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  1. So proud and in love again with these special young men. I would love to see them sing with this lovely girl again.

    1. My first reaction was, “what! flying all the way from Italy for a 2 minute performance.” After reviewing it several times on Facebook and recovering from the disappointment of how short it was, I could revel in the beauty and quality of it. Gianluca was amazing. I am distressed that Piero and Ignazio only had two solo lines, but very proud of them in every way. And now I see why Sony went to such lengths to get them there–much publicity about the album–what a great venue to get the word out to the American public, and good timing with the album coming out in two weeks. I’ve had my pre-order in at Amazon for some time and so eager to hear the whole thing.

  2. All we would have liked a longer time to enjoy our kids but the performance was magnificent . I too would like to hear again the voice of Laura with IL VOLO but kind Libiamo songs that is suitable for duets , the Nessun Dorma is strictly masculine. Piero Ignazio and Gianluca they still shone in the execution flawless and deportment . I hope that the American audience appreciate them even more.
    Here in Italy Canale 5 entremets 4 concerts that were to get a feeling for better television audience instead have been overcome by the programs ( even beautiful ) of rival channels . Tuesday transmit UNA NOTTE MAGICA , we must break all records

    1. Daniela, I have to say that I entirely agree with you! “Nessun dorma” does not work as a female song. Libiamo would have been a much better choice of aria for a male-female duet. However, the publicity value of such a high profile appearance can be the only justification for such a short appearance in the USA. I am writing from Naples (Napoli) where I arrived today. I have set up my PVR in England for Tuesday’s broadcast on Canale 5; and my wife and I shall watch the show from our hotel in Ischia. I have already ordered the DVD and 2 x CD boxed set from Amazon and delivery is fixed for two days after my return to England. Like everyone else, I want the guys to have greater exposure on mainstream television. I only wish British television executives would take as much notice of them as most other European countries.

      1. Bravo Bernard , we climb the Italian audience , the guys deserve it .
        Benvenuto in Italia.

      2. Non ce la posso credere! Canale 5 ha, di nuovo, annullato l’emissione del 20 settembre. Adesso, non si sa quando andrà in onda! Che delusione.Meno male che Amazon farà la consegna il 30 settembre.

        I don’t believe it! Channel 5 has cancelled the broadcast for 20 September. Now, we do not know when it will be aired! What a disappointment. Thank goodness Amazon will make the delivery on 30 September.

      3. Also I am angry Bernard , also do not know on what date the move , it is really a regrettable thing .

  3. I loved seeing the guys last night but of course I wanted more I hope IL Volo comes back to America and does a promotion tour on TV just them and sings Nessum Dorma their way. which is the best way

  4. Magnificent performance, as always!!! But they cut the song way too short!!! Laura has a beautiful voice & they were lovely together!!! So glad the guys had the opportunity to be presented to this audience!!! They look wonderful!!!

  5. I agree Anne. Many new fans were recruited
    for IL VOLO last night. And we enjoyed hearing
    their performance again. However , I agree
    it was much too short. I was ready for a full

  6. I wrote some of this last night but here it goes again. Sorry if there seems to be a little negative but it is my feeling. Here it goes bad news and then good news:

    I wish the guys would have had a song to themselves to make the trip from Europe more worthwhile.
    I found the other two “circus ” acts a waste of time and very distracting. It seemed as though the producers could not figure out what to do with these odd acts so we got this. Thing is the music can stand on its own. We do not need the circus thrown in as an extra.
    From the girl’s standpoint I found the singing to be a bit forced. Her slight natural tremolo is being pushed to try to become a vibrato and it becomes over done. Trying to become older faster. She has a nice voice but evidently she felt intimidated by the natural (and “real” ) vocal powerhouse standing right next to her. So she tried to force the sound to compete with the guys.
    I have never liked it when the guys are forced to cut a song short due to the greed of commercials. They ended up with one verse and a full refrain cut ! ! ! ! Nessun Dorma is a short song even when it is complete .

    I would have given each of the guest acts time to do one of their own songs on their own . There was a lot of wasted time on that two hour show last night.

    GOOD NEWS – The guys were singing with their normal high quality craftsmanship. Very fine singing quality all the way. They did not have to prove anything. It was great to see them on that Dolby stage again.
    Even though they were not on all that long it will be very much worth while because that show will probably make the nielson ratings at around 14 to 15 million people. That is great for Il Volo. Expand their audience.
    So, our boys did a great job with what they were given and we can be very proud as usual.

    1. Thank you Myron! I do not have your expertise but totally agree with you! I wrote a some what negative comment!!! I changed my mind & deleted it! Wrote what is in the comments now! I think we all were disappointed with the length of the song!!! I am not happy with the winner either! Wanted Sal to win! I do not watch any of these shows as I generally think most of what they call music is bad!! Just my thinking!

    2. Thanks Myron, for the bad and the good.

      I always want more. This time I see it wasn’t just me.
      I am so grateful for their promotional exposure. I think they will be back for more, soon.

