Greetings from Zdena

February and March were so busy for our site that I had to hold some nice articles back.  Here’s one.

I am not editing this very much.  I only wish I had as fine a command of a second language.  It’s perfect the way it is.

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Hi friends, maybe you have some have heard of the BAMBINO DI PRAGA or JESULUS PRAGENSIS or INFANT JESUS OF PRAGUE.  Original 48 cm statue is located in Czech Republic in Prague at the Church of Virgin Mary the Victorious.  Architect of the temple was probably Giovanni Marie Filippi – Italian by birth. Copies of the statues are found in all parts of the world.  Statuette comes from Spain and according to legend, it gave St TERESA of JESUS – the founder of the Discalced Carmelitas – but it is a long history…

Carmelite sisters regularly Bambino dress – Catholics still bring a new dress – Bambino has more than 100 different outfits.  Visit the church every year about 2 million faithful who come to pray and give thanks for being heards pleas.  Pope Benedict XVI visited Prague September 26, 2009 year and gave Infant golden crown.  Jesu now has three different crowns.

My personal plea to Infant Jesus is that all friends which you go on a long journey to be able to spend a few moments with our beloved boys returned health and well in their homes!

All together ask weirs to protect G+I+P on their travels supplied them with strength, energy, health and so on.  Of course for their families and all the great people around them who prepared them and ensures great career.  And if any of you visited Prague do not forget to visit also our BAMBINO.

JESU can have had to do miracles and meet request cordially greets!


7 thoughts on “Greetings from Zdena”

  1. God Bless you Zdena that was absolutely beautiful. I add my prayers for our beautiful young men & their families & promoters & people who work hard to play for them & put together their concerts & I add a prayer for me.

  2. Thankyou. Zdena! A lovely post! Now I want to go to Prague also! Please add my prayer for our wonderful young men & all those who work so hard to forward their careers ! I keep our sweethearts, families, friends & all connected with them in my nitely prayers!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero have a great day!!! Love you so much!!!

  3. Zdenka,
    vďaka za pekný príspevok. 🙂 Samozrejme Jezuliatko poznám, a ak by som raz išla do Prahy, určite by som ho chcela vidieť. 🙂 Už len jeden pohľad naň vyvoláva blažený pocit pri srdci a evokuje čistú božiu lásku… <3
    (Zdenka, thanks for the nice post. Of course I know Infant Jesus and if once I'll go to Prague, I would definitely like to see him. 🙂 Just one glance on him induces a feeling of blissful in the heart and evokes the pure love of God .. <3 )

  4. How beautiful to bless and pray for our guys and their families, and us followers! They evoke such power and love amongst total strangers. They truly are love and are still humble and overwhelmed when we tell them how they have changed our lives so much for the better! May God continue to protect them from the evil in this world as well as their families, friends, and fans. Grazie, Zdena!

  5. Hi Pirate,Marie,Loretta,Anne,Lydka,Jana,
    l thank you all for your kind words.l really appreciate them.
    Greetigs Z.

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