals.

    How about that : Il Volo singing background to Elvis on “It’s now or never”
    That also helps explain why Priscilla Presley was in the audience March 26 in L.A. – She was the producer on the new Elvis album. Anyway, remember Joe Guercio .

    Sidenote: These guys are able to get, in many cases, the original and best orchestrations for some of their songs. I love that factor.

    1. Myron,
      I LOVE reading your posts and thank you for sharing so much and doing it so eloquently.
      I saw the “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (one of my favorite songs anyway) late at night , I believe right after it was posted. I just sat there looking at the screen with tears running down my face. I wanted to call someone , or yell out loud, OMG did you hear that? But alas I was alone and so I watched it 2 more times with awe and amazement. Gianluca’s passionate and emotional interpretation of the song was nothing short of PERFECT! I am so glad he got such a beautiful response from all of you who were there.
      I am a newbie to this group and am enjoying it so much. I am saving my pennies with the hope that next year there will be another fan faire I can attend.
      THANKS again!

      1. Lisa, Myron, John, Jana, all of you… so good to hear your thoughts.

        Lisa, I know what you mean about those late night experiences. That’s when I started my Reflections page, because I had to express myself somehow when no one was there to talk to. I’ve been too busy to post in ages, and occasionally I have the joy of writing in to our Flight Crew friends sharing the love!

        Having in-person experiences (in Las Vegas and 2014 Saratoga) of friends here that I’ve known for over 4 years is phenomenal.

        Sweet night, and thanks, everyone, for sharing IL VOLO Love,
        Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  22. SO thankful for a full recording of Gianluca’s performance from the San Jose show! I couldn’t stop saying “WOW” to myself the entire time.
    (I have 2 recordings of it. Myron, if you’d like to see my little Gianluca, there’s a snippet of him at the end of the song 🙂 )

    **I wanted to share with all of you this great video of Piero dancing with a fan during “Surrender”. And keep watching for Ignazio and Gianluca! 😀

  23. Myron,

    I wanted to wait until the end of your 3-parter so I would have time to consider all your commentary and collect my own thoughts.

    Firstly, I want to thank you (and all the other Flight Crew members) who helped put together the Fan Faire event. Although I live 2,200 miles away in Connecticut, I followed along day by day and could almost feel as if I were there. The sheer joy that everyone felt practically leapt off my Mac and into my heart. The comments, the stories, the reactions of all the participants were priceless and once again prove how special the Flight Crew family has become and how we are all able to share our own love for Il Volo regardless of where in the country (or world!) we may live.

    Second, I must say that I would have given anything to experience what occurred at the L.A. concert, but alas, we all cannot be there for every moment of their careers. To those of you who were there, cherish those moments forever because it is apparent that you witnessed a very special point in the guys’ careers. Years from now when we all look back, we will realize that we were witnessing true musical greatness approaching the same league as Adele, Barbara Streisand, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Pavarotti, Edith Piaf…… a very special artist at a specific point in time who for one reason or another had a profound effect on a wide audience, and whose importance will always be associated with that time.

    Finally, again we have to thank Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero who time after time manage to brighten our lives with their talent, their passion, and most importantly, their love.


    1. Nice touch, John. I wasn’t at the L.A. concert either. I’m so glad for all my Flight Crew friends and Myron for bringing it to me.

      We have more experiences waiting to be published. Mine included.

      I also believe they are in the same league as the great singers you mentioned above. Just waiting for that acknowledgement from the rest of the world. You’re close now Gentlemen of Il Volo…so close!

      I have been around since Ignazio had cheeks, Gianluca had curls, Piero had ears, and facial hair was non-existent. I don’t plan to miss any of their rise to fame. It has been quite a trip so far! Can’t wait for the next ride. Spending all this time with old and new friends here is just icing on my, oh so sweet, Il Volo cake.

      (I don’t know…must be metaphor Sunday.)

    2. John, How beautifully written. Great comments. I do think that not only has Il Volo helped raise the bar of music standards but they have re-introduced the true meaning of a much-mis-used term: “BEL CANTO” . The guys use that term every now and then with intent on its true meaning but in the early 20th century that term got distorted and mis-used. Only recently partly due to our guys are people finally starting to see what “beautiful singing” or better yet: “pure singing” can be like. thanks so much for the great writting.

  24. After going to 5 concerts and Meet & Greets, the fantastic Fan Faire where I finally got to meet so many of you !! ( thank you once again from the bottom of my heart Marie, Myron and Jeannette for all your time and hardwork !!! ) reading Myrons beautifully written accounts of all the activity of the last two months as well as everybody else’s I am left speechless !! Whatever needed to be said has been… and eloquently !! I am thankful for the immense joy these three precious young men have brought to my life for almost seven years and the Flight Crew and Flight Crew family for always being there when I feel the need to express my love for them ( which is often ) !!!
    The North American Tour is now over and our magnificent boys ( they are still and always will be my boys !!) will now WOW many other audiences all over the world with their God given voices and charisma !! They will be missed !!! When they were here we all felt the closeness and now that they are gone we will all feel the distance but they will forever remain close to our hearts no matter where they are in the world. Gianluca,Piero and Ignazio we love you !! Please come back to us soon !!💕💕💕

  25. Alejandra – nice! thanks! poor Gianluca… 🙁 I hope Igna gets some new pants or a belt soon, or his pants will be falling off of him! He’d certainly win any limbo contest!!

    1. Omg, I just saw this on Facebook. You’ll REALLY be feeling bad for Gianluca! LOL
      I can’t stop watching it and I laugh harder each time 😂

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