Personally Speaking ~ These Are A Few Of Their Favorite Things ~ Mary Bohling

Everyone has some favorite things.  Our Il Volo guys are very open about sharing some of their favorites with us, their fans.  The following is in my words–what I guess they might say.  There is no claim of authenticity.


Okay, here are some of my favorite things….

Going fast.  I love to go fast whether driving my Bentley or cruising around Naro on my scooter.  If it weren’t for my passion for bringing our music around the world, I would have wanted to be a race car driver.


A lot of my favorite activities are water based….whether I’m ON the water on a jet ski or a boat, or IN the water diving and swimming, or even UNDER the water scuba diving, the sea is a big part of my life.


In the fast paced scheme of things, meditation helps to keep me balanced—absorbing the peacefulness of a natural setting all by myself is a favorite thing to do.


Home and family are at the top of my list of favorite things, and now that I have my own home, sometimes I want to take some time there alone just relaxing.


Physical activity is very important to me.  Working out at the gym, playing tennis or soccer, biking and bowling are all favorites.


So, these are just a few of my favorite things.  Life is so full of wonderful experiences it would be hard to name them all.  But I must say that Gian, Igna, my beautiful family and the Il Volo fans are all favorite things.



A few of my favorite things….hmm, well…

I love soccer.  I always follow the Italian team, but most of all I love to play the game myself.  A highlight of my soccer career was making the goal that helped to win the game in Turin.


Piero has shown me the value of working out at the gym, and it has become a favorite thing for me to do.  Of course I want to look good in my speedos when I go to the beach.  I always keep my phone handy while on the machines at the gym just in case an important call comes in.



Spending time with brother Ernie is a favorite pastime.  In spite of the difference in our ages, we are great friends.  Now that he is older he often goes along on the world tours.


My phone has become one of my favorite things since I am away from home so much.  I need to stay in touch with the important people in my life….Mom, Dad, Ernie and Martina.  How could I ever get along without it?


When I want to relax and have fun I may head to the beach.  It’s my favorite place in the summer.  Whether sunning, swimming, playing beach volley ball or soccer it’s where I want to be.


Can’t close without mentioning these favorites: my Il Volo brothers Piero and Igazio, my family and all of the Ilvolover fans.


IGNAZIO  tells us…..

My favorite things?

I’ve always been crazy about animals, and recently have acquired the beginnings of my menagerie.  It started with Walter and Buddy.  I love to ride, and galloping along on Walter’s back is a favorite way to unwind.  Buddy was my first puppy, and he is so much fun that he now has a brother.  Playing with the dogs is another favorite way to relax.  If I weren’t so passionate about the musical career of Il Volo I think I would have become a veterinarian.



I think that playing the drums is a favorite thing to do, because it allows me to really let myself go and feel the beat of the music while being as noisy as I want to be.  I could be a professional drummer if I ever gave up singing, which I won’t of course, because it’s my most favorite thing.


When I’m really craving speed, I may turn to my “hog.”  Racing around the countryside  is a favorite thing to do.  Sometimes I just need FAST and LOUD.


My favorite stalker is a very determined woman.  She seems to show up wherever I am.  She is partial to dimples and doesn’t miss an opportunity to get in a kiss whenever she can.  If Allesandra and  I ever decide to go our separate ways, I’m sure that Miss Marie will be waiting for me.



Also must include in my favorites: my devoted family, the Il Volo fans, and my adopted brothers, Piero and Gianluca.


I think the guys would agree with Robert Louis Stevenson when he wrote, “The world is so full of a number of things, I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”


Guys, you make us happy, and you are three of our FAVORITE THINGS.


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39 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ These Are A Few Of Their Favorite Things ~ Mary Bohling”

  1. Nailed it again, Mary.  You know them so well.

    They are, indeed, three of my favorite things! I’m glad you pointed out all of those favorites of theirs. It’s good they are able to balance their lives with work and play. Especially because of their ages. Keeping that balance will assure them and US that they will live long, happy, healthy, sane lives.

    I would have commented sooner, but I stayed too long on that Gianluca-speedo photo.

    By-the-way, I’ve heard that Allesanda kicks puppies and takes candy from babies.  Bad, bad Allesandra!  Someone needs to tell Ignazio that.

    1. I really enjoyed this post, especially the pictures of Ignazio with his beautiful animals, and I love the loving comments from all. I have to tell you that I always look forward to your comments, Miss Marie, because I know you will probably make me laugh ! You’re something else ! A big “Thanks” once again.

    2. What an amazing(and very funny article)! I love this group so much ! You’re not just friends but mi famiglia too. If I’m even down I just have to put Il Volo CD on and hide myself so I can sit and see what’s new on FC site . Thank you ALL for letting join this amazing group!! And special thanks to Daniela for translations, and our fearless leaders Marie and Kelly. Oh, and everyone that volunteered to keep this site going!!! Reading what the guys said just put me in a very grateful mood!!

  2. The guys are so down to earth. They don’t have too much time to enjoy what normal guys their age should be doing, so when time permits, they do whatever makes them happy. Their families, friends and boy toys and relaxation are important as a balance to their very hectic schedule. They do love all their fans as much as we love them. Marie, I did not get an invite to the nuptial.

