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Here is an article from our friends, and newest affiliate, Musical Notes Global.  Thank You Erica!

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IlVolovers Fly High at First-Ever Il Volo Fan Faire

On March 25th, at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, the first-ever Il Volo Fan Faire took place.

Organized by Myron and Jeannette of Il Volo Las Vegas, and supported by MNGBlog affiliate Il Volo Flight Crew, the event brought together Il Volo fans from all over the world and provided a unique and intimate setting for them to meet their musical heroes.

Unfortunately, MNGBlog couldn’t be there to share in the excitement first hand but had the opportunity to speak with Myron, as well as Flight Crew administrators Marie and Kelly, about their experiences at this exciting event. 

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3 thoughts on “Flying High With Musical Notes Global”

  1. This is a beautiful article! And yes, we were ALL flying high that night! So looking forward to the next Fan Faire!! Myron, Jeannette, Marie and Kelly…thanks for the great memories!

  2. What a FAN-tactic article !! The Fan Faire was a first but hopefully not the last !!! Finally meeting so many people we have been on FB with face to face was amazing and everyone was like family !!I It was a truly memorable afternoon so definitely count me in for the next one no matter when or where !!! The boys most certainly were taken by surprise !! I don’t think they had any idea what they were walking into !!!! The look on their faces was priceless when they saw 110 Ilvolovers rushing towards them !!! It was a sight to behold !!! Then they quickly regained their composure and were their usual gracious,charming selves walking around enchanting all of us !! Once again I have to say thank you so much Myron, Jeannette,Marie and Kelly for bringing this Fan Faire to fruition !!!

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