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One of the most precious capabilities of being human is our capacity to interact with each other.  The opposite of interaction is to be solitary, alone without someone or something with whom/which to share a look, a feeling, an emotion, communicate, have companionship.  Our lives are filled with many varieties of interaction–with friends, family, pets, nature.  It  may be a brief interlude, or it may embrace a lifetime.  But it is an integral part of our psyche-our wholeness.

We have seen the sweet interaction between Gianluca and Piero and their grandpas.  We know the stories of how the grandpas played an important part in the boys introduction to the music that they learned to love, and gave them the desire to study and develop their talent.  Seeing the grandpas and grandsons together it is evident that there is great communication of admiration and affection involved.  The grandpa’s pride in their boys is obvious, and the love the boys feel for their grandpas just emanates from them.



The same can be said for the boys’ relationship with their parents.  The loving interaction is so visible we can almost feel it ourselves.  We see it in the looks, the touches, the care that the mothers and fathers have given their sons when they traveled….often going along to see that their needs were provided for and that they were properly taken care of.  The pleasure the guys feel when they are able to spend time at home with their families shows how important the family interaction is to them.  All of the parents are to be commended for the wise guidance in the interaction there has been between themselves and their boys.  Their strong values can only have been instilled in their sons because of their wisdom in imparting life lessons.





Also tenderly touching is the interaction between the siblings.  The closeness between brothers and sisters is plain to see.  Ignazio’s big sister, as the older child in the family was his protector as he was growing up, and a strong supporter in his career.

Franz and Piero, so close in age, have stayed close in brotherly affection through the years as is seen in photos of the two in different times and different places.  And the love they feel for little sister Mariagracia comes right off the page and touches us with it’s tenderness.  Ernie has grown up in the shadow of big brother, Gianluca’s rise to fame in his career, but it has not overshadowed the affection that the boys have shown in pictures of them together at various times in their lives….the interaction between them so touchingly sweet.




The ability to interact with others in a positive and productive manner also shines through when we see the boys interacting with their fans.  Much has been written about this….their kindness, patience, and sincerity.  Those of us who are fortunate enough to have had a chance to have some interaction with them have seen first hand just how amazing it is.  While they are equally as considerate of all fans, regardless of age, they seem to especially enjoy their interaction with children.



Not to be overlooked is the endearing interaction we see between Ignazio and his horses and dogs.  One look at him staring into Walter’s face or nuzzling Buddy’s nose tells us that they are very special relationships.



We sometimes see one of them sitting alone with their thoughts interacting with the quietness of nature.  They often find the sea to be the place of choice for this time of solitude and renewal.




It seems that Ignazio an Gianluca have developed some sweet  interactions in the romance department.  After all they are of the age when a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of a serious relationship.  We are confident that they will make admirable husbands and fathers.  Piero with his foundation of what a happy strong family consists of, will no doubt find that component in his life when the time is right for him.



Not to forget the interaction between the boys themselves.  It is a thing of beauty and a joy to watch.  It’s so incredible that these three young men have seemed destined to be together.  Put together as a trio when they barely knew each other, t hey were soon calling each other “brother,” and that bond has continued to be strong ever since.  Their motto, “three voices, one soul” truly says it all.  They tease,trick,  pummel and embrace as true brothers would.  In spite of the hectic schedules they maintain–the endless travel, the tedious rehearsals, the hundreds of Meet and Greets, and the clamoring adoring fans, their closeness has survived and even grown.

Watching their interactions on the stage is always a treat, and they never fail to entertain.  They are “our boys,” and we love them as our own.



How we enjoy being privileged to  view some of the interactions of our Il Volo men.  They are very generous in sharing with the fans some of the more private things in their lives.  And since they are so important in our lives, we dearly love being a part of theirs.   


~~Mary Bohling~~

Photo credits to: Il Volo Family Photos



Il Volo Sicilia (via Tatiana Lombardelli)


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  1. Loved this post, it is all so very true. There has never been any other entertainers with such talent who have shared so much of their life and family with their fans. It is no surprise that we love them all so much. Thank you. X

  2. Mary, that was so lovely. I hope “our boys” get to read this. You have expressed so beautifully what is in our hearts. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with us.

  3. Thank you Mary for once again expressing so beautifully why Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca are so special and why they mean so much to us. They are truly a gift from God!

  4. Mary, this is so beautiful. You have captured the essence of Il Volo perfectly. Thanks for starting out my day on such a high note! 🙂

  5. Mary, thank you so much for this beautiful post!!! No wonder we love these precious young men!!! They share their lives & love with us!!! I am so thankful Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero are a part of my life!!!

  6. Mary, just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love them more, you had to write this. It’s so wonderful!

    My heart is bursting!

    They are perfect!

    I am privileged!

  7. Ditto from me ladies! My husband and I are 2nd generation Italians and when Gianluca or Piero post pictures especially with their grandpas or talk about them, my heart just fills with much emotion. My husband to this day reflects on his relationship with his grandpa and what an important part he played in his life! Thank you Mary for a beautiful post!

  8. Mary, this was a wonderful posting. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio are indeed “our boys”. I am so thankful that they are in my life, and, yes, I feel that they are “family”.

  9. Mary , is just the way they have grandchildren , children , friends , men , which makes them love even more than to be singers .
    I saw you in the photo at PBS dinner , congratulations !!

    1. Thanks, Daniela, I assume that you are referring to the photo of THE poster….can you imagine anyone being as magnanimous as Kerri Buchanan in giving that treasure away? We had never met before and yet she gave it to me for my birthday. What a lovely lady….so happy to make her acquaintance. And I want also to say that I always enjoy your comments on our site.

      1. Mary, I’m hesitating to answer , because you’ve written Daniela. Yes I thought photos with poster, such beautiful ! You was lucky to receive this gift,lady, who gave it to you, is very kind and nice person. It is extremely beautiful if a person meets a person with good heart, who is able / want to share things with others. I understand your joy, certainly it would also pleased me (I saw that poster is signed). I do not know when you had a birthday , so maybe late, but I wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! Happy Birthday ! I have to say that your words and posts about boys are always very nice, adorable and full of love for them. I do not know if they ever read them, but if yes, surely they would love them ! Thanks for your last sentence. 🙂 Wishing you great evening,and sending sincere greetings. Lydka

  10. Dear Mary,
    I join to Lydka,because she knows how to write everything better than me.
    I wish a happy birthday to you,good health and elan.For your lovely messages everybody forward,bringing us all the pleasure and enlightenment.Your physical and mental vitality and energy can be a model for us a little younger (photos from a meeting in Detroit confirm this).
    Sincere congratulations Z.

  11. Mary , I too unite myself with the wishes on your birthday , I find that the lady who gave you the poster was very kind but it could not be different as it is a ilvolover . I know all of you by name only ( mostly) and when I can also connect the face I seem to know you better and I have to tell you that when I saw you I thought you were a beautiful lady. I saw that you are also active on facebook , congratulations !!!

  12. Mary As usual your talent for writing is exrta ordinary. I wish I had the gift. You always write what is in my heart for our boys. You all look so special at the PBS dinner. I hope I will meet some of you when the tour of North America starts again in March. It will be my 88th birthday celebration. Joanie G

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