    3. Myron
      I agree with everything you said. I have a question. I heard on a Jackie Evancho show with David Foster that you are not supposed to sing Nessun Dorma until you are older and have had alot of training. David Foster said this and then said he did not know why and that she would sing it – and she did – quite beautifully. I wonder if you had ever heard this.
      Il Volo is singing on Jackie’s new Christmas album- Little Drummer Boy- can’t wait to hear it. Hope it is more than one line. Thank you

      1. Myron , is very nice to read an opinion of an expert and I must say that your opinions which dates Piero Ignazio and Gianluca basically always have a deep respect and affection for them . Too bad you did not come to see them in Florence , everything was perfect .

    4. Great review, Myron! You managed to put into words my thoughts exactly. All in all, our boys did great, got great exposure for their new album and I’m sure they got quite a few new fans.

      1. Marie, thank you for that clip of Jackie Evancho. here’s one i also like when she was younger – (i hope it comes out)

  7. Thank you Myron !! Your review is spot on as usual !! The guys were perfection and looked gorgeous but I thought Laura’s voice drowned them out !! Especially at the end of that very short version of this magnificent song !! I also don’t think they should have been introduced as a “new group ” even though they probably were new to a great many of the viewers last night . After all they have been around for 7 years now !! It is too bad that after traveling so far that their schedule doesn’t allow them to stay awhile and appear on more TV shows where they could have been showcased and interviewed. However they did get tremendous exposure last night on AGT and their new CD was plugged !! For this I feel very grateful and happy for them !!

  8. Last night was disappointment personified. Myron voiced my frustration perfectly.
    The new album was barely mentioned, almost as an aside. Hope many saw the post show interview that was more informative, which I had not seen until posted here, and the guys made connections of which we are unaware. The brain trust that arranged this is likely the same that failed to schedule promos and interviews during the tour earlier this year, and has them paring with Marah Carey, the wisdom of which escapes me. The guys deserve far better than all this, and it’s long overdue for Michele, the parents, or the guys themselves to take notice.

  9. Yes I was disappointed also that the guys weren’t given the opportunity to speak for themselves after their performance to promote their new album.Nick did it for them! Why? Their performance was stellar and I do hope that the exposure does bring them a broader audience if that was the intention!!

    1. Wow! Patricia has such a gentle crystal-clear voice. Thank you, Lydka! You always have wonderful voices to share with us.

      Happy weekend,

      1. Your words about Patricia are nice and true. Her voice is very warm and tender, I love this kind of voices. Have a nice Friday ! L

    2. Hi, Lydka, Soprano voices are my favorite. They soar up there with the birds of the sky. I especially like her voice in the first video. There are no words, so her voice is then purely a musical instrument. I really like that. It must be be wonderful to have the ability to sing well the very high notes. Thanks for these.

      1. Laura, soprano voices are beautiful and I love this video, therefore I shared it with you. The clear art and surely is more difficult to sing without words. I admire it. Have a very nice day !

  10. 2015 November: Patricia sings on Veterans Day at the Rudolfinum in Prague, accompanied by the Army Band of the Czech Republic, conducted by Jaroslav Šíp. Patricia sings the theme song from “Once Upon A Time In The West”, a composition by Ennio Morricone. She is soprano.

    1. Lydka , this soprano is very good , certainly my comment is to the listener are not an expert , but what I heard I really enjoyed it . Interpret Once Upon a Time in the West (which I love ) is certainly not easy , so credit where credit .

      1. Daniela,
        also I am not an expert, but I am guided by feelings while listening to music. Music flows through the heart , soul, and the mind, is not necessary to analyze it. Just enjoy music that you love. Buona giornata !

  11. Piero, Gianluca, Ignazio were, as always, fantastic, but their appearance on stage was too short, they deserved more time and I think that they had to sing at least two songs ( one song without any other singer ).Personally I do not like Laura’s singing, sorry, but Janečkova in her age was better (it’s just my opinion).
    I have read that boys will record new CD in 2017, and I think that good song for them could be for example The Music Of The Night by Phantom Of The Opera.

  12. anyone else notice they spelled “nessun” wrong? so sad typo, or not… I know I did once, but I think I corrected it?

  13. Thanks, Myron and all, for your thoughts! Much as the song was too short for my wishes, I think it would have looked out of balance and like the “IL VOLO show” if they were given the time they deserve. In my opinion, it had to be overall in balance with the other performances,

    *AND I really hope their management finds a way to piggy back on AGT with other American TV performances!*

    Grateful for the mention of their album. I’ve got mine pre-purchased, also. … Two weeks! 👏

    So, I have one other thought for which I may be in the minority, but I really want to say it. I didn’t watch any of AGT except for the complete final show with our guys. And… I loved Linkin’ Bridge. I actually wanted them to win. I love their music, and I think they have something important to offer the world. (I was up late watching their other performances on YouTube.) They really do want to be a linkin’ bridge for people across the world, and I hope they get a record contract and are afforded the opportunity to pursue voice lessons, because I think they’re off to a great start. Their final performance of See You Again was heart-warming:

    Speaking from my heart…

    1. Hey Jeanine ! You’re not alone ! I, too, didn’t watch AGT except for the Final & only because of Il Volo. As for Linkin’ Bridge, I only saw the video clip of them right here, but being a life-long Soul / R & B person, (the classic ‘old school’ – – how I dislike that silly title they give it now),well I’m with you in that I hope those men are given a chance to develop their sound & voices by people who can help them.

