Personally Speaking ~ The Art of Fan Seduction ~

Thank you, Gary Istok
Thank you, Gary Istok


Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio have conquered the ART OF FAN SEDUCTION long ago!



To SUCCUMB…to yield to superior strength or force or overpowering appeal or desire.  Even Liliana, Michele’s sister ( with arms around Piero!)  and friends have joined the many fans who have experienced the overpowering appeal of these guys!




When they are not enticing us all  on stage with those beautiful voices,  they work the crowd like pros during the Meet and Greets.  And it isn’t an act…they are as genuine as they come across, ALL OF THE TIME.




Always taking turns of course like the true gentlemen they are, but I think Ignazio is keeping track of how long that hug lasts so he gets the same!




Never leaving one to feel left out.  What goes around…comes around.




With children taking top priority!  All three guys just melt into puddles when the little ones appear.




What the world needs now is pure love and joy like these three give so freely to all who cross their path.



Yes, Gianluca, hearing your incredible voices is how you  gained your first music fans.  And now through the years you guys sure know how to get music fans and keep them from all over the world!  You all have that seductive quality about you  just by being Italian, but you add those extraordinary voices to the package and LOOK OUT!




Picture credits to All Things Il Volo





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  1. Thank you Jane for the wonderful piece about the “boys” and your sentiments under each picture. I just think these guys have mastered the art of everything, both professional and personal. They seduce us, and all around them every day.
    Long may they continue !! Have a great Summer guys.

    1. Marion, and what is so awesome is that they look like they don’t even have to try! They are blessed with so many qualities that naturally draw people to them!

  2. Jane, great pictures and I love the captions. Our young men of Il Volo have mastered all they survey. We, the grandmothers of Il Volo, love them more than they will ever know. For all the good things they have brought into our lives, we thank them, and wish them the best life has to offer them.

  3. Jane, I’ve tried several times to write something appropriate, but keep returning to the photos you posted for another look. It’s hopeless! Yes, they have seduced us. What a blessing!

      1. Jane I’m with Linda. Hopelessly seduced and loving it.

        I also agree with whatever Rose Marie decided not to say!!!😛

  4. Seduction is the perfect word: “to persuade someone to be led astray, to tempt, especially for the first time.” We were all led astray by the fantastic voices, the way they tempt us into loving them without end, and learning to love their music and their personalities for the first time. Literally, they have changed my life! And the things they do for their fans go above and beyond the call of duty. For such young men, they really do have a grasp on what’s important. Thanks for the article, made a great start to my day!

  5. Jane, love all the photos & the captions !!! I have been lost in their seduction since I saw them in the first song on Il Volo Takes Flight on PBS!!!to me they are perfection in all aspects !!! I hope that I will be here a few more years to know just how high this Flight is continuing!!! Enjoy your relax time, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!! Grande Amore a tutti!!!

    1. Anne, thinking back to that very first song we all heard them sing…what a trip this has been…and will continue to be!!

  6. Jane, you are so right! At my one and only M&G, I remember very little except I think someone moved me from one hug to another, starting with Gianluca! I was struck mute, but I know I was there because I have photos!! They are masters in their arts!! I’m a Nonna fan, and we rank just below the children….I’m happy with that!♡♡♡

    1. Dorothy, ANYTHING that connects me to them makes me happy…being a grandma-fan has been pure joy!

  7. Jane, I can feel the hugs through your photos. I wish it was for real. I can’t wait until next time. I miss them now. They will be seeing the pope in Poland this week. Looking forward to photos of that .Joanie G

  8. What a lovely and loving post! It will keep me smiling all day. What this world needs is more hugs!

  9. The guys are great “HUGGERS” indeed. They are so genuine and so polite. I just love them. Have a great day beautiful people.

    1. Prese,” genuine” should be the middle name of each of the three guys!
      Gianluca Genuine Ginoble
      Piero Genuine Barone
      Ignazio Genuine Boschetto

      There…now that makes perfect sense to me! 🙂

      1. Jane, what lovely an appropriate middle names. It suits them well. Take care sweetie.

  10. Dorothy, I like you know I hugged all three. I
    remember Gianluca’s and Ignazio’s hug but
    can’t remember Piero’s. I remember saying
    to Gianluca that I couldn’t believe that I
    actually got to go to a concert and I told
    him “he was my hero.” I looked over and
    Piero was looking right at me, so I said “well
    really all three of you are my heroes.” I love
    them so much. Thank you Jane for the good
    tribute to “our boys.” I can’t wait to go to
    another concert. From a nonna who who loves
    these guys.

