The Boys in 2013 ~ Daniela

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  1. Hurray, Daniela! Thanks for explaining such a hilarious memory! We knew it was probably “naughty”, but in good fun. Piero’s hearty laughter makes it that much better! It’s very generous of you to help us out here. We do love our Italians!!

  2. Thank you Daniela for translating this fun video! I love it when Gianluca comes in in perfect harmony with the young woman singing, A Woman In Love. And what was that grey pig thing Piero was playing like an instrument?? 🙂 Thank you for starting out our Monday on such a fun note!

  3. Shanks Daniella. I knew the words to this song had to be racy. Too much laughter and the facial expressions. Love the great beat though. It makes you want to dance.

  4. Oh how fun. Thanks for the translation so we who do not speak Italian can enjoy this video a lot more.

  5. Saw this video when it was first aired and have watched it many times since. Very hilarious!!
    Thanks, Daniella, for posting it again along with the translation.

  6. Thanks, Daniella!!! This is such a fun video!!! Now we know what the laughter is all about! All were having such a great time it didn’t matter if I could not understand the words! Love it!!!

  7. I remember watching and enjoying this video at the time!
    So many things have changed since then–watching it now I was marveling at the fact that they seem to be there on their own. No security, no management, just Il Volo and the public. Wow. Those days are surely gone forever.

  8. Thank you so much Daniella for the translation of this video I have this video on my youtube history and play it a lot. I never understood what they were saying but seeing how much fun the guys are having especially my Piero I know they had a great time.

  9. It seems that no one has more fun than sicilians. I wish I was one of them. Sing and the world sings with you, cry and you cry alone. How true. Joanie G

  10. I laughed and enjoyed this video the first time I saw it, even tho I didn’t know a word they were saying. You could tell just by looking at it that they were having a very good time. And I loved it when they would burst into that crazy song – you could tell by looking at their expressions that it must be a little naughty! I love to hear Piero’s hearty laugh. You can’t help but laugh along with him.

    1. It is such fun to see the guys enjoying themselves whole heartedly without restraint. I love the way GG touches Piero as if to say, “slow down, Piero, don’t get too raunchy.” But Piero doesn’t care–he’s having too much fun. We rarely see them in such a casual setting–reminds us that they are just normal guys at heart.

  11. It ‘s true , every time I watch this video, I really have to laugh and laugh is contagious . Jane , the little pig that crushes Piero is used to emit very specific sounds and in this case I would say that Piero , Ignazio and Gianluca are cute piglets.
    Thanks to Marie who always takes care of translations , this time I was not sure you were to publish it .
    Of course I see them so carefree ( 18-20 years ) is good for the heart.

  12. My pleasure, Daniela. I also enjoyed their youthful carefree spirit. At such a young age they had to be so responsible that it is good to see them cut loose. Even then it was hard to remember that they were, after all, teenage boys.

    This *** is a good tool. 😉 Thank you for being so kind about my minor editing.

  13. I remember this video, and I love to see the Guys at ease and being naughtily silly! Somebody posted a general translation of that song around the time this first surfaced, but it’s nice to know what was being said as well. Poor Gian, trying to censor Piero (not an easy task, huh)? This makes me smile whenever I see it. Thanks, Daniela!

  14. niece’s parents are Sicilian – I’ll ask for a translation so I can understand Piero’s delight with this song.

  15. Thank you Daniela! Grazie! ILVolo being at the radio show was great fun and I have watched it several times. I always thought everything was on the naughty side that day, so much fun they were having! I always thought Piero could be a naughty guy! I love to hear his laugh! It was great fun for them to be the teenagers they were then,.

  16. Thanks, Daniela. I saw this video in the past. Sometimes it is not necessary to understand. 🙂
    This interview was done on September 11, 2014 during the first italian tour of Il Volo. IL VOLO Kiss Kiss Napoli, with subtitles:

  17. It was a pleasant surprise to see this video again and this time, after reading your translation, I am able to understand and appreciate their banter much more. Fiorello’s shows often appears on the Rai Italia TV station here in South Africa and I always wanted to know what he had to say about our Il Volo guys on this video. Thank you very much Daniela, your translation is very much appreciated.

  18. Thanks for explaining some of this funny video. I have watched it many times and always enjoy seeing them having so much fun along with everyone else. It seems Piero can be a bit frisky and I love how he laughs with his whole body. Ignazio was less boisterous than his usual self although he looked a bit cold with his gloves on. It’s amazing how they can sing anywhere, anytime, anyone asks and they always sound great! It certainly was a simpler and different time for them than it is now, and it’s lovely to see them having such a good time.

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