      1. Hey thanks, Laura and Marie!
        One thing I believe Linkin’ Bridge has “in common” with IL VOLO is their courage to share the beauty and hope of their music even when it’s risky (like our guys in Caracas and Russia during times of unrest), and these guys out caroling in neighborhoods where some people might be fearful. If you watch, ya gotta see the final scene!

        Divine Grace angels told me, “It is the human voice that will lift the veil of fear off this planet.” Wow! Surely IL VOLO is leading the way, and Linkin’ Bridge is doing their part.

        Love you, friends!

      2. Marie, I assumed that I would likely be the only one here to greatly enjoy R & B music ! Pleasantly surprised to find that you are my “Anima Gemella” in that way ! Jeanine, Looks like your angels are right re/ IL Volo and Linkin’ Bridge !

      3. Thanks, Laura!
        Lovin Our Guys, R&B, and the hope of angels as our planet is uplifted. My spirit sure is! IL VOLO has transformed my life!

        Love and appreciation to all you sweet friends out there!

        And now… out for a little sun on the last warm day (for now, anyway)!
        🌞 Jeanine

    1. Lydka, these interviews are awesome!
      Ahhh… and now I see that they did say tour U.S. in March! Can’t wait for news.

      And, hey guys, it’s time for Portland, Oregon! We have awesome venues, many fans excited to experience you in person, and a good place to draw fans from Canada, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California!

      Loving anticipation,

      1. Jeanine, I do not agree with your note about Russia. All towns where boys had their concerts this year on Russian Tour, were safe, good places for holidays. For example, St. Petersburg is a beautiful, clean and very safe place to live ( this told person who lives few years there) and tourists love the city ! In Russia isn’t unrest ! All the best !

      2. Hi, Lydka,
        Please forgive me. No disparagement intended. I was thinking of 2014 when the guys went to Moscow
        and we in the U.S. were hearing media expressing concern. (I hardly listen to mainstream media now, as it often seems slanted towards fear mongering.)

        I Do know the guys have loved their experiences in Russia.

        Love and respect!

      3. Jeanine, it is OK. 🙂 I know that media sometimes do not inform in correct way and sometimes write misinformation, they want to spread fear and apprehension among the people and incite hatred. And yes, fans in Russia really love boys ! Russians have a big heart. Enjoy warm day with sun ! Much love, angelic light and infinite blessings.

      1. Laura, again thanks ! You surprised me with words in my language ! Slovakian language is exotic for foreigners. If I could ask, where are you from ? I don’t feel that I am asset for this site, I am only sharing things related to our boys with you all here and sometimes I share something which I think could be interesting for others. That is all. Sincerely greet you and wish you nice evening and weekend !

      2. Hi Lydka !, I just meant that you are one of the great ‘sharers’ ( Is that even a word ? ! ) here . I learned a little of your language from a neighbor I used to have when I lived a long time in the far west, (I’m a native North American). You have shared generously , Lydka, Thank you very much !

      3. My neighbor’s name was Hana & she was married to a Navy man. We were all living in the Pacific Northwest, in the state of Washington. She was Slovakian like you. She taught me a little of your shared language; just simple, common things. She was a very nice gal.

      4. Slovakian people are often heartfelt, but of course, as everywhere , you can find among them also annoying people. Hana is typical Slovakian name. 🙂 I am glad that you have good experience with my countrywoman. Thanks for your response ! Have a nice day !

  14. If I heard that video correctly, they will be in the US again in March 2017, I can’t wait and will be looking for advertisement of dates and tickets. Their voices are perfect.

    1. I think I also heard in the Spanish interview that they are singing at the Latin Grammys. Anyone able to confirm that?

      1. Yes, but he was referring to the exhibition of November 2015 when they sang with Natalia Jimenez . Certain that the interviewer has made a tremendous gaffe , called them the Divo.

    2. Heard the March date several times now. Yay!!!

      Also hope we will be seeing more promo’s soon! Tonight show? They loved our guys on The Talk! An entire two hour show of their own would also work for me.

      1. OOh Marie, that sounds like a stupendous idea! And Ignazio can cook something, Piero can play the piano and they can all sing! Weekly perhaps! No, wait–daily is better!

  15. I Just supplement the information: in the year 2014 Patricia won the international competition CONCORSO DI MUSICA SACRA in Roma.She won in a very strong competition of 80 singers from around the world.Italians called her “A small Roman Miracle “.
    Patricia says that like to sing in Italian and so she looks today / Italian opera aria from Giacomo Puccini La Boheme – girl Mimi /.

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