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  1. A day with Piero would be spent just talking while having dinner at my favorite Ohio winery. I think he would like that. He would sing to me after dinner.

    A day with Gianluca would be spent just staring at him…while he sings to me.

    A day with Ignazio would have to be spent in the ER with me attached to a defibrillator…while he sings to me.

    1. I would expect Ignazio to give you a little CPR first. Or you can have the defibrillator, I’ll take the CPR treatment. Thank you very much. Of course he would have to stop singing while performing CPR.

  2. I would like Ganluca to croon to me.

    With Piero I would like him to sing the loudest song he could find & hold the notes as long as he can

    BUT with Ignazio my hearthrop I want to go for a lloonngg walk with him just talking & hiding from everyone whlie he sings a special song just for me.

  3. I would go to the coast of my beautiful state and spend the time talking getting to know tge person and sharing my thoughts

  4. A day with Piero would be spent dancing the samba until the wee hours of the morning!!

    A day with Gianluca would be spent talking and listening to his beautiful philosophy of life and living.

    A day with Ignazio would be spent in the ER waiting room hoping Marie makes it!

  5. a day with Piero I would just keep looking at him. I would have my arms around him while he sings no puerde ser to me Joanie G

  6. Due to my age I can not afford ‘heart attack” moments therefore I would like to go to a little Italian restaurant with all three boys and spend hours getting to know them and finding out what really makes them who they are. That does not mean that in my “evil mind” I would not have some “18 year old” thoughts.

    1. Not evil minds, just wishful thinking, Wishing I was 25 again, obviously they like women a little older than they are. Wishing I could carry a tune so I could sing along with them. Wishing I was 25 again, oh, did I say that already?

  7. A day with Piero would be at the beach talking and romping in the surf because the beach is his place to have fun and relax !!!

    With Ignazio I would love to go on a leisurely horseback ride on a beautiful wooded path and then a delicious lunch with lots of talk and laughter !!

    And with my precious Gianluca I would just like to sit next to him with his arm wrapped around me crooning sweetly in my ears and talking about his life, future dreams and family.

  8. Ahh, Gina, what a can of worms you have opened….
    With Piero: gaze lovingly into his beautiul eyes, touch lovingly his beautiful face, and nestle lovingly into his beautiful shoulder. At my age that’s the most I could hope for, so I’ll stop there.
    With GG: I think, as others have said, that he would be a great conversationalist and a joy to look at while we were talking. I think that he would be comfortable about talking about his plans and dreams…..and closing with a song would be nice.
    With Igna: I wonder if he would be funny and entertaining, or if he would slip into a more serious mode. Maybe we would spend the day with Walter and Buddy since we both share a love of animals. He would probably want to tell me about how Marie is his true love, but due to certain circumstances he has to settle for Alessandra.

    1. Daniela be careful. Marie is coming to Italy In October and she is ready to fight anyone for Ignazio.

      1. Gina Thanks for the warning , in October, Marie will go out of my way and find me prepared .

  9. Gina those desires have caused .
    I do not want to be selfish so I am sending you two and Ignazio I keep it in Italy for me !!!

  10. I would take the 3 of you along with my family to the mountains. We would spend the day at the lake surrounded by the Rocky Mountains. We would barbecue, Alberta beef steaks, and play with my kids and grandkids. Volleyball, badminton and of course bocce is part of day.
    My son said he would take you horseback riding, go fishing and listen to him speak our abruzzese dialect. Hope you can come!

  11. For me, ahhh I’ll keep it simple, I would show them the beauty of Oregon and most importantly do my best to make them laugh. I especially want to make Piero laugh. Good conversation, a nice meal… SUSHI! and maybe just maybe they would sing a song to me.

