Enchanting … In any Language ~~ Jeanine

Ahhh the sweetness of this interview!

So many nuances highlighting our magnificent beloved IL VOLO brothers.

What do you see here?…










We know these guys like family.Β  Tell us a story of what stole your heart in this beauty-full interview!


29 thoughts on “Enchanting … In any Language ~~ Jeanine”

  1. Wow, Jeanine! Who is that lively extrovert who speaks such beauty-full English and where is Gianluca? You know… The kid who was so shy he sang to the wall.

    1. So great to see our Gianluca as he is now! expressive, real, and always charming. Speaking of charming, Marie… what a perfect title for this piece! Thank you!

      And a side thought… I’ve never liked when people say “never change” (whether to the guys or in my high school yearbook). Gianluca is an awesome example. He keeps changing to be more and more his true self! As do Ignazio and Piero.

      So I say thanks for continuing to evolve into
      your true be-you-to-full selves, IL VOLO & ilvolovers! 😊
      Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. You guys are so right about our Gianluca. He has evolved into a very funny and witty guy. Not to mention his voice. When he sings the opening verses of ‘LEMMENSITA, you notice the sexiness of his deep voice. Drives me nuts.

  2. Jeanine, this is so great! All of it stole my heart, but especially when they break into Volare…no music, just beat…always in tune and time! Love the way they glide from language to language…thinking back to when they first started and spoke such broken English. Thanks for sharing this. Love seeing the interviews that we can understand. All appear so relaxed and enjoying life!

  3. These beloved young men are so many things. They strive to always be inclusive of others. They patiently, and kindly work to make everyone a part of the conversation. Their words, their encouragement, and eye contact make everyone included. This is an amazing skill for kids this age. Their parents and nurturers should be very proud of their young men.

  4. Jeanine, thank you so much!!! I loved every syllable of this interview!!! True, they have not mastered Portugal’s language which I take, is spoken in Brazil! ( give them time!) I thought Brazil spoke Spanish but what do I know?!? Our Gianluca was quite vocal! Usually it is Piero & Ignazio controlling the conversation!!! This was such a fun interview!!! The host & the interpreter , plus the guys had a great time!!! Have to say, I love them!!! No more posting problems, Marie!

  5. They are always very kindly, funny, spontaneously charming in the interviews. πŸ™‚
    Today it is seven years after the publication of the first video with the song O Sole Mio πŸ™‚ Nice to reminisce:

    1. Thanks so much for sharing wonderful videos like this one, giving us the historic or inside story, Lydka! I loved seeing the slightest hints of their unique future styles in this video.


      1. Personally, I love this song and this video was first that I saw from them and from that moment I started to like them. πŸ™‚ .You can see young talents who slowly getting out of conch and can see personalities who are at the beginning of their way to become great charming singers in the future ! Their potential is so visible here. Sweet children’s faces with adult voices which from the first moment catch your heart and attention..You must begin to love them. πŸ™‚

    2. Yes they all have changed and for the better. They were so cute then but look at them now. Their voices were great then considering their young ages and I love that in this video, their body language is so adorable. Even Gianluca is swaying to the beautiful beat of the music. It comes naturally for Piero and Ignazio. Now, their voices are so powerful. and their stage presence, unbelievable. Everything they do now is still the same but so much. Hope the years and success will not hurt or change them. We all love them as they are.

  6. Love. These. Ilvolo. Guys. You. Are. Sooooo. Right. They. Pocess. All. Those. Atttributes. Enjoy. Them. Immensile

  7. True confessions…
    I have watched this interview so many times! So fun, expressive, heart-filled.

    I love Gianluca’s explanation of the difference between baritone and tenor, with examples and how Ignazio pops in to demonstrate, and then Piero including Gentili. Thought of you, too, Myron, and wondered if you had any reflections on this.

    And I can’t say for sure why, but I love Gianluca’s hands. Seeing them in his explanation of vocal extension was sweet. Anyone else feel Gian’s gentleness in his hands?

    Ahhhh… heading into my day alll smiles!

  8. There are indeed many things to like in this video. I love how comfortable they appeared. Yeah I’d say Gianluca isn’t that shy boy anymore. Of course it was great to hear them explain their sound via difference of baritone and tenor. I’d love to hear read what Myron thought of this.
    I wish I understood the bit about the pizza…Ignazio sounded a bit strangled as he looked at the disaster of the first one, but I haven’t a clue about this bit at all!
    Thanks for sharing this and your thoughts Jeanine!

