Three Video’s ~ Too Cute ~ Must Share!

Last Friday Kelly gave us a Flashback.  It was fun.   I’d like to do the same today….one each:




14 thoughts on “Three Video’s ~ Too Cute ~ Must Share!”

  1. A star was born. Reminds me of Sinatra, his and my idol, wearing that white suit in a movie when he sang “Old Man River” if I remember correctly!

  2. Marie, if I were at a concert and Gianluca walked out with curly hair I would pass out.
    What a difference a few years make. Thanks for the memories.

    Rose Marie

  3. Thanks Kelly for the flash back and Gianluca winning the contest. Also When Piero sang Mama . I felt like I was sitting next to his Mom as his grandma. Joanie G

  4. Everytime I see a talented child on America’s Got Talent (or anything like it,) I cringe because the prize is something totally inappropriate for a child ( performing in Vegas as a child???) but watching this video I think the Italians got it right. Gianluca wins the show and what does he get? Gets to sing Italy’s national anthem. Bravo, add maybe a scholarship and it would be perfect.
    Of course we all know he really did win the best prize in the entire world: Two of the best singers he could ever hope to be with and together they conquer the world!

    Oh and he is just cuter than a bug in this video!

    1. You are so right. Their contests for children are so adorable and they all had .good voices. That’s the way it should be – for children. Our boys were of course THE BEST… How lucky we are to be on their marvelous journey.

  5. Pirate, you are so right…a show in Vegas is not what we need to be giving to children…a scholarship, yes!

    Marie, these videos are just great. It always amazes me to revisit Piero’s younger days and hear that power house of a voice!!
    Ignazio making a snow angel is a classic!
    Gianluca is simply precious in that white suit with those curls
    Thanks for making my Friday great! 🙂

  6. Love seeing them in their early days. Check out Piero back then. The voice is certainly there, but who knew he would also turn into such a hunk? They all have become such wonderful, handsome and charismatic gentlemen.

    1. Oh Janet so true , so true! He was on the chunky side in the beginning and then BOOM he got slim, his face narrowed out, his ears magically went back closer to his head and he could suddenly give Gian and Igna a run for being most handsome!. Now days he is also most hunky too! Wowza!!!

      1. Pirate, you make me laugh. Love you ladies! But Ignazio is still my guy. Marie might not agree with that though.

  7. I have often wondered about their parents – just when did they realize that their lives were going to turn upside down? What did they think? What did they do to prepare? How could they prepare for being the world travelers they have all become? Just wondering…..

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