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Body language is defined as movements (as with hands) or posture used as a means of communication.

 It is interesting to look back at photos from the past seven years and see just how fluent in this type of language the guys have become.  Their ability to speak and sing in various languages impresses us all.  They are Italian so speaking with their hands comes naturally to them!  But they go beyond this form of communication on a regular basis which is one of the many reasons we love to see them perform.  They are so animated and expressive it adds so much enjoyment to the whole experience!  Even when not on stage they continue to  shine and entertain with their personalities and distinctive mannerisms.  They don’t have to practice this as it isn’t an act…it’s who they are!


Three young guys singing as solos in competitions since they were very small.  Already you can see how comfortable they were becoming with each other…like old friends, but they really had not known each other for long.


All ready to go out and conquer North America and then the rest of the world!  You can see their innocent determination even in these young faces.




They start becoming more comfortable with who they are individually as well as a group.



Each one with their own unique style conveys a powerful message to us through body language.

<> at Beacon Theatre on September 4, 2012 in New York City.170422057178312742

They are maturing in every way (even though their body language does not always show it) and speaking to us with every move.





Their tender hearts and compassionate ways radiate from within them.







They now  show us the more reserved side of themselves when performing with and standing along side Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo and at the Christmas program at St. Francis Basilica.  They have grown into sophisticated  young men with such style and grace.







But not to worry…even with all of the sophistication and professionalism they display…they constantly show us their love of life and laughter.   Their light hearted  fun loving aura shines  through.8c62210c4b1ecb445605059aff7d173c





Yes, Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio speak fluent body language.


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  1. Ah Jane, you turn me into such a sap! I love those “baby pictures”. I surely love my big boys now, but I will forever miss those youngsters. Their body language has, fortunately, remained the same…sweet and honest, powerful, humble and oh so talented.

  2. Thank you Jane for those beautiful pictures of the boys. Yes, they have evolved into men of the WORLD! Literary. Their kindness to their fans will never fade as their stardom rises beyond their expectations. We will remember those three playful chubby cheeked boys and hold them dear to our hearts. The gorgeous men we see today, will belong to millions, in awe of their magnificent talents.

    1. Prese, yes, these young men now belong to millions as you say…and I love looking back at the youngsters who belonged to just US years ago when we first discovered them!

  3. That was great, I enjoyed seeing all the pictures ! The are so good, can’t wait till they tour again, I want to see them in person so bad.


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  4. Jane I LOVE those pictures so many memories & I love seeing the transition of Ignazio from sweet baby faced sweetheart to handsome adorable heartthrob thank you for finding & going to all the trouble to pick out those pictures, Keep sakes for sure

    1. Loretta, it was so fun hunting all those pictures down. They bring back such sweet memories for all of us. I love looking at the first photos of them and then the one where they are in suits and walking up that stair well…WOW…stunningly handsome!!!

    1. Mary, their body language is so pure just as it was way back when. I love the way their looks have changed, but not the body language!

  5. Jane , it’s a joy to see how they are transformed into beautiful young men , but it is still a great joy to see that their character is always the same , playful and loving . It ‘ a pleasure when they say : ” we are like three brothers . ” We love them for their skill but also for their personality .

  6. Yes, Jane, it is such fun to go back and see them as they were in 2010. They have changed so much, and at the same time haven’t changed at all. Their voices have matured, yes, but basically they are exactly what they were six year ago – friendly, outgoing, they love children, dogs and horses, and love their parents and grandparents, and aren’t afraid to show it. But mostly they LOVE to sing. How can we not love them?!

  7. Thank you, Jane, for putting into words exactly how I feel about these three wonderfully humble young men! They have touched my soul with their music and the way they perform it. There is a spiritual quality that emanates from all three of them. Music has always been a big part of my life but after my husband passed away three years ago I lost my joy and didn’t want to sing anymore. After discovering Il Volo I have regained my happiness and the ability to carry on. I was so sad to find out I had missed seeing them this year in the U.S. I will definitely go to one of their concerts next year. In the mean time I will watch their videos on YouTube and continue learning Italian!

    1. Pat, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband. It is amazing how many of us here have experienced a healing process through Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio’s beautiful music. I agree with you that there is a spiritual quality from all three. I do hope you will get to see them when they come in concert again. I’m so glad you commented here. It’s nice to meet you!

      1. Jane, Thank you for your kind words! It is very nice to meet you too! I am glad to hear that Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio and their music have had the same healing effect on others. Music evokes so many emotions. Even when I sing in my church choir I have been moved to tears by some of the songs. I’ve heard Gianluca say that love is the most important thing in the world. I also agree and believe that music must surely be the second most important thing in this world!

  8. I am happy that I became aware of them in 2011 and have followed them ever since. I think because I fell in love with them and their music back then , it makes watching their growing up into handsome, accomplished men all the sweeter. And sweet they are. Thanks for posting these flashback pictures.
    Just wondered if any of the guys or their staff checks in to Flight Crew once in a while to see what we are thinking about them. There are so many fan pages, it must be hard for them to know what is posted on all of them. I hope they know we
    love and support them.

    1. Janet, Marie has assured us they do see what we write and think of them here! 🙂 I totally agree with all you said! 🙂

      1. I think Marie is right,or maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. But maybe three weeks ago I commented that Ignazio does’t tweet anymore, or send us instagram’s,and because of that I was feeling disconnected from them. Well, a few day’s later he started sending instagram’s again, and has been doing so for a while! Then someone mentioned that we had’nt heard about Buddy for a while, and I said yes, and what about Walter? A couple of day’s later Ignazio instagramed a picture of him with Walter!