    1. Dorothy, I love that you were able to tell them they were your heroes. What a beautiful compliment!

    1. Note to photos: Gianluca met the children of AGBE Onlus on July 22 on the occasion of receiving the award Dean Martin and especially met with little Sofia, a great little fan.

      1. Here is translation, not the best, but you will understand:
        The dream of Sofia, immediately after transplantation, was to have three roses and every day asked his mother in the hospital, but mom could not do it, too risky contact with external objects for those who still had low immunity .
        The demands of the small (girl) continued despite the negatives, and so the mother asked her, “Sofia, do you need three roses?”, The small unhesitatingly replied: ” Are for Gianluca.” Finally arrived the day of the resignation, the little girl could return home; the AGBE knew of that dream and did activities on bringing together the small with her idol.
        A relay race of solidarity among parents has meant that thanks to the news of the awarding of a prize to the young artist, in Abruzzo, precisely in Pescara, the occasion was perfect to achieve the dream of the small.Sofia this morning was the star of one of the sweetest scenes and exciting that the eyes of a parent could wish to see, she is directed toward him, heedless of the public and the award ceremony in progress, and with a huge bouquet of flowers made of balloons gave the famous roses to Gianluca that seeing her arrive, without knowing who she was, he got up from his chair to hug her.This audience erupted into applause and Sofia has realized her dream.To support the business of our small (girl) there were her friends from AGBE that accompanied her, and they rejoiced with her.A big thank to Gianluca that once again has shown that among his most marked talents never lack generosity and sensitivity.

  11. Yes, Jane, these three young Italian men seduced me from the first time I saw them on the PBS Special from Detroit. They were just boys then, but their voices just sent me over the moon. Now they have grown into fine handsome young men, and have wrapped themselves tightly around my heart. I, also, feel like they are my Italian grandsons. No nonna could ever be any prouder of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca than I am.

      1. Jane, such an appropriate topic: HUGS–something that the whole world needs more of. Thanks to our guys for being so comfortable with hugging. It’s what we all want when we go to the Meet and Greet, and they are always happy to oblige no matter how young or old we are. And you are so right, Jane–it’s their genuineness that makes them so special and real.

  12. Mary, human touch…something we all long for…especially with these three darling young men who are so special to all of us.

  13. Jane mi piace molto quello che hai scritto, e’ vero questi ragazzi sono portatori di tante cose positive,perchè oltre ad avere magnifiche voci , diffondono amore, fratellanza , rispetto, in modo del tutto naturale e questo li rende SPECIALI, si perchè il loro atteggiamento non è costruito per ingraziarsi i fans, loro sono così spontanei e naturali e chi li conosce bene lo ammette.
    Certo sono un poco gelosa, voi tutti avete bellissime foto con loro, abbracci a non finire e a piu’ riprese grazie ai meet e greet, ma io non mi arrendo.
    Intanto sono contenta perchè ieri ho ricevuto i miei biglietti per il 19/05/2017 Arena di Verona. Evvai!!!

    Spero che la traduzione sia buona, google traductor.
    Un abbraccio a tutti.

    Jane I really like what you have written , it is true these guys are carriers of many positive things , because as well as having magnificent voices , spread love, brotherhood, respect , so quite natural and this makes them SPECIAL , is because their attitude is not built to appease the fans , they are so spontaneous and natural , and those who know them well admit it .
    Of course I’m a little jealous , you all have wonderful pictures with them , hugs to no end , and on several occasions thanks to the meet and greet , but I do not give up .
    Meanwhile, I’m happy because yesterday I received my tickets for the 05.19.2017 at ‘ Arena di Verona . Yay !!

    I hope that the translation is good , google translation .
    Hugs to all.

  14. My heart has always been full of love for these 3 beautiful & wonderful young men who have always returned our feelings at a meet & greet. The first meet & greet in Toronto at Massy Hall was caotic but they were so generous when a few times a man said to me when I was walking around did I want a picture with the guys & of course I said YES & that man asked me 3 times & 3 times I have pictures with them at their first meet & greet at Massy Hall. I guess they were wondering if I was someone important but I wasn’t I was just trying to see them when they were in different groups & I said to my son I wish I could get a picture of Ignazio & he said ask him & just then he backed into me from pictures with someone else & I asked him & I have a wonderful picture of Ignazio with my goofey face beside his & God knows what I was looking at. Even my son said what on earth were you looking at & I can’t answer because I don;t remember, I think I was dumbstruck.

