Personally Speaking~Papa Gaetano ~ By Mary Bohling



Did you sense, Papa Gaetano, as you held your precious little son on your shoulders, that someday he would be loved by thousands of people around the world for his talent, his humility, and graciousness?

Could you have imagined that he would spread the knowledge of the beauty of Italy and its bel canto music across the globe?

Could you have dreamed that your love and care in the raising of this child would ultimately result in a relationship with him that would grow even stronger as he grew up and went out on his own to pursue a life changing career that would include your participation?

Did you know how important you would be to him and to his future?

I guess you must have, because you have nurtured him, loved him and given him the opportunities that were needed in preparing for what was to come.

You have taught him to be kind and generous, to be loving to children and old folks aliketo be humble in the presence of adoring fans, and especially to love and cherish God and family.

Good job, Gaetano….good job well done.mary papa2


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  1. So true. Such nurturing parents. You can see how they are still somewhat in disbelief as they travel around the world with their wonderfully talented sons.

  2. Mary I told you how much I love what you write when I saw you at the Fan Faire and you have done it again words so heartfelt and true just beautiful thank yo for your post today.

  3. Mary,what a wonderful post. I met Gaetano after the meet and greet in Las Vegas. I was by the box office, and saw him wandering around, and decided to go over and say hello. I had been carrying around three beautiful pictures of the guy’s hoping they would sign them, but they did’nt get a chance to .
    I only speak a few word’s in Italian but with his few word’s in English and mine in Italian I thought we would get by. I walked up to him and greeted him and showed him the photo of Piero. I have never seen anyone’s face light up as his did,and the smile almost brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful Papa he is. I thanked him, and he still had that smile on his face!

  4. Sensitive,precisely,very nice!
    Me can l say only – good job Mary well done – as always!

  5. Thank you Mary, such gracious words. I wish I had been so good with words when I met Senor Gaetano Barone. Right after my M &G in San Diego The ladies I sat with and I spotted him sitting off to the side with other people. So they went first and greeted him. I, El Dorko, thought I would try and speak to him in Italian …What should be the second word that comes out of my mouth? I said “Ciao, SENORA Barone” I realized immediately my mistake. I was horrified but he just laughed “Ohh SENOR Barone!” Then totally flustered and embarrassed I just looked at him and said “Thank you, thank you for Piero” and I put my left hand over my heart as I patted that hand with my right. He gave me a radiant smile and said “Thank you very much” IN ENGLISH!!! Despite my embarrassment I hope he told Piero about this wackjob crazy Americana who called him SENORA and I hope they both laughed

  6. Mary, thank you for the beautiful words of praise for Piero’s father! We were lucky to have met him in Nashville and Vegas this year! He’s so kind!
    Our guys are so blessed to have such wonderful parents.

  7. Mary, I love the way you have put this. I’ll bet he had no idea who his son would become…but he sure does now…and this is only the beginning of his career. Love the way you write! 🙂

  8. Mary thank you so much for this! Your words are beautiful! Father & Son’s relationship is wonderful! I am so thankful that I have Il Volo in my life!!!

  9. Mary, I met Gaetano in Las vegas and as I have said before, I told him Piero was my favorite and he said “me too” in english. He had just hit 21 on the blackjack table and my friend and I hooped and hollerd. He had such a big grin on. He gave me a thumbs up for my attenpt at Italian. I could only say good morning, good afternoon and good night. I wish I had taken a photo of he and I. It would be a treasure Joanie G

    1. Joan, thats a great little story! I love that he said “me too” about Piero and I love that he won blackjack! Someday I hope we read an article about the Parents and siblings of IL VOLO.

  10. Mary
    Your comments are so beautiful. Is there any love more precious than the love between a parent and child? I am filled with deep emotion seeing the special and beautiful relationships our guys have with their loving parents. Il Volo’s humility, kindness and tenderness are a direct result of their amazing upbringing by their parents. It is rare and very special to witness. May God bless their parents and may God continue to bless those special guys and their families. They are truly a blessing to all of us.

  11. Very nice writing. Obviously Piero was raised by wonderful parents as he turned put to be such a wonderful young man. Imagine the thrill his parents must get every time they hear the praise of their son.

  12. Dear Mary, I, along with everyone, loved your wonderful words about Papa Barone and his son. Thank you!! He is a dear man and so cordial and sweet when I met him in Chicago and took a picture. He commented how sleepy he was….imagine all the energy it takes to travel hither and yon keeping things organized for his son. Such devotion and love. I am happy they will all have some time at home. I can only imagine how glad he will be returning home to the rest of the family….all of the boys, fathers and IV team. Happy Mother’s Day to all …..hugs and kisses. ♥

  13. Mary this is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful father who raised and nurtured a wonderful son, grandson,brother and friend who now proudly shares him with the world I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Gaetano a number of times but I had a particularly memorable encounter with him in Las Vegas one morning. He was walking through the the casino with a bottle of apple juice for Piero so he would have it when he woke up. He stopped and talked to me,Madeline and Deborah for 15 minutes and even showed us photos of the renovations in Piero’s apartment which is attached to theirs. He had tears in his eyes when he talked to us about missing his family in Italy. He is an amazing man who is totally devoted to his son and the rest of his beautiful family. I feel honored to have been able to meet this extraordinary man.

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