And the winning bid goes to….?



It was August 24th, the PBS night of magic.  We had just finished seeing the guys, and we were waiting to imagego into the taping area.  Mary had just received her present of the Il Volo welcome sign.  A few moments later, Michelle wheeled out this beautifully framed picture signed by Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio!  She said they would be auctioning it off on ebay next week.  Wow, I thought, so cool!  I wonder who will bid on it?  I wonder how much it will go for?  The auction was up for 10 days – wow, that seemed like a long time?  Guess they wanted everyone to have ample time to bid – and save up for it!  Finally, the 10th day came – it was Monday, September 12th


Lorna was seated at her computer.  Anxiously waiting… She got an email with the latest bid; it was $615!  Twenty-one minutes to go.  I’m not sure if I’m the highest bidder, she thought.  I better add a little more to it, just in case!  Ok, I’m the highest bidder now!  She waited and waited…finally, she 3-guys-pbswatched the seconds count down.  Three, two, one, zero!  Ok, did she get it?  She dared not look again.  Ding!  Her email just went off.  YES!  She WON!  It was hers for $620!

I am sitting here now with Lorna, the excited winner of the signed picture of Il Volo from the Una Notte
Magica in Firenze.

Me:  So, Lorna, tell me, when you saw Michelle wheel out the signed picture, what did you think?

LornaOMG that’s too gorgeous. I would really love to have that to look at day after day in my own home! But I was leery about the price.


Me:  So, what changed your mind?

Lorna:  I had just come into a small pile of money and thought, why not? When will I ever have a second chance?


Me:  That’s a true Ilvolover!   When you finally got the link to the picture on ebay, what did you think of the initial bid suggestion?

Lorna:  It did seem a little high, but it was one-of-a-kind, so…. I started thinking of ways I could afford it. Just like I afforded my trip to Italy!


Me:  Bidding on items on ebay can be nail-biting, what were you feeling during the bidding process?

    Lorna:  I checked every day, sometimes several times a day. There were very few bids. Didn’t ever think I’d really get it, though.

  I checked back several times and my bid was remaining the high bid. The last time I looked there were 21 minutes left so I kicked it up a bit and won!


Me:  Did you set a price limit for yourself, saying you won’t go higher than a certain amount?

Lorna:  Yeah, well, my Il Volove got the best of me.


Me:   When you got the notification that you won, what did you think?

Lorna: I was just beyond thrilled that I had actually won the auction.  Sure, it will put some other bills on the back burner, but we must consider what is MOST important in life!


Me:  After you knew you won, did you know how long it would be before you got it?

Lorna:  I’m driving out there on Monday, September 19th to pick it up!


Me:  Well, Lorna, where are you going to put this new prized possession?

Lorna:  I have the perfect spot for it on a large wall in my living room. Now I can say buongiorno, buonasera, and buonanotte, to the guys everyday!

Look at that Il Volo Smile! (night of Una Notte Magica in Firenze!)


And, there you have it folks – Il Volo,

possibly worth more than life, itself!


18 thoughts on “And the winning bid goes to….?”

  1. Good for you Lorna. I’m sure we all would love to have had the winning bid on that wonderful picture of our guys. Enjoy!

  2. Thank you Ace Reporter, Jana and Lorna. Nice story about a lucky lady with a beautiful poster.

    Jana, I think you should sneak the poster and send it to your adopted mother who loves and cares for you and would do the same for you if the poster resided in Zanesville, Ohio. 💋 Just sayin’.

    1. You know I would, but Lorna lives a lot closer and I think she’d miss it and she might order a hit on whomever stole it!! I’m too young to die! lol! 🙂

  3. Ha ha ha, Lorna! i so like the way you put it –
    “…but we must consider what is MOST important in life!…”

  4. Good for you Lorna. Your smile tells it all. I wish I had one like it. Maybe for no groceries for a month. Or more like 6 months.Joanie G

  5. Congratulations, Lorna….money well spent! Where do you have to go to pick it up? If it’s too far for you, perhaps I could drive up from Texas and get it….for you of course! Lol…..Dot!

  6. Wow. You will be making extra trips to your
    living room just to see those handsome
    smiling men. What a lovely way to be
    cheered up. I can just see the smile on
    your face every time you look at the photo.
    and so Lorna COGRATULATIONS on your
    purchase. What an amazing purchase.
    Enjoy it every day.

  7. Lorna good , you’ve really made ​​a ” big shot ” . I read that someone will be for a ride in your living room to see them ….. do pay a ticket ?
    Enjoy their beautiful smiles

  8. Lorna, good investment, just think how it will increase in value as the guys get more and more famous. Of course you would never part with it for any amount of money. I would never part with my poster. Seeing the guys looking at me from across the room is worth a million bucks.

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