      2. I love the idea that we might have a connection with them through Flight Crew. Makes me feel closer to them , and hopefully continue to let them know how much they are appreciated.
        Love you guys, if you are reading this!

    1. I wish Loretta. Lydka was kind enough to give you the information so you can pull up his instagram’s. Did you know, if the Instagram has a symbol in the top right hand corner, it means there is sound on it.? Just press that symbol and you will hear him .

  9. Thank you Jane for all the photos and interesting post. I never really thought about their body language, but it certainly does tell us a lot about them. And it is always nice seeing them together in interviews and out and about with fans, friends or family. I especially love seeing them with babies or small children. They are so comfortable with them, and the tenderness and joy on their faces or when holding them is lovely to see! So yes they have changed in many ways but thankfully they are also the same.

    1. Margaret, thanks for your kind words and wishes, appreciate it. Me and mom wishing you beautiful day and sending sincere greetings. 🙂

  10. Today a little amusing topic from me. Some female names are often repeated in the songs, Maria is probably the most used name ( also our boys sing about her).I was looking for a nice song about my name, it was difficult, but I am glad that in classical music there is a song about me. 🙂 Gabriel Fauré lived from 1845 until 1924, and composed more than a hundred songs, known as Mélodies, in sixty years, including Lydia. The words, in this song, are by the poet Leconte de Lisle and this is a love song, almost entirely quiet and calm.The lover describes his beloved’s hair as “fluid gold” and calls her a goddess, and says that he is dying. Lydia by Charles-Marie-René Leconte de Lisle, is the number two of the cycle ‘Deux Mélodies, op.4′ composed by Gabriel Fauré in 1870 (4/4 Andante), and dedicated to «Madame Marie Trélat». ( Translation, I don’t know if it is correct from France language, :Lydia on your rosy cheeks,and your neck, so fresh and white, flow sparklingly the fluid golden tresses which you loosen.This shining day is the best of all, let us forget the eternal grave,let your kisses, your kisses of a dove,sing on your blooming lips.A hidden lily spreads unceasingly a divine fragrance on your breast. Numberless delights emanate from you, young goddess.I love you and die, oh my love, kisses have carried away my soul !Oh Lydia, give me back life,that I may die, forever die.) I thought it might be a good tip for boys, to record in the future this song. 😉

    1. Lydka that is a beautiful melody & why not ask them to listen to it & sing it to you. Its a novel idea. When I went to Illinous a couple of years ago to a concert, it was my birthday & I asked them to sing Happy Birthday to me which they did quietly at the meet & greet & I asked Ignazio to give me one of his special hugs & he did & I had never had such a most beautiful hug in all my life. The one he gave me in Buffalo last year matched it perfectly. He is a gem. So be prepared Lydka to ask them

      1. Loretta, thanks my family is well, hope also you are doing well. This was only for fun and mentioned my name is not coincidence. In my country we celebrate “Name Day”, each day of the year corresponds to a personal name and people celebrate their name days ( meniny) on the date corresponding to their own given names (similar importance as birthday., but every person celebrates it differently, someone more, someone less and someone never). This week I’ll have my Name Day, so therefore this topic. 🙂 Surely I will never ask boys to sing this for me. 😀 In addition, who knows how many years ( or time) I’ll have to wait to the good opportunity to go on their concert. I wish you and your family all the best, have beautiful summer days and enjoy all nice moments together. 🙂 I greet you.

  11. Thanks Lydka for the information on name days. How interesting Lydka I wish I could help you get to a concert to see the guys & even better to go to a meet & greet. Could we possibly ask them to go to your country or even nearby. Is it so far out of the way? Hope your name day is the most joyous one you have ever had this year. Best of luck

    1. Loretta, you are so sweet, thank you! 🙂 My country is Slovakia ( I presented my town here: ) and it is not so far from Italy. For example,of course my town has an airport, length of flight with a stopover (possibilities are Prague, Vienna or Warsaw ) between Milan and Košice is the time between the 3 hours 35 minutes and 5 h.35 m.In the past we had direct flight from Košice to Milan, but was canceled. But I think that problem is that I do not know if concert in my country would be successful for them. No promo activities,no advertising, no articles about them here, many people do not know them. And we are small country, but in Košice in the past had concerts Pavarotti, Bocelli, Ramazzotti. My and
      mother’s ( she is also Lýdia) Name day is on Friday, and if the weather will be nice, we’ll go out ( nature). 🙂
      Have a very nice day ! Hugs and kisses. L

      1. Lydka, best wishes to you and you mother for a very happy Name day! So nice to share the same day with your mother. Hope you have a lovely day and thank you for all you do for all the Flight Crew members.

  12. Yes Lydka I read about your country when it was posted before. Its too bad that a promotion & advertising can’t be done about Il Volo & it is sad your country doesn’t know about rhem. Wish you a successful day on yours & your mother’s Name day. Hugs & kisses back to you & your Mom

    1. As I wrote in the past, it is told that most popular group from classical music here is Il Divo (they had concerts in our capital town). The positive thing is that I am able to buy Il Volo music in our e-shops. 🙂 We are small country, so we have small market, and as country from Eastern Europe, we are not interesting for some famous artists. Often come to us artists, who are already old, and have less popularity than in times of greatest glory ( for example last year in our capital town had concert Tom Jones).Thank you for the nice wishes, also on behalf of my mother ! 🙂

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