Personally Speaking~Listen Up World~ By Mary Bohling





Listen up, world, pay attention today.

There’s beautiful music coming your way…

Music you’ve been so long waiting for

Is coming to you…you’ll be asking for more.

These handsome Italians will come to impart

Their glorious voices to capture your heart.

The mission they share is to bring joy to you,

And peace and love, and brotherhood, too.

When they come to you you’ll be under their spell.

They have a story for all and they do it so well.

So listen up, world, to these wonderful guys,

Their music will thrill you, you’ll soar to the skies.

They’re coming to places all over the globe

Keep watching for them, your joy will explode.

Il Volo’s the name you need to remember,

So listen up, world, you’ll love them forever.




13 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Listen Up World~ By Mary Bohling”

  1. Great poem Mary! I always feel that once people have really had a chance to see and listen to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, they have to be completely smitten and love them and their music.

  2. Thank you, Mary! They are family, so, of course we will love them forever!😍❤️💖

  3. Perfetto, Mary!
    These last couple nights I’ve been soaring on their music, and tonight it carried me through having to go back to wearing a brace while my body heals from an old injury. I’m trusting that with the spirit of IL VOLO in my heart, I’ll be dancing again soon!

    I just shared IL VOLO on Twitter with another musical artist who seemed to need an uplift.

    Tornera l’amore! 💕

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