Do They Know?

Serving up a flashback for you today.  Unless you’re in the same room with Them… It doesn’t get any better than this!  Thanks for reminding me Ann.

I know many of you have seen this sweet, sweet video.   Look again… What a wonderful surprise for small fan, Francesca!  What a moment for Gianluca!  Is it possible that these guys still don’t realize how special they are?  Watch Gianluca toward the end.   I think, when he cries, he gets a glimpse of just how much he is loved and it overwhelms him.   Heck, it overwhelms me and I don’t understand a single word they’re saying!  I think greatness is like that… It just sneaks up on you, takes you by surprise and there it is!  Doesn’t it Gianluca?

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  1. Thanks for posting this again. It is so beautiful. The look on her little face was so incredible. The love in his eyes and his tears say it all.

  2. I think I’ve had all the sweetness I can take for one day… 😛 A heart can only take so much before it explodes…

  3. I have watched this so many times and I still cry. They are going to be wonderful fathers some day. I hope I’ll be around to see it happen.

  4. Oh Gianluca, you have such a tender heart! And yes, Piero and Ignazio have tender hearts too but its Gianluca that lets us see so easily how he becomes overwhelmed. What I can never quite get over is just how affectionate and sweet these three are with children. This must be something very Italian, I’ve never quite seen the like in non-Italian men. OR is it that that the Ginoble, Barone and Boschetto families have a certain magic they gave these sons?

    1. I feel like Our Guys are angels of Love! (They certainly are in my life!)

      Reminds me of Yeshua saying to allow the children to come to Him. (loose translation)

      I just tweeted to @IlVoloFlightCrw (from @jrd1776) a sweet little clip of Gianluca with an adorable little girl.

      And Gian with Francesca… it feels like so many emotions, being touched by how precious she is, by how much he means to her, by the realization that he can make that much of a difference in someone’s life.

      And I gotta say, I love when Francesca flies into her Dad’s arms. Like she clearly knew he had made this possible.

      Another fantastic blog, Marie! Big {hugs} to you, too!


      1. I agree Jeanine, they are truly angelic while still being all human. As for when Francesca flies into her Daddy’s arms, all I could think was she loves Gianluca and IL VOLO but its Daddy who truly has her heart!

      2. Well said, Pirate!
        And I could see what a precious moment that was for her dad, too. HE will never forget what he was able to give his daughter.

        Oh shoot, tears again!

        So much love…

  5. Oh, how I love that video. It always leaves me with my heart full of love for these incredible young men. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio, I hope you know how very much we love you. Please come back to the states soon.

  6. This is such a lovely video of Gianluca, Il Volo and Francesa. She is such a beautiful little girl and quite talented. Seeing her face when she first hears and sees Gianluca, then seeing Gianluca in tears after they finish singing is so touching and also when she hugs her Dad!

  7. Hey Marie, remember the close-up picture I sent you of Gianluca at this very moment? Perhaps you could post it again, for me, but our other ladies might enjoy it again as well!

  8. In looking at the picture again, it isn’t at that partiular moment I guess, but it’s still Gianluca at one of his most touching moments; glowing through honest tears. Great guy this one!

  9. I cannot remember when I have felt so emotional or touched by anyone as these three. What is it?? I have not exactly met them although I was in a group picture with them. I have never had the opportunity to talk to them but somehow I feel I know them and their music and their personalities touch my heart. Their connection to Francesca in the video and their connection to their fans seems very personal. Love these guys!

  10. This video melted my heart,,and I teared up too!! I love babies and children,and I love Gianluca and IL Volo!! Them two made a perfect adorable pair!! Gianluca is a sweetheart,and it showed when I met him 2 months ago. His mom was sweet too! These guys are angels! I wished that there were more men like Gianluca , ignazio,and Piero!

  11. Again beautiful memory,this video belongs to my best – best – best,thangs Marie !
    For me it´s a fairytale only,in our men so charming and senzitive do not live – unfortunately.

  12. I love this video along with all of you!!! What more can I say?!? Our young men have brought so much joy, pleasure, & happiness to each of us!!! Gianluca, with his sensitive nature is precious! The whole video so beautiful!!! Grande Amore a Tutti!!!

  13. Can you imagine the look on Gianluca’s face when he
    watches the birth of his first baby? I know all of us will be in one big puddle when we see the pictures.
    He is one of a kind, but is too humble to see that!

    1. Oh, Jill. You really got me going thinking about Gianluca experiencing the birth of his first child! (Definitely a baby girl would be perfect.) Gives me shivers to think of it! I love Gian’s tender heart!

      In awe,

  14. Gianluca is indeed one of a kind. We have seen on numerous videos even from a very early age, how he reacts when he is happy. He wears his emotions on his sleeve. I am so proud to have been in the same room with these three incredible youngmen in Las Vegas as well as all you wonderful people. Yes, they will be great fathers one day, but for now, let’s enjoy thier youthful presence which makes us feel young at heart as well.

  15. Of course they have a lot of living to do before they become fathers, but when it happens they will be wonderful. For now though let’s enjoy them as they are, great examples of what every woman wants, loving, generous, intelligent, loyal, and I could go on and on. And they cook🎤🍜 or at least Gianluca and Ignazio do. Piero can make music in the kitchen😊

    1. Oh Rose Marie, thank you for that vision!

      Gianluca and Ignazio Chicken Marsala, please. Piero, “E Lucevan Le Stelle”, will do. Now… Get busy guys! What? Oh first you all want to sing “Eternally” to me? Well, OK if you must.

    1. Marie, I thought you might share the Boschetto , we could ask for 2 spoons. But I’ll take the Gelato and the Panini. thank you very much. Save me the crumbs please.

  16. on the original theme at the top of this post (now that dinner is done ! ! )

    I can’t help repeating this story because it struck me the same way: Do they know ?
    The concert is the night after Vegas in Hollywood at the Dolby Theatre where Gianluca introduced his version of “Bridge over troubled water” that I have ranted and raved about previously. After the concert back stage I talked with him about putting that song in late in the tour. He was worried that people would like it. I can still hear him asking me: ” did you like it? Do you think it went ok ? ” GOOD GOD ! I could not respond except to hug him. He had just blown away the entire theater leaving them speechless and in tears and yet was still unsure.

    1. Gianluca, we LOVE Bridge Over Troubled Waters ~ and You!
      Grazie! è spettacolare!

      And, Myron, thanks for this glimpse into Gianluca’s thoughts and feelings. It is so heart warming to hear your personal experience stories.

      {{hugs}} all around,

      1. Wow! Just watched Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and my cat came over and snuggled in my arms right away. Tomorrow he will have his first 3-month check-up after surgical removal of cancer. He is healthy, and his now half-tail is expressive and beautiful as ever. Truly, as always, his “time has come to shine”

        I’m grateful he (and I!) was so nurtured by Gianluca’s singing.

        Sweet night, all,

    2. I grew up loving Bridge Over Troubled Water, especially as Art Garfunkel sang it. Only his version, not Elvis. So when Gianluca began singing it in San Diego I just held my breath but then his rich silky baritone washed over me as the song used to do years and years ago. Oh yeah, Gianluca made it his and I think I felt him squeeze my heart with its emotion once again. Bravo Gianluca!

  17. re:
    Bridge – there are various videos from different cities and a few from L.A. I would suggest giving the one that is by Joan Greenspan because that is not only L.A. but it includes Gianluca’s wonderful introduction which sets the scene so perfectly.

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