    1. I, too, would love a complete translation, Pirate! Maybe the thing about the pizza had to do with Brazilian impressions of Italians or miscommunications between Portugese and Italian?

      Anyone able to translate more for us?


  9. Sorry I took so long to get to view this video. Busy time here with the end of the concert season.

    I loved this interview and the guys were fun and relaxed even if with multiple languages (that would drive me nuts ! ) – They handle it so well.
    comments on view: having just seen them various times recently where we were face-to-face 14 inches apart I am always struck by how much bigger them look on TV. Not only taller but larger all over. When, in fact, they are all smaller in real life. Those at the Fan Faire can vouch as to how short and slender both Gianluca and Piero are. Even Ignazio is shorter than I am at 5’11”. This is not bad. It is just cute and interesting.

    1. You are so right Myron in regards to them being bigger on these videos. At the FAN FAIRE, a group of us were standing by the slot machines when 3 girls started screaming while following this young man clad in black sweat outfit and a very large man at his side. The YOUNGMAN stopped, took one of the girl’s camera, huddled them together and took a selfie and then he was whisked away by his escort. That was Gianluca. They were about 5 feet away from us. We all commented on how small he was and very thin but the face, oh my, the face was magnificent. They are all smaller in person even Ignazio. I hope we can all get together again because after that day, there was an emptiness which I felt for a few days. I enjoyed meeting you all.

  10. Comment on their discussion about voices and tenor and baritone.

    Gianluca was struggling with the Italian to English translation in a funny way.
    In English the two words that are important are these:
    RANGE (total range or register) which means that he starts by singing the lowest note he can and then going step by step up to the highest note he can sing. Example: if Gianluca (or the others) stood by the piano and played note after note going up the scale starting as low as he could go and then continue up until he cannot reach any higher. The highest notes would be thin and tight and hard to do and lowest notes would be thin and barely there. But all the rest of the notes are fine.

    So then you try it again but start only on the lowest note that you are comfortable with and can sing with full , rich sound easily. Then go step by step up to the highest note that you can sing easily with total tone control and full rich sound.

    That is called ” TESSITURA ” (nice Italian word) each singer should try to only sing within their tessitura – that is the highest to lowest comfortable notes.

    As a baritone Gianluca’s tessitura will run about 2 1/2 to 3 octaves plus he has a very fine falsetto which takes him even higher. His lowest notes will be about 4 to 6 notes lower than Piero or Ignazio. But he won’t be able to go as high as either of those two.

    Piero and Ignazio as tenors will start a little higher (as I said – 4 to 6 notes higher) but be able to go about 4 to 6 notes higher than Gianluca. Ignazio has the highest range since he is a lyric tenor. Piero can go a little lower than Ignazio but not as low as Gianluca.

    The middle of all three ranges is about 2 octaves of the same notes.

    The big difference is the tone. Piero and Ignazio have a lighter and brighter sound while Gianluca has a darker, richer and resonant sound as it typical of baritones. He will also eventually add bass notes to his range.

    So when he was talking about “extension” he was talking about range or register. Then later they were talking about “tessitura”.

    1. Myron, this is awesome! Thank you so much for your clarification and terminology. I thought you’d have some juicy insights for us! 😊

      Myron, Marie, I wonder if Myron’s comments might also be posted as a separate blog with a different title. Or used in part and elaborated on, if there’s anything else you wish to say on a similar topic, Myron. And if you want to repost the interview with it, you could include a time-marker as to when Gianluca begins the discussion of “extension” or register.

      And I find myself wondering if there have been changes in their register in these OMG (!) SEVEN YEARS! Which makes me think of an extended piece on the development of their voices over this time. Oh, Myron, I am so good at thinking of work for other people! You, most of all.

      We love your contributions, Myron. Grazie mille!

      1. The answer is yes. You can take a look at the article I wrote on this site for August 26, 2013 which covers this sort of technical stuff. The human voice is the last organ in the human body to mature fully – usually by around age 33 to 35yrs.

      2. Thanks so much, Myron.
        And it was fun for me to scroll back through all your Music Notes blogs (Wow!). At which point I landed on
        for anyone who would like to review Myron’s article that he referenced. Amazing… almost 3 years ago that you wrote that lovely piece, Myron!

        Thanks again, Myron, for all your contributions which enlighten and uplift us, even giving us some wonderful inside perspectives.


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