    That would be bliss

      1. Wha** Oh hello Marie, Hmmm I think I just woke up, Oh I know what I was going to tell you… I was going to let you in on my special talent for making Piero laugh…and sing to me! I will teach him a song I am certain he has never heard but its reaaaaaal catchy once you do: Its called the Witchdoctor song and this is the main part you have to sing: ‘OOH EEH OOH AH AHH TING TANG WALLA WALLA BING BANG, OOH EEH OOH AH AAH TING TANG WALLA WALLA BING BANG!” (repeat)
        Its a dandy song and now that I have sung that to you I am sure you will hear the tune for some time to come. I have done my good deed of the day! AHOY!

      2. And Marie is not the only one that will have that tune rattling around in her brain!
        Thanks loads….I think!

  12. I like the answer of Joaniefl2 the best. That is what I would like to do . I am not to sure of the wooded path though, Marie has been known to hide in wooded area’s, and I might get pulled off my horse!

    1. That Marie lady told me once she would share Ignazio with me. Right Marie, I didn’t misunderstand did I ? You know one Ohioan to another type of thing.

  13. Can’t seem to get clear pictures of the Il volo boys on Il volo Mudial. Its bad enough when we can’t speak Italian or whatever language they are printing now pictures are all blurred.

  14. Just to converse with these young men and not e interrupted
    would be so special. I like joniefl2 ideas also. That picnic
    lunch would be great. Just letting them talk about whatever
    is on their heart would really be neat. Imagine looking into
    their eyes up close and listening to their dreams for the
    future. I especially would like to hear my dream
    Gianluca and look into his dreamy eyes and see his curls.
    Imagine experiencing his emotion so very close.

  15. Interesting thoughts….

    For Piero, I think I would love to go shopping with him. You always see pictures of him in a mall with shopping bags. A man after my own heart that likes to shop! That is rare!

    For Gian, a day at the beach is certainly in order! Sitting under an umbrella on the coast of the Adriatic in Rosetto. Maybe a nice massage of a little suntan lotion on his tender skin, so he doesn’t get burned? The pleasure would certainly be all mine.

    For Igna – ah, so many thoughts, but most would get me yelled at by Marie! 🙂 Instead I would make him my version of chicken Marsala, hoping he tasted all the love in each bite! Gazing into his beautiful brown eyes, savoring each bite, and drinking his favorite wine.

  16. Gina, what a great question!!

    Living in glorious Oregon, USA, I would like to start with all 3 guys together, drive out the Columbia Gorge, cross the Bridge of the Gods, all the while talking, laughing, singing.

    Then maybe do the hike to Falls Creek Falls (OK, that’s the Washington side), and bring a luscious meal to enjoy at the falls. And because I believe Nature Loves IL VOLO as much as I do, after we eat dessert, we would enjoy Second Dessert… the Guys singing with the waterfall backdrop ~ and record it for memory!

    On the hike back, I would get individual time with each of the guys.

    Ignazio would probably toss someone into the creek, so then we’d have an excuse to wade along, being all wet. I’d like to talk to Ignazio about his dedication to Freedom for his Venezuelan friends and their country. As well as his aspirations with his music; they are so diverse.

    And I think I’d arrange to have an adorable kid with red glasses join us when visiting with Piero, so he could play with him. If Ethan Bortnick were still a youngster, I’d choose him, but he is growing into an amazing young man now. I’d like to talk to Piero about what he experiences when he sings and what his future goals are.

    And being tender-hearted myself, I’d probably like to end my day with Gianluca, talking about La Bella Vita, and enjoying Gian’s inspiring take on life. And of course I’d love to have him sing a beautiful song to me! 😊

    Then we’d go to an amazing restaurant together, meeting up with Barbara Vitali, discuss some visions of possibility that I have for IL VOLO, share lots of hugs and photos, and they would be so jazzed about my vision that we would make plans to skype to further embrace this vision.

    Gonna have really sweet dreams tonight!


    1. Well…I was with you from hiking to dinner with Barb. Sweet imaginings for me too! Thanks Jeanine.

      ALERT! More musings from Jeanine in a post later this week.

