A Very Brief Fairytale

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  1. “A witch is a woman who practices witchcraft. Traditionally, the word was used to accuse someone of bewitching someone, or casting a spell on them to gain control over them by magic.” From Wikipedia
    We know that a certain person has the secret wish for that magic. WOULD SHE REALLY USE IT?
    The picture does not do the person in question justice.
    I believe there are few of us with a wish to have the power of magic.

  2. I read that this morning before I fully woke up. I had to read it 3 times before it sunk into my sleepy brain. Is that one of the 3 witches of Verona because I would have gladly joined you and Prince Machio (lol). I also would not touch the P.S. With a 10 foot pole. Anyway you have reddish hair I believe. This made my morning, I’m sure the comments to come will make the rest of my day. Happy travels by the way.

    1. Marie, Sorry still sleepy, scratch the “3 witches of Verona” comment. Don’t know where that came from but I still would have helped.

  3. Mara, I mean Marie, you chose the right fairy tale to relate to! The oldest European version of this tale is from ITALY!!

    Cenerentola = Cinderella!

    The word Cinderella has come to mean one whose attributes were unrecognized or one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect. You have been neglected by Prince Machio since day one as you have been striving to achieve recognition…right? I’d say you can cast yourself as the first princess who has been patiently waiting to steal his heart while some old witch from the midwest finally pulls it off. 🙂

    1. In Italian, “le cenere” translates as “the cinders” which are the residue from the fire that have not turned completely to ashes. Cenerentola was called that name by her ugly step-sisters because she used to get her clothes soiled by the cinders when she cleaned the fireplace as one of her unpleasant domestic duties. “Cinder”ella became the anglicised version of her name with the suffix “ella” making clear that it referred to a young female.

      All this background is a long way from the original point of a very amusing piece from Mara/Marie. It distracted my mind from the thought that Amazon is due to deliver “Una Notte Magica” on Friday. I am now counting in hours and not days!

      1. CD Una notte magica , its preview, has been aired on the UK radio Classic fM on , September 25. (includes “Non ti scordar di me” duet with Plácido Domingo). I have read that John Brunning predicts top position for this new album. ( http://www.classicfm.com/radio/aod/?episodeId=58075e9b-9459-4a12-a8df-18ae0d9a8917 )
        Mauro Dirago on his Instagram wrote : @ilvolomusic had there first UK radio play today from there new album with Placido Domingo on the biggest UK classical national station classic Fm and they predicted it to be a big hit fingers crossed good luck boys

  4. Whawttt the …. Its still early out here on the West Coast, us self-respectin pirates don’t wake up til noon. Don’t know nuthin about witches and crying Alices, woldn’t mind knowing mmore about princes

    What I do suspect is that someone is up to no good…name prolly starts with a big ole M

  5. News: Friday, September 30 from 15.00 (European time) Il Volo will be guests, live, on RTL 102.5 in Radiovisione on channel 36 digital terrestrial and on Sky channel 750 in “The Flight” with Fabrizio Ferrari and The Zac.

      1. I can’t get these, but it’s nice to see the photos you shared, Lydka. Apparently, they are working nearly all the time, you know? They are very good examples of how much work is usually involved in achieving the distant goals born of a large dream. The process of getting to the goals seems to be rewarding in itself, judging by their usually happy demeanors, which is always nice to see.

      1. Don’t be scared, dear Ladies. Mara is just giving voice to the types of things that a lot of others have thought, NO doubt! She is a strong & honest woman with an equally strong sense of humor. I just love her!!

    1. True, but she never would take away the love to the princess. The purpose of the Mara / Marie witch was just that. She is not interested to hurt her princess just wants HIM, basically not bad, maybe a tad selfish ….. but for love !!!

  6. It’s not quite 6am here in the west coast and my family are all still asleep but will probably awaken by my loud chuckles. You people are so CRAZY, I love you guys. Marie I mean Mara, you keep on being insanely in love, you hear? I feel the same way about a certain little baritone.

    1. Marie thanks for the offer of a therapist but a little crazy is not a bad thing. But on the other hand if Igna was the therapist I would put myself into his hands anytime. Geez, hope my kids don’t see this, they will have me committed.

  7. Being a Witch, Mara could always turn Prince Machio & Princess Alice into Polygamists, thereby reducing her karma because then all three (or more) would be happy!

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