    1. Loretta, but you WERE someone important! They feel each of their fans is important to them by allowing us into their lives the way they do. 🙂

      1. Jane your a lovely lady to say something so nice. At the time about 2009 they were just starting out & I’m sure they appreciated any recognition they got. Then I was green also but now I’m not letting any moment get away from me tbat I can get a hug especially from Ignazio. It is nice to belong to a site that we can show our love & caring for each other.

  15. Italy couldn’t have better ambassadors if the whole of Italy applied for the job. I do not think Italy, or rather the powers that be, realize this. If my grandson who is only 7 turns out to half as good,kind , respectful,happy and all the other good adjectives, then I will be more than pleased !!!

  16. Video from SocialPoli :Salerno a city in southern Italy on the Amalfi Coast with beautiful landscapes!
    Bonus: some classes of billiard in Vietri Sul Mare with Silvana Arias and our friends the Barone brothers (1:26 minute).

  17. Oh how shy little Gianluca has grown! That photo of him up at the top is one of the most seductive photos I have ever seen from a man who isn’t even trying!

    I just gotta say I love the IL VOLO Fight Crew. Each day it cheers me, entices me and creates all sorts of mental havoc of the BEST kind!

    1. Arrr, you crazy pirate you. When did we become the Il Volo “fight crew”
      Nobody told me !lol
      But I digress, we were talking about Gianluca . Did everyone see the wonderful picture that Pierosmagic tweeted today of Gianluca?

      1. Jill , Arrr me, a crazy pirate!?! Why I , oh wait, yes, I AM a crazy pirate! You asked me when did we become the IL VOLO Flight Crew! Well, me heartie lass, we, ye and me and all the other daft folks about became part and parcel of the Flight Crew when we joined this here place. Now tis true that it is owned by none other than the infamous and witty Marie and the lovely and clever Kelly but when we came aboard this spritely site we became part of Crew!
        We are a famous lot of infamous women and men who are interested in all that can be said of our three humble but righteously famous Italiano co-captains the Dashing Gianluca, Ignazio the Bodacious and the Delicious Piero!

        Ask Marie if I be right or I be wrong! I’ll look for Igor while you do ,that dang bird is off singing Vooooooo-LAAARR-YYY and I need to send him off to Marion for sinigng lessons! AVAST!

    2. I was thinking the same as you Pirate. Considering when he started he was so shy & now he is practically the leader of the pack & truly knows how to turn on the charm & that picture is very seductive..

  18. Thank you Jane and it’s all true. Once you see and hear them and especially learn more about them, you can’t help but love them for so many reasons. Thanks also Lydka for the article on Gianluca. That is one of the biggest reasons they are so special, they are just so loving and caring with little children and their faces just light up when they see them!

  19. Gorgeous comment and photos of the ‘little guys (and I should REALLY stop calling them that I suppose, since they’re not ‘little guys’ anymore, but rather beautiful men!). Yep, they seduced me from the first moment I saw them all those years ago, (especially a certain Sicilian with piercing brown eyes, a warm, gentle smile and red glasses heeheehee; I ‘succumbed’ to him at first sight’). Thank you also Lydka for the video of Salerno and of the ‘Barone brothers’ playing their beloved pool LOL!

  20. Thank You, Jane ! That B & W photo of Piero on the stairs, laying back in the arms of Liliana and surrounded by Wonderful, Older Women (“W.O.W”) is priceless ! ( I have always had the feeling that Piero would be happiest with a woman older than himself. He just seems, to me, to be older than his age. I can’t seem to explain it exactly, but I can easily picture him falling in love with ‘an older woman’!

    1. Laura, if Piero follows in the footsteps of Gianluca and Ignazio, he will fall in love with an “older woman”. Martina and Alessandra are both older than our young men.
      Marie, I’m so happy you agreed with my “censored comment”. It’s nothing that you haven’t thought of I’m sure. But we are just having a little fun. I just adore these guys. My granddaughter loves Gianluca’s eyebrows, Piero’s hands, me I just love Igna.

      1. Not knowing a thing about their girlfriends other than their first names, your info is a surprise for me. That is real proof of their sincere appreciation of all womankind and another credit to them and their mature attitude. Thanks, Rose Marie.

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