11 thoughts on “Another Birthday!”

    1. thank you for this info, Marie, I knew somewhere there, but did not know that exact day. thank you again
      oh, and btw, am new to your site. really appreciate it, and all your sharing about, as you say it, ‘our boys’
      warm greetings

      1. Look Cynthia , if you want to know something Ignatius , anything , ask Marie , she is well informed on our beautiful boys . By the way, since you’re new , who’s your favorite of our boys ?

  1. Gorgeous. Ignazio. Wishing. You. A. Very. Happy. Birthday. You. Are. So. Very. Talented. May. You. Have a. Very. Happy. And. Healthy. Birthday. And. Many. More to. Come. We. Love. You

  2. Ignazio;
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    my sincerest birthday wish goes out to you.
    Thank you for sharing your life and talent with the world.

  3. I am having a problem with my posts. I apologize if the previous 2 posted.
    Happy Birthday to Ignazio our Renaissance Man. He can do anything he sets how mind on. He sings in many styles, plays many instruments, dances, rides, paints, cooks, loves animals, and is very athletic. Last but not least, he loves his family, friends and fans. He makes me wish I were 25 again. BUON COMPLEANNO IGNA.

  4. Caro Ignazio,
    non ti dico quanto sei bravo…perchè te lo dicono tutti,
    non ti dico quanto sei bello….perche’ tutte lo pensano
    ……ma voglio dirti il motivo di tanto affetto:
    perchè ami la tua famiglia, la tua terra, la tua ragazza,
    perchè dai un alto valore all’amicizia,
    perchè sai quali sono i veri valori della vita,
    perchè sai il significato di rispetto,
    perchè sei una ragazzo buono e sincero,
    perchè anche se ami far ridere la gente facendo il buffone, non lo sei affatto,
    perchè sei un ragazzo riservato ed educato
    ……ed è per questo che noi ti amiamo tanto.

    Un abbraccio e tanti AUGURI !!

    P.S. : non cambiare mai.

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