Personally Speaking~Arrivederci, my friends! ~ Jane



I have such mixed emotions as I write this post.  Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio, we feel in our hearts that you are our us endless love and wonderful memories the past two months as you traveled our country side bringing your BEL CANTO to all who were privileged to see and hear you.  Neither a blizzard, injury nor illness kept you from entertaining thousands of people.  Thank you for your dedication to all of us. 

My heart is heavy in realizing we do not know how long it will be until you return to us again.  Yet my heart is also filled with joy knowing you are doing what your young hearts and souls long to do the most.  You are living your dream.  How many people live their entire life never being able to do just that…live their dream?

I can not think of three more deserving people than the gentle men of IL VOLO, who do their work with such passion, integrity and love.

We will be thinking of you as you continue to tour the world, making it a better and happier place.  We love you and will miss you.


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  1. I feel the same and thanks for expressing what so many of us probably feel. It was nice knowing they were here in the US giving so many an opportunity to see and hear them. Yet, I know there are so many ilvolovers out there who are looking forward to seeing them again or for the first time throughout the world. How wonderful that these three young men have been able to bring such joy, happiness and love to so many!

  2. could we get a group together to go to Sicily and have a personal audience/ concert with them.? Just a crazy thought !

  3. Jane, your post is so true, so beautiful! Thanks, you’ve said it all!!!♡♡♡

  4. Where do we buy Pericopes it looks as if taking pictures with a periscope pictures come out clearer from what I have seen by others taking pictuesw ith periscopes

  5. Yes, Jane that was a wonderful post. My heart is heavy too. We waited sooo long, and then, it seems the Fan Faire, concert, and the M&G were over in a flash! Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, we hope you know our hearts go with you wherever in the world you go.

  6. Thank you for the nice comments. I know we all feel the same sadness every time they leave. They have made such huge imprints on our hearts and in our lives. Yes, Allene, I hope they know our hearts go with them always.

  7. Thank you Jane for so elequently putting our feelings into words. I know they are having the time of their lives but the void they have left behind is huge and won’t be filled until they come back. We can only hope that will be soon. Thank goodness for social media.
    Rose Marie Paliobeis

  8. Beautifully written, Jane, and oh, so true. Saying goodbye to a friend is always difficult, and saying arrivederci to Il Volo is three times the sadness. They have taken our hearts along with them on their journey, but we will wait longingly for the day when they bring them back to us.

  9. They’re members of our families and we are so sad because we don’t have any idea when we will see them again! May all the angels, Jesus, and Mary always keep them safe.

  10. Dear Jane, it is very comforting to read your words about missing our wonderful boys. We all share these deep emotions about our love and affection for them….wishing them every happiness and success…yet, wishing we had more time with them. Thank you for putting together your heartfelt feelings…love to you and all the Flight Crew. Hugs! ♥

  11. Dear Jane, thank you for expressing our thoughts so well. May they come back to us soon, but until they do, and in the meantime, may they travel safely around the world. I know they will give pleasure to many who have yet to see and hear them.

  12. Dear Jane, my sentiments exactly. At my age, I just hope I get to attend
    one or two more concerts. I pray for these singers as they travel so they
    will be safe and have good health. I know we all want them to come back
    to America ASAP but that may not be for a year or two. My daughter and
    I would love to go to Italy and see this country that they love so much and
    meet some of their parents, relatives and friends. I thank the parents of
    these beautiful young men for giving them such a good foundation. It
    just makes me love them and their families more. Jane, and others,
    your thoughts bring tears but it is tears of love for IL VOLO. I can’t wait
    to see them live again and I know they are having fun and giving pleasure
    wherever they are performing. Thank you Il Volo for coming to Oklahoma
    City, as Piero said someone told him Oklahoma was in the center of the
    United States. He said his mom called and asked where he was and he
    said, “I don’t know.” Of course, we all laughed. He was so cute. God
    bless Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. Take care of yourselves until we meet

  13. Love your comments Jane and I feel exactly the same way, I love it when they are here and I am so sad when they leave, because I never know when I’ll see them again, Loving them so much and wishing them well, I am so proud of them, but I guess we have to share them with the world.

  14. Thank you Jane for the beautiful words and it is exactly how I feel about them. We miss them but they are in our hears forever! I hope I get to see them again for the 6th time! Love them to pieces!

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