  3. You certainly know their favorite things Mary and it’s wonderful that they enjoy so many activities and are able to relax and have time for themselves when not working. And of course we all know how important their families, friends and fans are to them. Hopefully it continues to be a good balance since they are still so young and are traveling and working so often. They love what they are doing and singing and bringing their beautiful music to the world is what they are all about. And yes, they are three of my favorite things!

  4. Oh Mary , you got everything right!!! I so enjoyed this!!! Gianluca’s speedo pics do take a bit more lingering! Piero’s back looks pretty good in the beach photo! Drums or Hog, Ignazio looks great! Our precious trio with their magnificent music, love of family, country, fans, & each other make each day an adventure!!! Following their Flight has so enriched my life! Grande Amore, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!!

  5. Mary’ve written some beautiful and true things about our guys.
    Today in Internet I found a really nice post written by an Italian guy, and of course speaks of IL VOLO, soon will step to the translator and then handed him over to Marie, I’d like to know what do you think so. Kisses.

      1. P.S. I like his LE TRE STELLE from September 14th and VOLANDO AD OCCHI APERTI from September 12 also dedicated to boys

    1. Exactly Lydka, I find that this guy writes well and you like it?
      Do you think that I complimented in the comments and he replied thus: “Immense …. my happiness at hearing these beautiful words …. simply thank you.” and I told him that I shared with the American friends and he replied “I’m grateful.”
      Instead Roberto Federico Manzoni article we talked about yesterday I wrote “I like it, nice article” and he replied to me thanking me then I told him that a friend of mine asked me if I was the Daniela who sued him and I He responded that maybe next time will quote me too …… I told him that we talked about on this site to American friends and he was very happy.

      1. VOLANDO AD OCCHI APERTI I had missed, I read it now, you say is very beautiful, this guy knows exactly put into words the emotions that these guys do try.
        Thanksfor sending it signaled.

      2. I think Dario is talented guy who knows very nice to express his feelings and thoughts.Men often fear to speak and write about their feelings, so Dario have to be sensitive man with courage. Writing is very great relax and good form of meditation, for me also. Writing of impressions, feelings, ideas, which come from your soul, heart and mind is fine therapy for each period of life. Sincere compliment pleases every person, surely their ( by Dario and Roberto Federico Manzoni ) responses to you were honest. (How nice that you named me a friend. 🙂 ). It seems that our guys attract talented people. 🙂 If you doing something from your pure heart, you attract similar people, with their pure hearts, that understand you. The beauty of a genuine and honest art ennobles the soul of people and brings joy to the hearts. Greetings !

  6. Mary, this is wonderful, thank you. I almost fell off my chair laughing with Marie’s picture with Ignacio. Oh how I wish he reads this; I know he would love it; and my Gian has black speedos but the red is my favorite!

  7. Mary, you have indeed hit upon all the things that make our guys happy. I loved it! There are so many reasons why we love our guys of Il Volo. They are so willing to share their lives with us. I couldn’t possibly love them more!

  8. I’m trying to figure out if that large portrait of Piero – up above him – in his white, monochromatic, ‘contemplation’ room, has been projected, hand-painted or photo-shopped there. Any ideas?

      1. I think Piero wanted to share with his fans that surprising & clever feature of his special, white room. It’s very unique like him.

  9. I really enjoyed this post too. I think you got their “likes” just right. I particularly love the picture of Gian jumping in the waves. He looks like a beautiful dancer.

  10. The grin on Alessandra’s face makes me think she has seen the photo right above hers! Marie, she’s on to you!

      1. No, I loved him first.
        ( do you notice how brave I am when I think you are sleeping) If Alessandra is waiting at the airport for you, don’t push Jane in front of you and call her Marie!

      2. Did you notice that I would eventually wake up?
        Nice diversion play though. While he’s running from Jane I’ll tackle him. Just kidding, Jane.
        (No I’m not!)

  11. Boy howdy,I sure hope Piero does not have an all white room. I’d be afraid to sneeze in it! Loved this “Favorite things list” But on my list one of them is #1 and the other two tie for second! If you can’t figure out who is where then you haven’t been paying attention to yer pirate here!

  12. Pirate, I’m paying attention, your number one is the amazing Piero! I think that all white room is his meditation room, so I don’t think you would get the opportunity to sneeze or do anything else in it!
    What did the pirate say when he caught his wooden leg in the freezer? “Shiver me timbers”

    1. Jill, me saucy lass, You’d be welcome on me pirate ship the Dragonmist, any time! Of course this would mean you’d have to listen to Igor as he screeches out his latest song which currently is “Piove” Do ye have any idea how many times a parrot can sing the phrase ” Piove, piove” over and over?. Nahhh ye, don’t want to! Maybe I’ll send him to Italy with Marie and Jane!

      1. Sounds like an excellent idea!You’d get rid of Igor for the time being, and the Italians would have a warning system that Marie and Jane were coming!

  13. Arr Pirate, Remember when Igor spent some time in the island’s with me doing parrot stuff? Then he wanted to fly back home, so I put him on United Airlines( ha ha) In exchange for his fare, he was the inflight entertainment,he did his repertoire of Il Volo songs.It went over quite well, especially after a few cocktails.I’m not sure if he had the cocktail’s, or the passengers were driven to drink!
    I think that when our friends in different time zones wake up and read our posts they are going to think we are crazy. Good Morning Marie

  14. Mary, priceless and wonderful!

    I love reading all the comments but I think I’m closer to ignazio’s age than a few of you!

    So when you all get worn out, he’s mine! 😉

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