      1. Awww, Marie, you’re everywhere! 🌞

        Thanks for the heads up about my musings.
        And for giving me good laughs every time I visit the Flight Crew!

        Love ya,

  17. I would spend the day with Piero playing tennis and then cooking a pasta dish together I know he would enjoy.
    I would spend the day riding horses with Ignazio and then making delicious pizza with him.
    I would spend the day with Gianluca talking about music and life and sharing my dad’s Frank Sinatra stories with him. Then making my Gianluca’s Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti with him. Of course he can eat them all as I sure don’t need the calories, haha

    1. Hey, I don’the remember “Gianluca’s Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti” being on your Biscotti menu! I would have remembered. However, your “Lemon Cream Biscotti” is absolute killer!

      1. AWWW thanks Marie. Created those because I was inspired by Gianluca’s love for Nutella. Let me know when you want some.

      2. Lisa and Marie–is there a recipe for those lemon cream biscotti? Did I miss something?
        Sounds fabulous–I am a lemon lover!

      3. Lisa has a mail-order biscotti business. If you like, I will send her your email address. I am not a huge lemon lover, but they were fabulous! So was the Almond Joy Biscotti. Now I’ll have to try the Gianluca Special.

        Lisa, please feel free to name your business here if you would like.

  18. Thank you Marie for the kudos on my biscotti and allowing me to talk a little about my passion. And thanks peninahonig for the interest in the lemon creme ones. My biscotti business is called “Beyond Biscotti” and it is a part-time (hopefully full time one day) business. I have created 20 different kind and unlike the biscotti we are all used to they are softer.

  19. Well, at the risk of being attacked by Marie, I would pick Wild Thing, of course, and we would…oh, this is a PG-rated page, isn’t it? Oh, well, we would talk about music; I would educate him about the music of my favorite era, the ’60’s…and then we’d make a pizza together, listening to and dancing to some great tunes! Oh, yeah, and I’m 25 again, too, hahaha…:-D

  20. Happy Birthday to all of us who are celebrating our 1st, 2nd or 3rd 25th birthday.
    Hope your dreams come true.

  21. I would love to spend time with any or all of them. Separately would be best as they are so different. Ignazio is the closest to my personality and interests. So, I would take him to some of my family’s farms that raise horses, then to lunch at our local airport to have lunch (best food in the county) outside and watch the small planes come and go. Then, if he still had steam to go, we would visit some of our local, oddity historical places (there are castles in the county where I teach and in the neighboring county. I give him lots of time to nap (me, too for that matter) and then a quiet dinner mid-western style dinner. Earlyish night, so he could catch up on his rest.

  22. In Italy I would like to saw their favorite places where they like to go to relax, or simply their beloved places, I would also like to see the backstage of their working days ( how they create new projects , how planned tour, how they prepare to television appearances, interviews with the media, what is their preparation before the concert, how to practice new songs, I’d like to be as invisible mouse, I would quietly watching all this). I wonder how are their lives working in the background, but also, of course, want to know interesting informations from show business . Of course also would be nice have conversations with them, to know them outside cameras, what they like, dislike, what makes them happy or angry, their dreams…

    1. Lydka, opted to stay in Italy! What a smart person you are! What you have written would make for a splendid time!

      1. Because I do not expect they come to my country. 🙂 Have a very nice day ! Greetings !

  23. I would spend the day drinking in he beauty that is Italy, I would love for them to share with me what makes Italy so special to people worldwide. I would love to share pizza at Ignazio’s sister’s pizzeria. Maybe try to find my family in Abbruzzo. But most of all share with them why I love them like I do and how they have impacted and enriched my life..

  24. I would, among other things to do with him, blindfold Piero, take him to a barber shop, strap him down in the chair, and have his beard shaved off !! That’s the first thing. I miss seeing the beautiful contours of his hairless face ! 🙂

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